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180% bonus for your first deposit!

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Vegas Rush Review

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey through the dazzling streets of Las Vegas with "Vegas Rush," the latest offering from renowned software provider Big Time Gaming. Set to debut on May 24, 2023, this high-energy slot promises an unforgettable gaming experience that's sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Vegas Rush Review

With an impressive RTP of 96.44% and high volatility, "Vegas Rush" offers players the chance to strike it big in the City of Lights. The maximum win potential, a staggering x47,200.00, adds to the excitement, making every spin a heart-pounding adventure.

Players can bet as low as 0.20 or go all-in with a maximum bet of 20, catering to both casual gamers and high rollers. The slot boasts 5 reels and a plethora of features, including Additional Free Spins, Avalanche/Cascading wins, Buy Feature, Cluster Pays, FreeSpins, Mega Symbol (3x3), Multiplier, Random Wilds/Additional Wilds, Reelset Changing, Symbol Swap, Symbols collection (Energy), and Wilds with multipliers.

Vegas Rush Features

Vegas Rush is a slot loaded with an impressive array of cool features, including Additional Free Spins, Avalanche/Cascading wins, Buy Feature, Cluster Pays, FreeSpins, Mega Symbol (3x3), Multiplier, Random Wilds/Additional Wilds, Reelset Changing, Symbol Swap, Symbols collection (Energy), and Wilds with multipliers. It's a veritable treasure trove of excitement for players seeking variety and entertainment in every spin.

Additional Free Spins

Once triggered, the player is awarded a set number of extra spins (free spins) without deducting any credits from their balance. These spins allow you to continue playing and potentially win more without spending any of your own money. During the Additional Free Spins feature, some slots may include special enhancements, such as higher multipliers, additional Wild symbols, or other bonus features that can significantly boost your chances of winning big. In the context of the "Vegas Rush" slot, the specifics of the Additional Free Spins feature, including the exact triggering conditions and any special enhancements during the free spins.

Buy Feature

The "Buy Feature" is a unique gameplay mechanic in some slot games that allows players to pay a certain amount to trigger a specific bonus feature without waiting for it to occur naturally during regular gameplay. In the "Vegas Rush" slot, the Buy Feature would likely come with a predetermined cost, which can vary from game to game. To activate this feature, players would need to pay the specified amount upfront. Once the Buy Feature is activated by paying the required fee, you will immediately gain access to a specific bonus feature within the game, such as free spins, a special bonus round, or enhanced gameplay elements. In the case of "Vegas Rush," the Buy Feature might grant you access to a bonus round or free spins with additional features or higher winning potential compared to the base game.

Avalanche / Cascading wins

When you land a winning combination of symbols on the reels, those symbols involved in the win will explode, disappear, or be replaced by new symbols falling from above. As the winning symbols disappear or explode, new symbols drop down to fill the empty spaces on the reels. This can create new winning combinations if the new symbols match. The process repeats as long as new winning combinations are formed. This means that you can potentially win multiple times from a single spin without having to place an additional bet.

Cluster Pays

Cluster Pays is an innovative and engaging slot game mechanic that differs from the traditional payline structure. Instead of requiring symbols to land on specific paylines, Cluster Pays games reward players for forming clusters of matching symbols.  In a Cluster Pays slot like "Vegas Rush," you win by landing groups or clusters of identical symbols touching each other horizontally or vertically on the reels. The size of the cluster needed to win can vary depending on the game. Unlike traditional slots with fixed paylines, Cluster Pays slots do not have predefined lines where winning combinations must land. This opens up more opportunities for wins on each spin. Many Cluster Pays slots, including "Vegas Rush," incorporate cascading or avalanche features. When a cluster forms and results in a win, the winning symbols are removed, allowing new symbols to fall into their place. This can lead to consecutive wins from a single spin.


Once the FreeSpins feature is triggered, you are awarded a set number of free spins, typically more than what you would get during regular gameplay. The number of free spins you receive is predetermined by the game's design. During the FreeSpins feature, the game often includes enhancements that can make the bonus round more exciting and potentially more rewarding. These enhancements can include: Wins during FreeSpins may come with a multiplier, which increases the payout for each winning combination. Extra Wild symbols may be added to the reels, increasing your chances of forming winning combinations.

Mega Symbol (3x3)

It introduces oversized symbols that cover a 3x3 grid on the reels. Once triggered, the Mega Symbol (3x3) feature will cause a massive 3x3 grid-sized symbol to appear on the reels. This symbol can cover multiple rows and columns and essentially acts as a giant symbol. The Mega Symbol (3x3) is often associated with enhanced winning potential. Since it covers a large portion of the reels, it can create multiple winning combinations across various paylines simultaneously. This can lead to more significant payouts and thrilling moments for the player.

Random Wilds / Additional Wilds

Wild symbols are special symbols in slot games that can substitute for other symbols (except for certain special symbols like Scatters) to create winning combinations. When the Random Wilds or Additional Wilds feature is activated, it introduces extra Wild symbols onto the reels. The addition of Wild symbols to the reels increases your chances of forming winning combinations. These Wilds can help complete winning lines that might not have been possible otherwise, potentially leading to more significant payouts. The placement of the Random Wilds or Additional Wilds on the reels is typically random. This randomness adds an element of surprise and excitement to the gameplay, as you never know when or where the Wilds will appear.

Reelset Changing

This feature allows the game to alter the configuration of the reels during specific gameplay situations.  When the Reelset Changing feature is triggered, the game will transition to a different set of reels with a unique configuration. This means that the number of rows and columns on the reels may change, as well as the symbols and paylines. The altered reelset can bring fresh excitement to the game, as it may introduce new symbols, new paylines, or even entirely different gameplay mechanics. This can create a dynamic and engaging experience for players. Reelset Changing can often lead to increased winning potential. The new reelset may offer different opportunities to form winning combinations, and it may come with enhanced features like multipliers, stacked symbols, or additional wilds.

Symbol Swap

In the "Vegas Rush" slot, Symbol Swap is likely activated under specific triggering conditions. These conditions may include landing particular symbols on the reels or achieving specific outcomes during the game. When the Symbol Swap feature is triggered, certain symbols on the reels will transform or swap with other symbols. This means that one type of symbol may change into another type, potentially creating new winning combinations. The Symbol Swap feature can increase the potential for winning by altering the symbols on the reels. It may lead to the formation of winning combinations that were not present before the symbol swap occurred.

Wilds with multipliers

This feature involves special wild symbols that not only substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations but also come with multiplier values to boost your winnings. In most slot games, a Wild symbol is represented by an icon that can substitute for all other regular symbols on the reels to help create winning combinations. Wilds act as a versatile symbol, filling in for missing symbols to form winning lines. When the "Wilds with multipliers" feature is active, certain Wild symbols are designated as having multiplier values attached to them. These multipliers can vary in magnitude, such as 2x, 3x, 5x, or even higher. When a Wild symbol with a multiplier is part of a winning combination, it doesn't just substitute for other symbols; it also increases the payout for that win. For example, if you have a winning line that includes a 3x Wild, your winnings for that combination will be multiplied by 3. In some games, if multiple Wilds with multipliers are part of a winning combination, their multipliers may stack or accumulate. For instance, if you have two Wilds with 2x multipliers, the total multiplier would be 4x.

Vegas Rush Unique Features

One standout feature is the "Symbols collection (Energy)" mechanic, where players gather special "Energy" symbols to fill a meter. Reaching predefined milestones on this meter triggers a variety of bonuses, creating an ever-evolving gameplay dynamic.

Adding to the excitement are the "Wilds with multipliers," which bring enhanced winning potential to the reels. These Wild symbols not only substitute for others but also come with multiplier values, turbocharging your winnings.

The game's "Reelset Changing" feature provides a unique twist by altering the reel configuration, introducing fresh symbols, paylines, and mechanics. It adds an element of surprise and variety to each spin.

Lastly, "Mega Symbol (3x3)" creates visual spectacle and potential for colossal wins as a massive 3x3 grid-sized symbol can dominate the reels, paving the way for thrilling combinations.

Vegas Rush Winning symbols

The Diamond symbol is the crown jewel of the game, offering impressive rewards ranging from x0.5 to a dazzling x50 your bet when you land these precious gems on the reels.

The Cherry symbol adds a sweet touch to your winnings, with payouts ranging from x0.3 to x50. These classic symbols are a timeless favorite in slot gaming.

The Horseshoe symbol brings a touch of luck to the reels, offering rewards that range from x0.25 to x50. Channel your inner lucky charm and watch the winnings roll in.

Vegas Rush Winning symbols

The Shamrock symbol brings the luck of the Irish to your spins, with potential payouts ranging from x0.15 to x50. May the luck of the Shamrock be with you.

The Bar symbol is a classic slot icon, offering rewards from x0.15 to x50. Keep your eyes peeled for these symbols to create winning combinations.

The Dice and Casino Chip symbols add a Vegas-inspired flair to the game. They award payouts ranging from x0.1 to x30, contributing to the overall excitement of the gameplay.

The Wild Symbol is your versatile ally on the reels, substituting for all other symbols to help create winning combinations. Keep an eye out for this symbol, as it can significantly boost your chances of landing rewarding spins.

Vegas Rush Sound & Gameplay

As you spin the reels, you're greeted by the familiar sounds of a bustling casino floor. The lively chatter of fellow gamblers, the clinking of chips, and the electronic melodies of slot machines fill your ears, creating an authentic Vegas ambiance. The slot also incorporates thrilling sound effects during wins, adding to the excitement as you celebrate your victories. The soundtrack complements the theme perfectly, making you feel as though you're right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. The gameplay of "Vegas Rush" is designed to capture the essence of the casino experience. The slot offers a wide range of betting options, catering to both casual players and high rollers. With its unique features like "Symbols collection (Energy)," "Wilds with multipliers," "Reelset Changing," and "Mega Symbol (3x3)," each spin brings anticipation and variety, mirroring the dynamic nature of Vegas itself. The symbols, including classic casino icons like Diamonds, Cherries, Horseshoes, and more, contribute to the theme and offer diverse winning opportunities. The inclusion of a Wild Symbol further enhances your chances of hitting rewarding combinations.

Vegas Rush Mobile compatibility

The responsive design ensures that the game functions seamlessly on various mobile devices, whether you're using an iOS or Android platform. The touch-friendly interface makes it easy to spin the reels, adjust your bets, and access all the exciting features of the game with just a few taps of your finger. If you prefer a larger screen and more immersive gaming experience, "Vegas Rush" also shines on desktop computers. Playing on a desktop allows you to fully appreciate the intricate details of the game's graphics and animations. With a keyboard and mouse at your disposal, you can navigate the game's features with precision and ease.

Vegas Rush Big wins

To calculate the maximum win scenario in credits in the "Vegas Rush" slot, we'll consider the highest-paying symbol (Diamond) with its maximum multiplier (x50) along with the maximum bet in credits.

Maximum Bet in Credits = 20

Maximum Multiplier for Diamond Symbol: x50
Maximum Win in Credits = Maximum Bet in Credits × Maximum Multiplier
Maximum Win in Credits = 20 × 50 = 1,000 credits

Cherry Symbol:
Maximum Multiplier: x50
Maximum Win = Maximum Bet × Maximum Multiplier
Maximum Win = 20 × 50 = 1,000 credits

Horseshoe Symbol:
Maximum Multiplier: x50
Maximum Win = Maximum Bet × Maximum Multiplier
Maximum Win = 20 × 50 = 1,000 credits

Vegas Rush Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 96.44%, indicating favorable odds for players.
  • Impressive maximum win of x47,200 your bet for big payout potential.
  • A broad bet range, accommodating both casual and high-stakes players.
  • A diverse range of features, including Free Spins, Avalanche wins, and more, adding excitement and variety to gameplay.
  • Innovative features like Mega Symbol (3x3), Megaclusters, and Symbols collection (Energy) for unique experiences.
  • Multipliers and Wilds with multipliers boost winning potential.


  • High volatility may lead to extended periods without significant wins.

Vegas Rush Alternatives

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  • Vegas Megaways
  • Slot Vegas Fully Loaded Megaquads 


Vegas Rush is a thrilling slot adventure that successfully captures the essence of the vibrant Las Vegas casino scene. With its high RTP, high volatility, and the potential for substantial wins, it offers an exciting gaming experience for those who enjoy risk and reward. The diverse array of features, including Free Spins, Avalanche wins, Mega Symbol (3x3), Megaclusters, and more, ensures that every spin is filled with excitement and the promise of big payouts. While the game's complexity may not be suitable for everyone, it caters to a broad range of players with its adaptable bet range. Whether you're on a mobile device or desktop, "Vegas Rush" provides an immersive casino experience that transports you to the heart of Sin City, making it a must-try for slot enthusiasts seeking an electrifying journey through the world of high-stakes gaming.




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Last Updated: Oct 05, 2023

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Vegas Rush's unique Mega Symbol (3x3) feature, which introduces massive 3x3 symbols on the reels, adds a thrilling twist to gameplay, and offers the potential for colossal wins.

Collect designated "Energy" symbols as you spin the reels. Reaching predefined milestones on the energy meter is the key to unlocking various in-game bonuses.

The Reelset Changing feature is typically activated under specific conditions. Keep an eye on the game's prompts and in-game messages to know when it's active.

The Symbols collection (Energy) feature adds a layer of strategy and progression to the game. Collecting Energy symbols and reaching milestones can unlock bonuses and enhance your winning potential.

Yes, Vegas Rush is adapted for mobile devices and provides the same exciting features as the desktop version, allowing you to enjoy the game on the go.