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Nolimit City




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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Space Donkey Review

Introducing "Space Donkey," a celestial marvel brought to you by the innovative software provider, Nolimit City. Set to launch on October 3, 2023, this slot game promises an otherworldly gaming experience that's bound to keep players on the edge of their seats.
With an enticing RTP of 96.07% and a medium to high volatility, Space Donkey offers a thrilling challenge for both seasoned and novice players. The potential for cosmic wins is astronomical, with a maximum payout of x14649.00. Betting options cater to a wide audience, ranging from 0.20 to 100, making it accessible for all types of players.

Space Donkey Review
The game's six reels are the gateway to a plethora of features that will transport you to the far reaches of the galaxy. Brace yourself for the exhilarating Avalanche/Cascading wins, engage in interstellar battles with the Battle feature, and unlock hidden treasures in the Bonus Game and Free Spins rounds. The inclusion of Multipliers, Scatter symbols, Wilds, and Wilds with multipliers further adds to the game's enchanting charm.

Space Donkey Features

Space Donkey boasts an impressive array of cool features, including Avalanche/Cascading wins, a Battle feature, Bonus Games, Free Spins, Multipliers, RTP range, Scatter symbols, Wilds, and Wilds with multipliers, ensuring an action-packed gaming experience. With these many exciting elements, players are in for a thrilling journey through the cosmos.

Avalanche / Cascading wins

In "Space Donkey," the Avalanche/Cascading wins feature is a dynamic gameplay element that can lead to multiple consecutive wins in a single spin. After a winning combination forms on the reels, the symbols involved in the win explode or disappear. Once the winning symbols vanish, new symbols drop from above to fill the vacant spaces. This creates an opportunity for new winning combinations to occur. The process repeats itself with each winning combination. As long as new wins keep forming, the cascade continues, potentially resulting in a series of consecutive wins from a single spin.

Battle feature

The Battle feature in the "Space Donkey" slot is an exciting and unique component that adds an interactive and competitive element to the game. During the base game, the Battle feature can be triggered by specific in-game events or as part of the slot's mechanics. Once triggered, players are presented with a selection of different opponents or challenges, often in the form of alien creatures or characters, each with its own set of rewards or difficulties. Players choose an opponent and engage in a mini-game or battle scenario. The outcome of the battle can vary and might involve spinning a wheel, selecting objects, or completing certain tasks. Depending on the outcome of the battle, players can earn various rewards, including bonus features, multipliers, free spins, or instant cash prizes. 

Bonus Game

The Bonus Game in "Space Donkey" is a special feature that offers players an opportunity to enjoy a separate mini-game within the slot, often with the potential for significant rewards. The Bonus Game itself can take various forms, such as a pick-and-click game, a wheel of fortune, or a unique storyline-based scenario. Players are usually presented with choices or actions to take during the mini-game. The objective of the Bonus Game can vary, but it often involves accumulating prizes, uncovering hidden treasures, or achieving certain goals within the mini-game. Success in the Bonus Game can lead to substantial winnings or other perks. Completing the Bonus Game successfully may result in multipliers applied to your winnings, additional free spins, or access to other lucrative features within the slot. 


Free Spins in "Space Donkey" provide an exciting opportunity to increase your winnings without betting additional money.  To trigger the Free Spins feature in "Space Donkey," you typically need to land a specific number of scatter symbols or a particular combination of symbols on the reels. Once activated, you'll be granted a certain number of free spins to enjoy. During the Free Spins rounds, the slot's reels may undergo changes. For example, additional special symbols, multipliers, or stacked symbols may be introduced to increase the potential for bigger wins.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols are typically the key to unlocking various special features or bonus rounds within a slot game. In "Space Donkey," landing a certain number of scatter symbols on the reels often triggers these features. Unlike regular symbols, scatter symbols do not need to appear on a specific payline to be effective. They can appear anywhere on the reels, and as long as you land the required number of scatters, they will activate the associated bonus features. The specific bonus features triggered by scatter symbols can vary from one slot to another. In "Space Donkey," for instance, the scatter symbols might unlock Free Spins, Bonus Games, or other exciting in-game events.

Wilds with multipliers

Wilds with multipliers in "Space Donkey" serve as a valuable asset in boosting your potential winnings.  Like traditional wild symbols, Wilds with multipliers can substitute for other symbols in the game to help create or enhance winning combinations. This means they can act as a stand-in for any regular symbol to complete a winning payline. What sets Wilds with multipliers apart is their ability to multiply your winnings. When a Wild with a multiplier is part of a winning combination, it increases the payout for that particular win. For example, if you have a winning combination with a 2x Wild, your winnings for that combination will be doubled. In "Space Donkey," the multipliers associated with the Wilds can vary. You may encounter Wild symbols with different multiplier values, such as 2x, 3x, or more. This variability adds an element of unpredictability to the game.


Wild symbols act as substitutes for other symbols on the reels, except for specific symbols like scatters or bonus symbols. When a Wild symbol appears on the reels, it can take the place of any regular symbol, helping to complete winning combinations. The presence of Wild symbols in a winning combination often leads to enhanced payouts. When one or more Wilds are part of a winning line, the overall win is typically increased. Wild symbols can significantly boost your chances of winning. They can transform non-winning combinations into winning ones, making it easier to achieve payouts as you spin the reels.

Space Donkey Unique Features

One of its standout features is the "Avalanche/Cascading Wins" mechanic. After each winning combination, the symbols involved explode, making way for new symbols to fall into place. This creates a cascading effect, potentially leading to a series of consecutive wins from a single spin.

The "Battle feature" is another distinctive element. It introduces an interactive and competitive aspect to the game, allowing players to select opponents and engage in mini-games with varying rewards and challenges. Success in these battles can lead to enhanced winnings and keeps players engaged in a unique way.

"Space Donkey" also boasts a thrilling "Bonus Game" that transports players to a separate mini-game within the slot, offering opportunities to accumulate prizes, uncover hidden treasures, and access various bonuses and multipliers.

Space Donkey Winning symbols

Landing the Pilot Monkey symbols can yield impressive rewards, ranging from x140 to x800 times your bet, making it one of the game's high-paying symbols.

Space Donkey Winning symbols

The Plane symbols offer solid payouts, ranging from x100 to x350 times your bet, providing players with substantial winning opportunities.

The Green Alien symbols are another valuable addition, with payouts ranging from x90 to x280 times your bet.

The Gun symbols offer rewards ranging from x80 to x250 times your bet, adding to the game's exciting arsenal of symbols.

The Bullets symbols provide payouts ranging from x70 to x200 times your bet, offering consistent opportunities for wins.

The game's UFO Wild symbols bring a unique twist to the gameplay. These symbols appear on reels 2 to 6 in the base game and act as wilds, substituting for other symbols. However, they also have an abduction feature, where they move downwards per subsequent win. Each symbol they abduct adds +1 to the wild multiplier, enhancing the potential for boosted wins in the game.

Additionally, the "Hide N’ Seek Free Spins" feature triggers when you land 3 time-bomb scatter symbols in view on the 6x6-sized game area. During this round, the monkey character moves around the grid with his gun, following a set of directions and step numbers, offering a unique and interactive Free Spins experience for players.

Space Donkey Sound & Gameplay

The audio experience immerses players in the nostalgic ambiance of classic arcade games. The soundtrack incorporates upbeat and retro-inspired tunes that resonate with the pixel art aesthetic. The sound effects, including blips and bleeps, transport players back to the golden age of gaming, evoking feelings of nostalgia and excitement. The gameplay in "Space Donkey" is a delightful blend of modern slot mechanics and retro gaming elements. The pixel art visuals contribute to the game's unique charm, with detailed and vibrant symbols that pay homage to classic video game graphics. The 6x6-sized game grid provides ample space for exciting cascading wins and dynamic features. The space theme is well-integrated into the gameplay, with UFO Wilds abducting symbols and multiplying wins, adding a creative twist to traditional slot mechanics. The Hide N’ Seek Free Spins round introduces an interactive element, allowing players to control the monkey character as he navigates the game area, reminiscent of classic pixelated video game adventures.

Space Donkey Mobile compatibility

Whether you're using an iOS or Android device, "Space Donkey" adapts to various screen sizes and resolutions. The touch-friendly controls and intuitive layout make spinning the reels and accessing game features a breeze on mobile. This adaptability allows players to embark on their space-themed adventure on the go, providing a flexible and convenient gaming experience. For players who prefer the comfort of a larger screen, "Space Donkey" offers a captivating experience on desktop computers as well. The game's stunning pixel art graphics and intricate details shine on a bigger display, immersing players in its space-themed world. 

Space Donkey Big wins

Pilot Monkey: This symbol offers payouts ranging from x140 to x800 the bet. To calculate the maximum win in credits for the Pilot Monkey symbol, we'll use the highest multiplier, which is x800. Maximum Win = 800 (multiplier) * 100 (maximum bet) = 80,000 credits. This means that if you land 6 Pilot Monkey symbols on a maximum bet of 100 credits, your maximum potential win for this symbol is 80,000 credits.

Plane: The Plane symbol provides payouts from x100 to x350 the bet. To determine the maximum win in credits, we'll consider the highest multiplier, which is x350. Maximum Win = 350 (multiplier) * 100 (maximum bet) = 35,000 credits. So, if you achieve a combination of 6 Plane symbols while betting the maximum 100 credits, you can win up to 35,000 credits for this symbol.

Green Alien: The Green Alien symbol offers payouts from x90 to x280 the bet. We'll focus on the highest multiplier, which is x280. Maximum Win = 280 (multiplier) * 100 (maximum bet) = 28,000 credits. In the best-case scenario, where you get 6 Green Alien symbols on a 100-credit bet, you can receive a maximum win of 28,000 credits for this symbol.

Space Donkey Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 96.07%, providing players with a favorable return on their bets.
  • Impressive maximum win of x14649.00, promising substantial rewards for lucky players.
  • Broad bet range from 0.20 to 100 caters to a diverse range of players and betting preferences.
  • Diverse array of features, including Avalanche/Cascading wins, Battle feature, Bonus Game, Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatter symbols, and Wilds with multipliers, ensuring an engaging and varied gaming experience.


  • Med-High volatility may lead to periods of variance, requiring patience and responsible bankroll management.

Space Donkey Alternatives

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"Space Donkey" by Nolimit City is an out-of-this-world slot adventure that blends the charm of classic pixel art with the excitement of space-themed gaming. With its high RTP, impressive maximum win potential, and a wide betting range, this slot has something for players of all preferences. The Med-High volatility may require a bit of patience, but the thrilling features like Avalanche wins, the Battle feature, Bonus Game, Free Spins, and Wilds with multipliers keep the action rolling. While the game's complexity might be a tad overwhelming for some, its adaptability for both mobile and desktop play ensures accessibility for all. If you're seeking a space-themed slot with a unique twist and the potential for astronomical rewards, "Space Donkey" is an adventure worth embarking on.




Leo Harris

Last Updated: Nov 03, 2023

Leo Harris is a respected author and expert at With a passion for online slot games, Leo thoroughly tests and reviews the latest titles, providing valuable insights to players. His comprehensive evaluations cover gameplay, graphics, and overall entertainment value, helping readers make informed choices. Leo's captivating writing style and industry expertise have earned him a loyal following, making him a trusted voice in the online gambling community.

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