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The Legend of Shangri-La Review

Discover the enchanting realm of The Legend of Shangri-La, an online slot game crafted by the renowned software provider, NetEnt. Unveiled on September 17, 2017, this slot transports players to a world of tranquility and mystery. With an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.59%, players are offered a favorable chance of winning in this Low-Medium volatility slot.

The Legend of Shangri-La Review

Embark on a journey across 6 reels adorned with captivating visuals and engaging features. The Cluster Pays system, Expanding Symbols, and Substitution Symbols infuse excitement into each spin. The slot further entices players with Free Spins, Random Wilds, Respins, and Scatter Symbols, promising a dynamic gaming experience.
Betting ranges from 0.1 to 200, accommodating a variety of players, while the maximum win of x1000.00 adds a thrilling incentive. NetEnt's meticulous attention to detail and innovation shine through in The Legend of Shangri-La, making it an immersive choice for both casual and avid players alike.

The Legend of Shangri-La Features

Immerse yourself in The Legend of Shangri-La's world with a plethora of captivating features, including Cluster Pays, Expanding Symbols, Substitution Symbols, Free Spins, Random Wilds, Respins, and Scatter Symbols. This slot is brimming with an array of cool and rewarding features to elevate your gaming experience.

Cluster Pays

In The Legend of Shangri-La slot, the Cluster Pays mechanic adds a unique twist to traditional paylines. Instead of relying on traditional paylines, this feature rewards you for forming clusters of matching symbols. When you spin the reels, symbols fall into place, and if you manage to create a cluster of 9 or more identical symbols adjacent to each other (horizontally or vertically), they will explode, making way for new symbols to fall into the empty spaces. This cascade effect can lead to multiple wins in a single spin.

Expanding Symbols

In The Legend of Shangri-La slot, Expanding Symbols bring an exciting element to the gameplay. When a winning cluster of symbols is formed, and there are at least two of the same symbol adjacent to the cluster, the Expanding Symbols feature can trigger. When this happens, the identical symbols adjacent to the winning cluster can expand, covering the entire reel they are on. This expansion can lead to more significant wins, as the expanded symbols effectively multiply the chances of forming additional winning clusters.

Substitution Symbols

The Substitution Symbols feature in The Legend of Shangri-La slot introduces a valuable element to the gameplay. When a Substitution Symbol appears on the reels, it has the special ability to transform into the adjacent symbol that would create the highest possible winning combination. In essence, Substitution Symbols act as versatile wild symbols that adapt to the surrounding symbols to maximize your chances of forming winning clusters. This feature can prove particularly helpful when you're close to creating a cluster but are missing a specific symbol.

Random Wilds / Additional Wilds

The Random Wilds / Additional Wilds feature in The Legend of Shangri-La slot brings an element of surprise and increased winning potential to the gameplay. During certain spins, the game may randomly introduce additional wild symbols onto the reels. These wild symbols can land in various positions, substituting for other symbols to help complete winning clusters. Wild symbols have the ability to take on the value of adjacent symbols, which is especially advantageous in forming larger clusters or enhancing existing ones.


The Free Spins feature in The Legend of Shangri-La slot is a highly coveted aspect that grants players a series of spins without requiring them to wager any additional credits. To trigger the Free Spins feature, you typically need to land a certain number of Scatter symbols on the reels.
Once triggered, you're awarded a specific number of free spins, during which the game retains all its features and mechanics. However, in some cases, the Free Spins feature might come with additional enhancements, such as multipliers that increase the value of your winnings during these spins.

Scatter symbols

The Legend of Shangri-La slot, Scatter symbols are special symbols that play a crucial role in triggering various bonus features. Unlike regular symbols that need to form clusters or land on specific paylines, Scatter symbols can appear scattered anywhere on the reels and still activate their associated features. In this game, the Scatter symbols likely play a role in triggering the Free Spins feature. When you land a certain number of Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels in a single spin, you'll typically activate the Free Spins feature. The specific number of Scatters required and the number of free spins awarded can vary based on the game's design.


The Respins feature in The Legend of Shangri-La slot offers players a chance to respin specific reels or sections of the grid in certain situations. This feature is typically triggered by specific conditions, such as landing a winning cluster of symbols. In some cases, when you form a winning cluster, the non-winning symbols might respin, giving you another opportunity to create additional winning clusters. This can be especially beneficial when you're close to forming a larger cluster but are missing just a few symbols.

The Legend of Shangri-La Unique Features

Cluster Pays mechanism replaces traditional paylines, rewarding players for forming clusters of 9 or more adjacent symbols. Expanding Symbols, triggered by winning clusters and adjacent matching symbols, can cover entire reels, multiplying the potential for significant wins. The Substitution Symbols feature adds versatility, morphing into adjacent high-paying symbols to boost winning combinations. Random Wilds or Additional Wilds can emerge unexpectedly, enhancing winning potential by substituting for other symbols. Free Spins are unlocked through Scatters, granting free rounds with existing features. Lastly, Respins give players a second chance after a winning cluster, potentially leading to more consecutive wins. This amalgamation of innovative features makes The Legend of Shangri-La a dynamic and rewarding slot adventure.

The Legend of Shangri-La Winning symbols

The majestic Tiger symbol holds the potential to grant between x30 to an astonishing x10,000 times your wager, while the regal Elephant and playful Monkey symbols offer ranges of x20 to x5,000 and x20 to x5,000 respectively. 

The Legend of Shangri-La Winning symbols

The delicate Cherry Flower, graceful Green Butterfly, charming Dragonfly, and vibrant Goldfish symbols carry rewards between x5 to x2,000 each.

Adding intrigue to the gameplay are the special symbols. The three Guru symbols, the Free Spins symbol, and the Substitution symbol stand out. By securing three or more Free Spins symbols anywhere on the reels during the base game, you unlock a round of free spins. The Substitution symbols showcase their adaptability by morphing into adjacent symbols, creating optimal winning clusters and potentially leading to more substantial payouts.

The Legend of Shangri-La Sound & Gameplay

The audio design harmoniously complements the theme, featuring tranquil melodies, traditional instruments, and ambient sounds that evoke the serene ambiance of an Asian landscape. These immersive sounds create a seamless fusion between the gameplay and the theme, enveloping players in a sense of tranquility and mystery. The gameplay itself is a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition. The unique Cluster Pays mechanism challenges the conventional payline structure, promoting strategic cluster formations for wins. The Expanding Symbols feature adds excitement by allowing symbols to expand and cover entire reels, while Substitution symbols introduce a dynamic element, enhancing the chances of achieving winning clusters. The Free Spins feature, triggered by Free Spins symbols, provides a rewarding break, allowing players to experience additional rounds without wagering.

The Legend of Shangri-La Mobile compatibility

The Legend of Shangri-La slot seamlessly caters to both mobile and desktop platforms, ensuring a captivating gaming experience for players on any device. Its adaptability showcases the dedication of the developers to provide convenience and entertainment across various platforms. On mobile devices, the game retains its visual appeal and innovative features, allowing players to indulge in its Asian-themed charm on the go. The user interface is optimized for touch controls, offering intuitive gameplay that suits the dynamics of mobile play. For desktop users, the larger screen real estate showcases the intricate details of the game's design, from the captivating symbols to the serene backdrop. The gameplay remains smooth and engaging, preserving the immersive qualities of the slot.

The Legend of Shangri-La Big wins

The Tiger symbol offers a multiplier range of x30 to x10,000. Let's consider the best-case scenario where the Tiger symbol aligns to give you the maximum multiplier of x10,000.

Assuming you're playing at the maximum bet of 200 credits, the calculation would be as follows:

Maximum Bet: 200 credits
Maximum Multiplier from Tiger symbol: x10,000

Maximum Win = Maximum Bet × Maximum Multiplier
Maximum Win = 200 credits × 10,000
Maximum Win = 2,000,000 credits

The Legend of Shangri-La Pros & Cons


  • Innovative Cluster Pays system for unique and engaging gameplay.
  • Variety of features, including Expanding Symbols and Substitution Symbols, enhancing winning potential.
  • Broad betting range from 0.1 to 200, accommodating different player preferences.
  • FreeSpins, Random Wilds, and Respins features add excitement and winning opportunities.
  • Well-balanced Low-Med volatility for a mix of regular wins and potential bigger payouts.


  • Volatility might not suit players seeking extremely frequent or high payouts.

The Legend of Shangri-La Alternatives

  • King of 3 Kingdoms
  • Happy Riches  
  • East Sea Dragon King 


The Legend of Shangri-La slot by NetEnt offers an enchanting journey into an Asian-themed realm filled with innovative gameplay and captivating features. With its Cluster Pays mechanism, Expanding Symbols, and Substitution Symbols, the game presents a refreshing take on winning combinations. While the max win is limited to x1000.00, the Low-Med volatility strikes a balance between regular wins and potential larger payouts. The game's aesthetic charm and immersive audio design further enhance the overall experience. While requiring some patience to trigger, the FreeSpins feature, along with other dynamic elements like Random Wilds and Respins, ensures a mix of excitement and rewards. The Legend of Shangri-La is a harmonious fusion of creativity, entertainment, and winning potential that caters to both casual players and those seeking a distinctive slot adventure.




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