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Toki Time Review

Introducing the captivating world of Toki Time, a mesmerizing online slot game brought to life by the renowned gaming software provider, Thunderkick. This virtual masterpiece made its debut on April 21, 2014, and has since been captivating players with its enchanting gameplay and remarkable features.

Toki Time Review

With an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97.1%, Toki Time offers players a fair chance of winning while keeping the excitement level high. Its medium volatility ensures a balanced gaming experience, perfect for both novice and experienced players.

The game boasts a maximum win potential of up to x1130.00 your bet, making every spin a potential jackpot opportunity. Toki Time welcomes players with a flexible betting range, starting at a mere 0.10 credits and going up to a thrilling 100 credits, accommodating a wide range of budgets.

Toki Time features five reels that spin to reveal an array of adorable creatures and fantastic graphics. With the innovative Bothway paylines and an Expanding Wild symbol that triggers respins, players are in for an exhilarating gaming experience like no other.

Toki Time Features

Toki Time offers two cool features, including Bothway paylines and an Expanding Wild with re-spin feature, enhancing the gameplay with exciting opportunities for big wins.


The Bothway feature in the Toki Time slot is an innovative gameplay mechanic that sets it apart from traditional slots. Unlike standard slot games that only pay from left to right on the reels, Toki Time pays in both directions, from left to right and from right to left. This means that winning combinations can be formed not only by aligning symbols on consecutive reels from the leftmost reel but also from the rightmost reel towards the left. This double-paying feature significantly increases your chances of hitting winning combinations and boosts the excitement of each spin. For example, if you have matching symbols on reels 1, 2, and 3 from left to right and also on reels 5, 4, and 3 from right to left, you would win on both paylines simultaneously, leading to potentially larger payouts. 

Expanding wild with re-spin

In Toki Time, there is a special Wild symbol represented by a cute and colorful creature. When this Wild symbol appears on any of the reels, it has the ability to expand vertically to cover the entire reel. Once the Wild symbol expands and covers a reel, it triggers a re-spin. During this re-spin, the expanded Wild reel is held in place, while the other reels are spun again. This provides you with an extra opportunity to create winning combinations. The Expanding Wild with re-spin feature is particularly advantageous because it not only helps complete winning combinations by acting as a substitute for other symbols but also gives you an additional spin for free. This can lead to more significant payouts and adds an element of excitement to the game.

Toki Time Unique Features

Firstly, Toki Time introduces the innovative "Bothway Paylines" feature, setting it apart from conventional slot games. While most slots pay out only from the leftmost reel to the right, Toki Time's Bothway feature allows winning combinations to form in both directions. This means that not only can you win with symbols aligning from left to right, but you can also score wins with combinations from right to left. This dual-direction payout system effectively doubles your chances of hitting winning combinations, injecting an extra layer of thrill into every spin.

Secondly, Toki Time offers an enticing "Expanding Wilds with Re-Spins" feature. When the special Wild symbol graces the reels, it expands to cover the entire reel. This expansion triggers a re-spin, during which the Wild reel remains locked in place while the other reels spin again. This ingenious feature not only increases your chances of forming winning combinations by acting as a substitute for other symbols but also grants you an additional spin at no cost. This presents an opportunity for even more significant payouts and adds an element of excitement to the game.

Toki Time Winning symbols

The Star creation symbol is the most lucrative in the game, offering payouts ranging from x3 to an impressive x24 your bet when you land a winning combination with it.

The Cloud creation symbol is another high-value icon, providing payouts that range from x2 to x12 your bet.

Toki Time Winning symbols

The Purple creation symbol rewards players with payouts from x1.2 to x6, making it a valuable addition to the reels.

The Red creation symbol offers payouts from x0.8 to x4.5, providing players with moderate but consistent rewards.

The Green creation symbol grants payouts from x0.6 to x3, offering a steady stream of potential wins.

With payouts ranging from x0.4 to x2.5, the Blue creation symbol adds excitement to the game and opportunities for decent rewards.

The Yellow creation symbol may have lower payouts, ranging from x0.2 to x2, but it still contributes to the game's overall winning potential.

In addition to these rewarding symbols, Toki Time features a special Wild symbol that adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. The Wild symbol can substitute for any missing symbol to help you score a win, and it appears exclusively on the 2nd and 4th reels. Moreover, when the Wild symbol lands, it triggers the coveted Expanding Wild Respin feature, offering you a chance to secure even bigger payouts as the Wild expands to cover the entire reel and grants you a re-spin. 

Toki Time Sound & Gameplay

The sound design of Toki Time perfectly complements its cartoonish aesthetics. The background music is light-hearted and catchy, creating an upbeat atmosphere that sets the stage for an enjoyable gaming experience. As you spin the reels, you'll be serenaded by cheerful tunes that add to the game's overall charm. Winning combinations are celebrated with cheerful jingles and sound effects, adding a sense of accomplishment to each triumph.Toki Time's gameplay is as whimsical as its theme. The slot offers smooth and responsive controls, making it easy for players to customize their bets and enjoy a seamless gaming experience. The Bothway feature, which allows wins in both directions, adds an element of surprise and excitement to each spin, keeping players engaged and eager to see which direction their luck will take them. The Expanding Wild with re-spin feature adds a strategic layer to the game, as players anticipate the Wild symbols to appear on the 2nd and 4th reels, potentially leading to significant payouts. The combination of these features with the vibrant cartoon graphics creates an enjoyable and immersive experience, making Toki Time a slot game that is not only visually appealing but also highly entertaining to play.

Toki Time Mobile compatibility

Toki Time slot's adaptability to both mobile devices and desktop platforms is a testament to its accessibility and player-friendly design. Whether you have a smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy the game's vibrant graphics, smooth gameplay, and unique features with ease. The user interface is intuitive, with touch-screen controls that make spinning the reels and adjusting bets a breeze. Toki Time's mobile version maintains the same high-quality visuals and sound as its desktop counterpart, ensuring that players can experience the game's whimsical charm anytime, anywhere.

Toki Time Big wins

Star creation: This symbol can award a multiplier of up to x24. So, for the maximum win scenario with the "Star creation" symbol:
Maximum Bet (100 credits) x Highest Multiplier (x24) = 100 credits x 24 = 2400 credits

Cloud creation: The "Cloud creation" symbol pays up to x12. To calculate the maximum win with this symbol:
Maximum Bet (100 credits) x Highest Multiplier (x12) = 100 credits x 12 = 1200 credits

Purple creation: The "Purple creation" symbol offers a multiplier of up to x6. So, for the maximum win scenario with the "Purple creation" symbol:
Maximum Bet (100 credits) x Highest Multiplier (x6) = 100 credits x 6 = 600 credits

Toki Time Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 97.1% offers favorable odds for players.
  • Medium volatility strikes a balance between frequent wins and big payouts.
  • Impressive maximum win potential of x1130.00 your bet.
  • Broad betting range from 0.10 to 100 accommodates various player budgets.
  • Bothway paylines enhance winning possibilities in both directions.
  • The Expanding Wild with re-spin feature adds excitement and winning opportunities.


  • Lack of a variety of bonus features beyond the Wild and re-spin.

Toki Time Alternatives

  • Birds On A Wire
  • Magicious
  • Wild Heist at Peacock Manor


Toki Time by Thunderkick is a slot game that brings a burst of color and excitement to the casino world. With a favorable RTP of 97.1% and medium volatility, it strikes a harmonious balance between frequent wins and the potential for substantial payouts. The Bothway paylines and the Expanding Wild with re-spin feature inject a unique twist into the gameplay, offering players multiple chances to secure wins and enjoy every spin. While it may lack an extensive array of bonus features, Toki Time's simplicity is part of its charm, making it accessible to both casual players and seasoned enthusiasts. Whether you're drawn in by the adorable characters, catchy tunes, or the prospect of that x1130.00 max win, Toki Time promises an engaging and entertaining slot experience for all. Give it a spin and let the Toki creatures guide you on a colorful adventure!




Leo Harris

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2023

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The Bothway feature allows winning combinations to form from both left to right and right to left on the reels, effectively doubling your chances of landing a win.

Yes, Toki Time is optimized for mobile play, ensuring you can enjoy the game on your smartphone or tablet.

Toki Time offers a maximum win of up to x1130.00 your bet, providing exciting jackpot potential.

The Expanding Wild with re-spin feature triggers when the Wild symbol appears on the 2nd or 4th reel, offering you an extra spin and the chance for big wins.

Toki Time primarily features the Wild and re-spin, keeping the gameplay simple and focused on the Bothway paylines and Expanding Wild for added excitement.