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Star Guardians Slot Review

Evoplay's Star Guardians introduces a groundbreaking concept by seamlessly blending the elements of a third-person shooter with traditional slot gameplay. Players have the exhilarating opportunity to assume manual control over character selection, immersing themselves in the action-packed battles against the menacing Tritons, mutated insects wreaking havoc across the galaxy.

Star Guardians Slot Intro

Evoplay's commitment to pushing boundaries shines through in Star Guardians, solidifying their reputation as a leading software provider. Holding licenses from MGA and Curacao, Evoplay ensures a secure and fair gaming environment for enthusiasts.

With a high volatility level, this video slot offers the potential for substantial rewards, with a maximum win of €377,175. Additionally, Star Guardians features an RTP of 96.00%, enhancing players' chances of winning big. Since its release in October 2021, it has quickly captivated a global audience with its breathtaking 3D graphics and thrilling gameplay.

Star Guardians Features

Third-person Shooter

Star Guardians introduces an exciting blend of gaming mechanics, combining the thrill of a third-person shooter with the rewards of a slot game. For the first time in iGaming, players can now shoot their way to slot wins, adding a new level of excitement and engagement.

Unique Manual Mode

The game features a unique Manual Mode, allowing players to take control of the hero character's movements and actions. Players can navigate their hero forwards, backward, left, and right, all while targeting and shooting down enemies. This level of interactivity puts the player in the driver's seat, enhancing the immersive experience of the game.

Bonus Game

Star Guardians also offers a thrilling Bonus Game, which can be triggered randomly during any spin in the main game. In this special event, Tritons, the menacing insects, drop valuable ammunition and money. These rewards are crucial for progressing in the game and increasing the chances of winning big.

Star Guardians Winning Symbols

Star Guardians features various winning symbols representing enemies and bosses that your chosen Avatar must defeat. Regular enemies include the Soldier, Liquidator, and Chief, offering rewards ranging from 0 to 50 times your stake. During the bonus round, the Larva enemy can yield payouts from 0 to 10 times your stake, while defeating the Queen boss can result in substantial rewards of 50 to 5,000 times your stake.

Star Guardians Symbols

You have the option to play in Manual mode, controlling your character's movements and actions, or in automatic mode. Special Amplifiers obtained from treasure chests activate your Avatar's special ability for 7 rounds. Choose from three main characters: Butcher with an x2 multiplier, Skyler who can open chests without a key, and Keliot, who ensures defeated enemies drop cash.

Treasure chests appear randomly, containing cash prizes, Amplifiers, or Keys. In the Bonus Game triggered during the main game, you will face waves of Triton Larva monsters using a special cannon. Collect ammo and defeat the Queen with her three heads, earning a payout between 50 and 5,000 times your stake.

Star Guardians Sound & Gameplay

Star Guardians delivers an immersive gameplay experience amplified by its captivating sound design. The dynamic soundtrack and impressive sound effects heighten the intensity of the action, creating an engaging atmosphere that draws players into an intergalactic battle. Whether it's the firing of weapons, explosive encounters, or triumphant music, every sound detail contributes to the exhilarating gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, Star Guardians offers a standout experience. The ability to switch between Manual and Automatic modes gives players the freedom to control their character and strategically navigate the game. This hands-on approach enhances the sense of empowerment and achievement when defeating enemies and progressing through the game.

Star Guardians Mobile Compatibility

Star Guardians provides flawless mobile compatibility, enabling players to indulge in the game on their preferred mobile gadgets. Regardless of whether you possess an iOS or Android device, you can venture into cosmic conflicts and effortlessly manage your character.

Just access the game via your mobile browser, and the streamlined interface guarantees a seamless and engrossing gaming adventure while on the move. Join the ranks of the Star Guardians from any location and immerse yourself in the exhilarating gameplay, all accessible directly from your mobile device.

Star Guardians Big Wins

Star Guardians offers players an incredible opportunity to claim big wins and set their sights on the impressive maximum payout. With a maximum win of x5029 (€377,175) based on the maximum bet, the game holds the potential for astronomical rewards.

It's not just the maximum win that makes this slot enticing but also the symbols that can unlock massive multipliers. The Chief symbol can award a multiplier of up to 50x your stake, while the Queen, a bonus round boss, offers the chance to win between 50x and 5,000x your stake.

Imagine the thrill of landing a winning combination with these high-paying symbols and watching your balance skyrocket. With a betting range from a minimum of $0.10 to a maximum of $75, players of all budgets can enjoy the exhilarating pursuit of these extraordinary wins.

Star Guardians Pros & Cons


  • Uniùe Gameplay
  • Captivating Visuals
  • Engaging Bonus Features
  • High Maximum Win Potential


  • Complexity for Some Players
  • Preference for Shooter Gameplay
  • Limited Availability

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Star Guardians by Evoplay stands out as a groundbreaking slot game that combines third-person shooter mechanics with traditional slot gameplay. With its immersive gameplay experience, captivating sound design, and impressive visuals, this game takes players on an intergalactic adventure like never before.

The introduction of manual control through the Manual Mode allows players to take charge of their character's movements and adds a new level of engagement. The diverse range of enemies, including regular enemies and formidable bosses like the Queen, provides thrilling challenges and the potential for significant wins.

Star Guardians also offers high volatility, offering both risks and rewards, and the maximum win potential of x5029.00 (up to €377,175) adds to the excitement. The inclusion of bonus features such as the Bonus Game, Amplifiers, and treasure chests enhances gameplay variety and keeps players on the edge of their seats.




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Last Updated: Sep 04, 2023

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Yes, as an Evoplay game, Star Guardians ensures fairness through its licensed status and adherence to industry standards.

Star Guardians is available in regions where online gambling is legal and regulated.

Yes, Star Guardians is fully compatible with mobile devices, allowing you to play the game on iOS and Android platforms.

Yes, Star Guardians can be played for real money at online casinos that feature Evoplay's gaming portfolio.

The maximum win in Star Guardians is x5029, or €377,175 based on the maximum bet.

Yes, Star Guardians features a thrilling bonus game that triggers randomly during the main gameplay.