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Up to €800+ 200 Free Spin

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Valentine Collection 30 Lines Review

Introducing "Valentine Collection 30 Lines" by Spinomenal, a delightful addition to the world of online slots. Released on February 7, 2022, this game comes equipped with intriguing features and offers a charming gaming experience.

Valentine Collection 30 Lines Review

With an RTP of 94.02%, players can expect reasonable returns on their wagers, and the low to medium volatility ensures a balanced blend of both frequent and substantial wins. The chance to win up to x3000.00 the bet amount is an enticing prospect for all players, from cautious bettors to high-rollers.

The slot offers a versatile betting range, allowing players to stake anywhere between 0.30 to 300 credits, making it accessible for a wide range of gaming preferences. Its six reels provide an immersive gameplay experience, and the inclusion of Scatter symbols, Stacked symbols, and Wilds keeps the action engaging and dynamic.

"Valentine Collection 30 Lines" is an enchanting slot that promises both entertainment and potential rewards. Spinomenal has crafted a game that captures the essence of love and excitement, making it a must-try for slot enthusiasts. With its unique features and romantic theme, players are in for an unforgettable gaming journey.

Valentine Collection 30 Lines Features

Valentine Collection 30 Lines boasts an array of cool features, including a flexible RTP range, enticing Scatter symbols, Stacked symbols, and Wilds, making it a rich and engaging gaming experience with something for every player.


In the "Valentine Collection 30 Lines" slot, the "Stack" feature refers to the appearance of stacked symbols on the reels. Stacked symbols are multiple instances of the same symbol that appear on top of each other in a single reel, covering one or more positions vertically. This stacking can occur randomly or as a part of the game's design, and it can lead to significant advantages for players. When symbols stack on a reel, it increases the likelihood of creating winning combinations. Since multiple instances of the same symbol appear in a single reel, it's easier to match them with other symbols across the paylines, increasing your chances of winning. This can result in more frequent and larger payouts, adding to the excitement of the game.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols in the "Valentine Collection 30 Lines" slot play a crucial role in enhancing the excitement of the game. These special symbols typically don't need to align in specific paylines to trigger their effects. Instead, when a certain number of Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels, they can initiate various bonus features or rewards. In the case of "Valentine Collection 30 Lines," when Scatter symbols land on the reels, they often activate a free spins round or other bonus games. The exact rules may vary depending on the specific slot, but generally, the more Scatter symbols you land, the more significant the rewards or free spins you'll receive. These features can provide players with additional chances to win without having to place additional bets, making Scatter symbols a valuable and exciting element in the game. 


In the "Valentine Collection 30 Lines" slot, the "Wild" symbol is a special icon that functions as a versatile substitute for most other symbols in the game, except for specific symbols like Scatters. The Wild symbol is often depicted as a heart or another thematic symbol in a romantic slot like this one. The primary purpose of the Wild symbol is to help players create winning combinations by filling in for missing symbols. For example, if you have two matching symbols on a payline and a Wild symbol appears in the right position, it can act as a third instance of that symbol, completing the winning combination and awarding you a prize.

Valentine Collection 30 Lines Unique Features

One of the standout features of this slot is its adjustable Return to Player (RTP) range. Players have the option to select their preferred RTP level before spinning the reels. This innovative approach empowers players to customize their gaming experience, allowing them to balance risk and reward according to their preferences.

The inclusion of Scatter symbols adds an extra layer of excitement. Landing these symbols can trigger bonus rounds, often awarding free spins or other in-game bonuses. The Scatter feature not only adds unpredictability but also increases the potential for substantial payouts.

Stacked symbols are another unique aspect of this slot. Reels can become filled with multiple instances of the same symbol, significantly boosting the chances of forming winning combinations. The anticipation of stacked symbols appearing creates an electrifying atmosphere during gameplay.

Wild symbols are heartwarming additions to the game. Not only do they substitute for most other symbols to create winning combinations, but they can also come with various additional features, such as expanding to cover entire reels or remaining sticky for multiple spins.

Valentine Collection 30 Lines Winning symbols

The Golden Cupid symbol serves as the Wild symbol in this romantic slot. It has the special ability to substitute for all symbols in the game except the Scatter symbol, helping you form winning combinations. When you land 3 to 5 Golden Cupid Wilds, they pay out, but this payout only applies when they are followed by a Scatter symbol. The payouts for the Golden Cupid Wild symbol range from x3.33 to x100 times your initial bet, offering the potential for significant rewards.

Valentine Collection 30 Lines Winning symbols

The Scatter symbol, represented by a bunch of spring flowers, is a key element for triggering bonuses and adding excitement to the gameplay. Scatter symbol payouts can occur on any position on the reels and range from x0.06 to x16.6 times your bet, providing an opportunity for additional wins.

The Gift symbol offers payouts ranging from x1.33 to x26.6 times your bet, providing a chance for moderate to substantial winnings.
Heart Shaped Padlock Symbol:

The Heart Shaped Padlock symbol pays out from x0.66 to x13.3 times your bet, allowing for smaller to medium-sized rewards.

Valentine Collection 30 Lines Sound & Gameplay

The sound design of this slot is carefully crafted to complement the romantic theme. As the reels spin, players are serenaded with soothing and melodic background music, creating a serene atmosphere reminiscent of a romantic evening.The gameplay of "Valentine Collection 30 Lines" is user-friendly and accessible to both novice and experienced players. With 30 fixed paylines and a flexible betting range from 0.30 to 300 credits, it accommodates a wide range of playing styles. The interface is intuitive, making it easy to adjust bet sizes and spin the reels. The Autoplay feature allows for hands-free gameplay, while the Gamble feature adds an extra layer of excitement, giving players the chance to multiply their winnings.

Valentine Collection 30 Lines Mobile compatibility

For players on the go, this slot offers a mobile-friendly experience. Whether you're using a smartphone or a tablet, you can enjoy the game's romantic charms on your mobile device with ease. Mobile players can relish the same enchanting gameplay and features as their desktop counterparts while having the freedom to play anytime, anywhere. On the desktop, "Valentine Collection 30 Lines" maintains its visual appeal and functionality. The slot is optimized for larger screens, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the romantic theme and appreciate the intricate details of the game. 

Valentine Collection 30 Lines Big wins

Golden Cupid Wild Symbol:

The maximum bet is 300 credits.
The symbol offers a payout of x100.
To calculate the maximum win for the Golden Cupid Wild symbol: 300 (maximum bet) * 100 (multiplier) = 30,000 credits.

Gift Symbol:
The maximum bet is 300 credits.
The symbol offers a payout of x26.6.
To calculate the maximum win for the Gift symbol: 300 (maximum bet) * 26.6 (multiplier) = 7,980 credits.

Valentine Collection 30 Lines Pros & Cons


  • Flexible RTP Range: Players can adjust the game's RTP to suit their risk preference.
  • Low-Med Volatility: Offers a balanced mix of frequent wins and potential for larger payouts.
  • Generous Max Win: The opportunity to win up to x3000.00 the bet amount is enticing.
  • Wide Betting Range: Accommodates a broad spectrum of players with bets ranging from 0.30 to 300 credits.
  • Innovative Features: Unique features like Scatter symbols, Stacked symbols, and versatile Wilds enhance gameplay.


  • Lower RTP at Default: The default RTP of 94.02% is lower than some other slots.

Valentine Collection 30 Lines Alternatives

  • Book Of Aphrodite
  • Valentines Fortune
  • Valentine Collection 10 Lines


"Valentine Collection 30 Lines" by Spinomenal delivers a heartwarming gaming experience, adorned with innovative features and a romantic theme. Its customizable RTP range, coupled with the potential for substantial wins, adds a layer of player choice and excitement rarely seen in slots. The game's enchanting design, mobile adaptability, and harmonious soundscapes cater to diverse player preferences. However, the default RTP might deter some players, and its variable volatility emphasizes the element of luck over strategy. Despite these considerations, the slot's allure lies in its unique features, promising memorable moments and the chance to fall in love with its romantic ambiance, making it a slot worth spinning for players seeking a blend of passion and fortune.




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Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023

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