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Wonders of Christmas Review

Delve into the enchanting world of holiday-themed entertainment with the remarkable slot "Wonders of Christmas," a masterpiece crafted by the renowned software provider, NetEnt. This festive creation was unwrapped for players on November 29, 2022, just in time to spread the yuletide cheer across virtual reels.

Embark on a thrilling journey with an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95.05%, promising substantial winning opportunities for those eager to embrace the high volatility of the game. Set your bets within the range of 0.10 to 50 credits as you spin across 5 reels adorned with a plethora of captivating symbols.

Get ready to be mesmerized by a myriad of features that include Free Spins, Hold and Spin mechanics, Lock it Link, Multipliers, Respins, and Symbol Swaps. Engage in the captivating challenge of Symbols collection, adding an 'Energy' element that elevates the excitement to new heights.

The grandeur of "Wonders of Christmas" truly shines with its potential to secure a maximum win of x100,000.00 your initial wager, promising an unforgettable holiday adventure brimming with thrilling twists and turns.

Wonders of Christmas Slot Free demo play

Wonders of Christmas Features

Wonders of Christmas is adorned with an extensive array of captivating features, boasting a rich selection including Free Spins, Hold and Spin, Lock it Link, Multipliers, Respins, Scatter symbols, Symbol Swap, and the innovative Symbols collection with an 'Energy' twist. This abundance of engaging features ensures an exhilarating and dynamic gameplay experience that leaves players spoilt for choice.


The Free Spins feature grants players a certain number of spins without requiring them to place additional bets. The exact way the Free Spins feature works in "Wonders of Christmas" might involve a certain combination of scatter symbols landing on the reels. Once triggered, the game will transition into the Free Spins mode, where the spins are typically played at the same bet level as the triggering spin. During the Free Spins rounds, various enhancements or modifiers might come into play, depending on the game's mechanics. These could include multipliers that boost the value of your wins, additional wild symbols that increase your chances of forming winning combinations, or other special features that contribute to the excitement.

Hold and Spin

The Hold and Spin feature is typically triggered when specific symbols appear on the reels during a spin. When activated, these symbols might "hold" in place while the rest of the reels spin again. This gives players an extra chance to land more of these special symbols, potentially leading to bigger wins or triggering other features.

Lock it Link

The Lock it Link feature is often related to the "Hold and Spin" concept. When certain symbols align on the reels, they might "lock" into place. Then, these locked symbols could link together in a specific pattern, creating larger and more valuable symbols that can contribute to significant payouts.


A multiplier is a special gameplay element that increases the payout of any winning combination it is associated with. In the context of "Wonders of Christmas," the Multiplier feature might be triggered by specific symbols, a bonus round, or even randomly during the base game or bonus features. For instance, if you win a prize while a 2x multiplier is active, your payout will be doubled. If a 3x multiplier is in play, your winnings will be tripled, and so on.


The Respins feature comes into play when certain conditions are met during a spin. Instead of proceeding to the next spin, the game holds specific reels or symbols in place while the remaining reels respin. This allows players to potentially land more matching symbols or trigger bonus features without having to place an additional bet.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols are unique icons within a slot game that don't need to align on specific paylines to trigger their effects. Instead, they can appear anywhere on the reels and still contribute to a win or activate bonus features. In "Wonders of Christmas," when you land a certain number of Scatter symbols on the reels, you could trigger various bonuses or features, depending on the game's mechanics. 

Symbol Swap

The Symbol Swap feature involves certain symbols on the reels changing or transforming into other symbols, often with the goal of creating more favorable combinations for players. This can happen either as a random occurrence or as part of a triggered bonus feature. In the context of "Wonders of Christmas," the Symbol Swap feature might work like this: When specific conditions are met, such as landing a certain combination of symbols, the game could activate the Symbol Swap mechanic. This could result in certain symbols being replaced with higher-paying symbols, wilds, or other advantageous symbols, increasing the likelihood of generating winning combinations.

Symbols collection (Energy)

When certain symbols, possibly related to the holiday theme, appear on the reels, they contribute to an energy meter or counter associated with those symbols. As you continue to collect these symbols, the energy meter fills up or advances. Once the energy meter reaches a certain level or milestone, it might trigger special bonuses, features, or rewards.

Wonders of Christmas Unique Features

"Wonders of Christmas" stands out with an array of captivating and festive features that make the gameplay truly enchanting. This holiday-themed slot boasts an impressive variety, including Free Spins, where players can spin the reels without additional bets, soaking in the joy of the season while pursuing potentially rewarding combinations. The game's innovative "Hold and Spin" and "Lock it Link" features introduce an element of anticipation, allowing certain symbols to remain fixed while the rest of the reels respin, offering the chance for bigger wins or bonus triggers. The Symbol Swap feature swaps specific symbols for more advantageous ones, enhancing winning possibilities. Additionally, the unique Symbols Collection with an "Energy" twist elevates the excitement, encouraging players to gather themed symbols that unlock special rewards once the energy meter is charged. 

Wonders of Christmas Winning symbols

The gift, elegantly adorned with a golden frame, takes center stage as the wild symbol, generously offering up to x5 times the line bet when forming winning combinations. 

Santa's Sleigh, a festive icon, brings additional magic with multipliers ranging from x1 to x5, while the Train and Gingerbread House follow suit, delivering wins between x0.5 to x2.5 times the bet. 

The enchanting Snow Globe and cozy Stocking symbols contribute with rewards ranging from x0.4 to x1.2, providing a heartwarming touch to the festivities.

The Christmas Tree Scatter stands tall, heralding potential bonuses and surprises as it embodies the spirit of the season. 

Wonders of Christmas Slot Winning Symbols

Wonders of Christmas Sound & Gameplay

Immerse yourself in the joyous sounds and captivating gameplay of "Wonders of Christmas," where every spin resonates with the enchanting spirit of the holiday season. As the reels dance with holiday-themed symbols, a delightful melody of festive tunes fills the air, evoking the warmth of winter gatherings and cheerful celebrations. The seamless gameplay, adorned with snowflakes and twinkling lights, offers an immersive experience that transports players to a winter wonderland. With each spin, the anticipation builds, augmented by the game's unique features that embrace the essence of the holidays. The "Hold and Spin" and "Lock it Link" mechanics infuse excitement reminiscent of unwrapping gifts, while the innovative "Symbols Collection (Energy)" feature encourages players to gather themed icons and unlock special rewards. The combination of stunning visuals and joyful audio creates an ambiance that perfectly encapsulates the magic of the holiday season, making "Wonders of Christmas" not just a slot game, but a heartwarming journey through a festive dreamscape.

Wonders of Christmas Mobile compatibility

"Wonders of Christmas" brings the holiday magic to both mobile devices and desktop platforms, ensuring that players can experience the festive joy anytime and anywhere. With its seamless adaptation for mobile play, the enchantment of the holiday-themed slot is right at your fingertips. Whether you're on the go or nestled by the fireplace, the game's captivating graphics, joyful sounds, and innovative features remain intact, offering a consistent and immersive experience across different devices.

Wonders of Christmas Big wins

Santa’s Sleigh offers a multiplier of x5.

Train and Gingerbread House each carry multipliers of x2.5.

Now, let's imagine you place the maximum bet while landing a winning combination that includes these high-paying symbols. If you manage to align five Santa’s Sleigh symbols along a payline, the x5 multiplier is applied to your maximum bet, resulting in a substantial payout.

In this scenario, if your maximum bet is 50 credits:

5 Santa’s Sleigh symbols x x5 multiplier = 25 (multiplied by your bet) = 1250 credits.

Wonders of Christmas Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 95.05% enhances potential for favorable returns.
  • Exciting high volatility promises thrilling, big-win opportunities.
  • Lucrative max win of x100,000.00 adds to the excitement.
  • Diverse betting range (0.10 - 50) accommodates various players.
  • Innovative features including Free Spins, Hold and Spin, Lock it Link, Multiplier, Respins, Scatter symbols, Symbol Swap, and Symbols collection (Energy) keep gameplay engaging.
  • Available for both desktop and mobile play, ensuring convenience.


  • High volatility may result in less frequent, but potentially larger wins, which might not suit all players' preferences.

Wonders of Christmas Alternatives

  • Jingle Spin 
  • Santa vs Rudolf 
  • Flowers Christmas Edition


In the enchanting realm of "Wonders of Christmas," the holiday spirit comes alive with a thrilling blend of innovative features and the potential for substantial rewards. With a high RTP of 95.05% and a max win of x100,000.00, the magic of the season is beautifully captured in this high-volatility slot. While its diverse features such as Free Spins, Hold and Spin, and the unique Symbols Collection (Energy) offer a rich experience, players should be ready for the exhilarating ride that comes with high volatility. Embrace the festive atmosphere, spin the reels, and let "Wonders of Christmas" kindle the joy of the holidays while delivering the promise of exciting wins.




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