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Wealth Inn Review

Introducing "Wealth Inn," a captivating slot game crafted by the renowned software provider, Habanero, which made its debut in the gaming world on July 28, 2020. This delightful slot offers players an enticing return to player (RTP) rate of 96.64%, making it an attractive choice for those seeking to accumulate wealth on the reels.

Wealth Inn Review

"Wealth Inn" boasts a low volatility setting, ensuring that the gameplay experience remains both thrilling and steady, perfect for both novice and seasoned players. With a maximum win potential of up to x1504.00, players have the chance to amass significant riches with each spin, adding a dash of excitement to every wager.

The slot's bet range is notably versatile, starting at a mere 0.08 and reaching a substantial 1600, accommodating players with varying bankrolls. "Wealth Inn" consists of three reels, evoking a sense of classic charm while offering modern features that include Expanding Symbols, a dynamic RTP range, and the ever-enticing Wild symbol.

Wealth Inn Features

Wealth Inn brings forth a trio of enticing features, including Expanding Symbols, a dynamic RTP range, and the exciting Wild symbol, making it a slot that packs an abundance of cool elements into its gameplay. With these features at your fingertips, each spin offers a wealth of opportunities for thrilling wins.

Expanding Symbols

In the "Wealth Inn" slot, Expanding Symbols are an engaging gameplay feature that can significantly boost your chances of winning. When a spin results in a winning combination involving the designated symbol, that symbol has the ability to expand and cover an entire reel, enhancing your potential for bigger payouts. Let's say you have a winning combination with a specific symbol on one of the reels. When this happens, that symbol can expand to fill the entire reel, essentially transforming the entire reel into identical symbols. This expanded reel can create additional winning combinations across multiple paylines, leading to more substantial wins. The Expanding Symbols feature adds an exciting dimension to the game by increasing the excitement and anticipation of each spin, as you never know when a winning combination will trigger this lucrative expansion.


In the "Wealth Inn" slot, the Wild symbol serves as a versatile and valuable gameplay element. Wild symbols are typically depicted as special icons with the power to substitute for other regular symbols on the reels, with the goal of forming winning combinations.  When a Wild symbol appears on the reels, it can act as a stand-in for any other regular symbol, helping you complete winning combinations. For example, if you have two matching symbols on a payline and a Wild symbol appears on the same line, it will count as a third matching symbol, resulting in a winning combination. The presence of Wild symbols increases your chances of landing winning combinations, making it easier to achieve payouts and potentially triggering more significant wins.

Wealth Inn Unique Features

"Wealth Inn" is a captivating slot game by Habanero that boasts several unique features, making it a standout choice in the world of online slots. One of its most distinctive features is the Expanding Symbols, where winning combinations trigger symbol expansions, turning entire reels into matching symbols. This not only amplifies your chances of landing big wins but also adds an exciting element of surprise to each spin.

The inclusion of the Wild symbol further elevates the gameplay, acting as a versatile substitute for other symbols and enhancing your potential for winning combinations. With a low volatility setting and a maximum win potential of up to x1504.00, "Wealth Inn" combines classic charm with modern features, ensuring a thrilling and potentially rewarding adventure for players of all experience levels. These unique elements make "Wealth Inn" a slot game worth exploring for those seeking excitement and opportunities to accumulate wealth on the reels.

Wealth Inn Winning symbols

Caishen Wild symbol holds the key to significant winnings. Not only does it have the power to substitute for all other symbols on the reels, increasing your chances of forming winning combinations, but it also rewards players with a substantial payout of 23.5 times the bet for landing three of these symbols on a payline.

Wealth Inn Winning symbols

The Peach symbol is another symbol of prosperity in this slot. It offers a generous reward of 7.25 times the bet when you land three of them on a payline, promising a fruitful experience.

With a payout of 3.5 times the bet for three symbols on a payline, the Jade Pendant symbol adds a touch of elegance to your wins, contributing to your treasure accumulation.

Golden Sycee symbol, representing a traditional Chinese gold ingot, pays 2.25 times the bet for a set of three on a payline, adding to the riches of your gaming adventure.

The Gold Knot symbol brings a modest yet welcomed reward, offering 1 time the bet for a trio on a payline.

The Red Knot symbol contributes to your winnings with a payout of 0.625 times the bet for three symbols on a payline.

Green Knot symbol is another knot variety, rewarding players with 0.375 times the bet when three of them align on a payline.

Even when different knot symbols mix, they bring good fortune, offering a payout of 0.25 times the bet for three mixed knot symbols on a payline.

Wealth Inn Sound & Gameplay

The audio in "Wealth Inn" adds depth to its Asian-inspired theme. The background music and sound effects are evocative of traditional Eastern melodies, creating a soothing and culturally immersive atmosphere. The gentle chimes, authentic instruments, and tranquil tones provide a sense of serenity, perfectly complementing the game's theme of prosperity and wealth. Gameplay in "Wealth Inn" is straightforward and intuitive, making it accessible to both novice and experienced players. The slot features three reels, harking back to classic slot machines, with a contemporary twist. The user interface is user-friendly, allowing players to adjust their bet size and spin the reels with ease. The inclusion of unique features like Expanding Symbols and a dynamic RTP range adds excitement and strategic depth to the gameplay. The Asian theme is seamlessly integrated into the graphics, symbols, and animations, immersing players in a world of prosperity, luck, and fortune. Whether you're aiming for substantial wins or simply enjoying the cultural ambiance, "Wealth Inn" offers a harmonious blend of Asian-inspired visuals, soothing sounds, and engaging gameplay, making it an enjoyable and potentially rewarding slot experience for all.

Wealth Inn Mobile compatibility

The mobile version of "Wealth Inn" is designed to deliver a seamless gaming experience on smartphones and tablets. Whether you're on the go or simply prefer the convenience of mobile gaming, "Wealth Inn" is readily accessible, allowing you to tap into its prosperity potential from virtually anywhere. For those who prefer gaming on a larger screen with the added comfort of a desktop setup, "Wealth Inn" offers a fully immersive experience. The graphics, animations, and audio are all showcased in their full glory on desktop platforms. Players can relish the game's Asian-themed aesthetics and features with the precision and comfort that desktop gaming provides.

Wealth Inn Big wins

Caishen Wild (pays 23.5x):
Maximum Win from Caishen Wild = 23.5 (multiplier) x 1600 (maximum bet)
Maximum Win from Caishen Wild = 37,600 credits

Peach (pays 7.25x):
Maximum Win from Peach = 7.25 (multiplier) x 1600 (maximum bet)
Maximum Win from Peach = 11,600 credits

Jade Pendant (pays 3.5x):
Maximum Win from Jade Pendant = 3.5 (multiplier) x 1600 (maximum bet)
Maximum Win from Jade Pendant = 5,600 credits

Golden Sycee (pays 2.25x):
Maximum Win from Golden Sycee = 2.25 (multiplier) x 1600 (maximum bet)
Maximum Win from Golden Sycee = 3,600 credits

Wealth Inn Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 96.64%, offering favorable returns to players.
  • Low volatility for steady and frequent wins, ideal for risk-averse players.
  • Attractive maximum win potential of up to x1504.00, promising substantial payouts.
  • Wide bet range from 0.08 to 1600, accommodating various player budgets.
  • Engaging features, including Expanding Symbols, Wilds, and the unique RTP range, adding depth to gameplay.


  • Limited number of reels (3), which may be less appealing to those who prefer more complex setups.

Wealth Inn Alternatives

  • Hey Sushi 
  • Fa Cai Shen
  • Fenghuang 


"Wealth Inn" by Habanero is a captivating slot that seamlessly weaves together Asian-inspired aesthetics with a host of unique features. With its low volatility, it caters to a wide range of players, from cautious spinners seeking steady wins to those daring to dream of substantial riches. The option to select from an RTP range adds a novel dimension to gameplay, allowing you to customize your experience. The Expanding Symbols and Wild feature ensure that every spin is filled with excitement and potential for prosperity. Whether you're drawn to the serene charm of its design, the allure of its features, or the prospect of significant payouts, "Wealth Inn" invites players on a rewarding journey in the world of online slots, where wealth and fortune may just be a spin away.




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Last Updated: Oct 16, 2023

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The maximum win in Wealth Inn can reach up to an impressive x1504.00 your initial bet.

When you land a winning combination, the Expanding Symbols feature can expand the symbols to cover entire reels, increasing your chances of winning.

Wealth Inn's Asian theme is uniquely brought to life through its soothing background music, authentic visual elements, and symbols, immersing players in an authentic cultural ambiance.

Wealth Inn focuses on its core features like Expanding Symbols and Wilds, foregoing traditional bonus rounds and free spins to create a distinctive gameplay experience.

You can easily play Wealth Inn on your mobile device by visiting a reputable online casino that offers the game, either through a web browser or a dedicated casino app.