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The Shadow Order Review

Introducing "The Shadow Order" by Push Gaming, a captivating online slot that has been setting the virtual reels in motion since its release on May 2, 2019. Developed by the renowned software provider, Push Gaming, this slot boasts a favorable RTP of 96.98% and a medium volatility, offering players an enticing gaming experience. The game unfolds across 5 reels with a unique Cluster Pays mechanism, creating an engaging environment for players to explore. With a flexible bet range from 0.10 to 100, both casual players and high rollers can find their comfort zone.

The Shadow Order Review
What sets "The Shadow Order" apart are its innovative features, including Substitution Symbols, Level Up opportunities, Sticky Wilds, and a Symbols collection mechanic centered around Energy. These features contribute to the game's excitement and strategic depth, providing players with the chance to win big with a maximum payout of x24204.00. Push Gaming's commitment to delivering top-notch gaming experiences shines through in this slot, making it a must-try for those seeking a thrilling combination of creativity and winning potential.

The Shadow Order Features

The Shadow Order is a slot that doesn't just meet expectations but exceeds them with a myriad of cool features. From its innovative Cluster Pays and Substitution Symbols to the enticing Level Up, Sticky Wilds, Symbols collection (Energy), and Wild, this game is a feature-rich paradise for players seeking an immersive and dynamic gaming experience.

Cluster Pays

In "The Shadow Order" slot, the Cluster Pays mechanic replaces traditional paylines with a unique system where wins are determined by the formation of clusters of symbols. Instead of aligning symbols on specific paylines, players aim to create clusters of a certain size by having matching symbols adjacent to each other horizontally or vertically. When a cluster is formed, the symbols disappear, making way for new ones to cascade into the vacated spaces. This cascading effect can lead to consecutive wins from a single spin. The Cluster Pays feature in "The Shadow Order" adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the gameplay, offering players a dynamic and rewarding experience as symbols come together to unlock various bonuses and potential winning combinations. 

Feature: Substitution Symbols

In "The Shadow Order" slot, the Feature: Substitution Symbols introduces a dynamic element to the gameplay. Substitution Symbols act as versatile placeholders, essentially transforming into other symbols to create winning combinations. When they appear on the reels, these symbols can replace other regular symbols, helping players complete clusters and achieve more significant wins. The Substitution Symbols in "The Shadow Order" contribute to the slot's overall strategy, allowing players to increase their chances of forming clusters and triggering additional features. By seamlessly blending into different symbol combinations, these symbols enhance the fluidity of the game, offering players more opportunities to secure wins and unlock the slot's various bonuses. 

Level Up

In "The Shadow Order" slot, the Level Up feature adds a progressive and interactive dimension to the gameplay. As players engage in the slot, they have the opportunity to advance through different levels, unlocking new and enhanced features along the way. The specific actions or achievements required to level up may vary, adding an element of strategy and progression to the gaming experience. As players ascend through the levels in "The Shadow Order," they may gain access to more lucrative bonuses, higher multipliers, or additional special symbols. The Level Up feature not only rewards players for their continued play but also introduces a sense of achievement and anticipation as they strive to reach new milestones in the game. 

Sticky Wilds

In "The Shadow Order" slot, Sticky Wilds are a thrilling feature that brings an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. When Sticky Wilds appear on the reels, they stay in place for multiple spins, "sticking" to the reels and contributing to potential winning combinations. Unlike regular symbols that change with each spin, Sticky Wilds remain stationary, increasing the likelihood of creating clusters and securing wins. The persistence of Sticky Wilds in "The Shadow Order" enhances strategic decision-making for players. As these wild symbols stay on the reels, players can plan their moves to maximize the benefits of having them in specific positions. Whether used to complete clusters or trigger other features, Sticky Wilds add a dynamic and tactical element to the game, making each spin more impactful. This feature not only boosts the potential for significant payouts but also intensifies the overall thrill of the gaming experience as players watch Sticky Wilds contribute to consecutive wins.

Symbols collection (Energy)

In "The Shadow Order" slot, the Symbols Collection (Energy) feature introduces an engaging and rewarding dynamic to the gameplay. The concept involves players collecting a specific type of symbol, often referred to as "Energy," during their spins. As players accumulate these symbols, they contribute to a meter or gauge displayed on the screen. When the Symbols Collection (Energy) meter is filled or reaches a certain threshold, it triggers special bonuses or features within the game. These bonuses can include enhanced multipliers, additional wild symbols, or other exciting in-game enhancements. The more symbols of the designated type players collect, the greater the rewards they can unlock.


In "The Shadow Order" slot, the Wild symbol serves as a versatile and powerful icon that can enhance winning combinations. The Wild symbol typically substitutes for other regular symbols on the reels, helping players complete clusters and secure more significant wins. When a Wild symbol appears in conjunction with other matching symbols, it functions as a stand-in for the missing symbol, effectively filling the gap to create a winning combination.

The Shadow Order Unique Features

At the core of its innovation is the Cluster Pays mechanic, replacing traditional paylines with a dynamic system where wins hinge on forming clusters of matching symbols, injecting excitement into every spin.

Adding to the intrigue is the Feature: Substitution Symbols, introducing versatile symbols that seamlessly replace others, heightening the potential for lucrative combinations. The game's Level Up feature provides a progressive journey, rewarding players as they ascend through levels, unlocking increasingly enhanced bonuses and features for a truly immersive progression.

Sticky Wilds further elevate the gameplay by adhering to the reels for multiple spins, creating opportunities for consecutive wins. The Symbols Collection (Energy) feature encourages strategic play, requiring players to collect specific symbols to unlock special bonuses as their meter fills up. Finally, the inclusion of Wild symbols not only acts as flexible substitutes but also introduces additional layers of excitement, potentially featuring multipliers to amplify wins.

The Shadow Order Winning symbols

The Wild symbol, embodied by a golden star with an all-seeing eye, not only brings substantial self-payouts but also serves as a versatile substitute for all standard symbols. Achieving a cluster of 5 Wild symbols can yield an impressive payout of up to 300x.

The Shadow Order Winning symbols

Additionally, other winning symbols include Gold Coins, offering payouts of up to 120x for a cluster of 5 symbols, the Book of Illuminati with payouts of up to 80x, and the Cylinder, providing payouts of up to 60x for 5 symbols in a cluster. These symbols contribute to the overall excitement and potential for significant wins in the game.

A unique feature in "The Shadow Order" involves three distinct orbs above the reels, colored in blue, green, and purple. Cascading wins trigger these orbs to fall onto the reels, activating special features. The Orb of Destruction obliterates all low-value symbols, with new symbols cascading in their place. The Orb of Creation randomly adds 3 to 6 wilds to the reels, introducing an element of unpredictability. The Orb of Preservation turns high-value symbols sticky, leading to cascading wins as long as these sticky symbols continue to form winning combinations. These orb-triggered features add depth and excitement to the gameplay, offering players varied and strategic paths to success in "The Shadow Order" slot.

The Shadow Order Sound & Gameplay

"The Shadow Order" slot intricately weaves together the themes of Alchemy, Britain, and Detective in both its captivating sound design and engaging gameplay. Immerse yourself in a symphony of thematic audio elements, where the ethereal and mysterious tones evoke the spirit of Alchemy, transporting players to an otherworldly realm where secrets are unveiled. The gameplay is a testament to the Detective theme, offering players a chance to uncover hidden mysteries within the British backdrop. The reels are adorned with symbols reminiscent of alchemical symbols, golden stars, and mysterious artifacts, aligning perfectly with the theme. The cascading wins, coupled with the unique winning symbols and special orbs, create a dynamic gameplay experience that mirrors the detective's journey of solving puzzles and unveiling the unknown.

The Shadow Order Mobile compatibility

"The Shadow Order" slot seamlessly caters to the modern gaming landscape by offering an adaptable and immersive experience on both mobile devices and desktop platforms. Whether you're on the go or indulging in gaming from the comfort of your desktop, the slot's responsiveness and user-friendly design ensure a consistently enjoyable experience across all devices. Its mobile adaptation is a testament to the game's commitment to accessibility, allowing players to delve into the mysteries of Alchemy, Britain, and Detective themes anytime, anywhere. The interface is optimized for various screen sizes, ensuring that the intricate details of the game's design, from the thematic symbols to the innovative features, are vividly displayed on the smaller screens of mobile devices.

The Shadow Order Big wins

Wild Symbol:
Payout: x30,000
Maximum bet: 100 credits
Maximum win for Wild Symbol combination: 30,000 x 100 = 3,000,000 credits
The Wild Symbol offers the highest payout per symbol, and when you have a winning combination of 5 Wild Symbols on a pay line, the maximum win for that scenario would be 3,000,000 credits.

Gold Coins:
Payout: x12,000
Maximum bet: 100 credits
Maximum win for Gold Coins combination: 12,000 x 100 = 1,200,000 credits
The Gold Coins symbol, while valuable, doesn't offer as high a payout as the Wild Symbol. The maximum win for a combination of 5 Gold Coins symbols on a pay line would be 1,200,000 credits.

Book of Illuminati:
Payout: x8,000
Maximum bet: 100 credits
Maximum win for Book of Illuminati combination: 8,000 x 100 = 800,000 credits
The Book of Illuminati symbol has a lower payout compared to the Wild Symbol and Gold Coins. The maximum win for a combination of 5 Book of Illuminati symbols on a pay line would be 800,000 credits.

The Shadow Order Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 96.98%, promising favorable returns to players over time.
  • Medium volatility strikes a balance between regular wins and the potential for significant payouts.
  • Impressive maximum win of x24204.00 adds excitement and winning potential.
  • Versatile bet range from 0.10 to 100 accommodates both casual players and high rollers.
  • Innovative features such as Cluster Pays, Substitution Symbols, Level Up, Sticky Wilds, Symbols Collection, and Wild enhance gameplay variety and engagement.


  • Medium volatility may not appeal to players seeking extreme risk or consistent low-risk play.

The Shadow Order Alternatives

  • Land of Zenith
  • Fire Hopper
  • Wheel of Wonders


"The Shadow Order" emerges as a standout in the realm of online slots, weaving together the mysteries of Alchemy, Britain, and Detective themes seamlessly. With an enticing RTP of 96.98%, medium volatility, and a commendable maximum win of x24204.00, the game balances risk and reward adeptly. Its adaptability for both mobile and desktop platforms ensures a captivating experience for players on any device. The innovative features, including Cluster Pays, Substitution Symbols, Level Up, Sticky Wilds, Symbols Collection, and Wild, contribute to a dynamic and immersive gameplay journey. While some may find its complexity overwhelming, those seeking a rich and varied slot experience will undoubtedly appreciate the depth and excitement offered by "The Shadow Order."




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Players collect specific symbols to fill the Symbols Collection meter in "The Shadow Order," unlocking bonuses like destroying symbols, adding wilds, or making high-value symbols sticky.

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"The Shadow Order" offers an impressive maximum win of x24204.00, providing players with the chance to secure substantial payouts during their gameplay.