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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Smoking Hot 7’s Review

Explore the sizzling sensation of "Smoking Hot 7’s," a cutting-edge slot game brought to you by the renowned software provider, Greentube. Launched on March 8, 2022, this slot offers an unforgettable gaming experience with its fusion of classic charm and modern features.

With an impressive Return to Player (RTP) of 95.48%, "Smoking Hot 7’s" stands as a balanced choice for both casual players and high rollers. The game's medium volatility ensures a mix of frequent wins and exciting payouts, maintaining an engaging rhythm throughout.

Dive into a world of potential riches with a maximum win of up to x5000.00 your bet, attainable across the 5 reels. The betting range, from 0.2 to 50, accommodates diverse playing styles, making it accessible to a wide range of players.

Experience a thrilling variety of features that include a captivating Bonus Game and the exciting "Pick Objects" BonusGame. Additionally, the Risk/Gamble (Double) game raises the stakes for those seeking an adrenaline rush, while Scatter symbols further enhance the excitement.

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Smoking Hot 7’s Features

Dive into a world of excitement with "Smoking Hot 7’s," which offers a plethora of cool features, including a Bonus Game, thrilling Pick Objects BonusGame, a heart-pounding Risk/Gamble game, and the added charm of Scatter symbols.

Bonus Game

In the "Smoking Hot 7’s" slot, the Bonus Game is a special feature that adds an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay. When triggered, usually by landing a specific combination of symbols, the Bonus Game transports you to a unique mini-game within the slot itself. In this mini-game, such as the "Pick Objects" BonusGame, you're presented with a set of options to choose from. These options can be represented by various objects, symbols, or icons. Your task is to make a selection from these options, and each choice can reveal different rewards. These rewards could include instant cash prizes, multipliers, or even additional free spins.

BonusGame: Pick Objects

When this bonus round is triggered, you'll be taken to a separate screen or interface where you're presented with a collection of objects, symbols, or icons to choose from. Your task during the "Pick Objects" bonus game is to select a predetermined number of these objects. Each chosen object hides a hidden reward, which can vary. These rewards typically include instant cash prizes, multipliers applied to your winnings, or additional free spins. 

Risk/Gamble (Double) game

This feature is usually available after you've achieved a winning combination on the main reels. When you choose to engage in the Risk/Gamble game, you'll be presented with an opportunity to potentially double your winnings from the previous spin. The mechanics of this feature typically involve a game of chance, such as guessing the color of a face-down card (red or black). If your guess is correct, your winnings are doubled. However, if your guess is incorrect, you'll lose the winnings from the triggering spin. 

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols are a special type of symbol in slot games like "Smoking Hot 7’s" that can appear anywhere on the reels, regardless of their position on a payline. These symbols often have unique properties and trigger specific bonus features or payouts when a certain number of them appear on the reels. In the context of the "Smoking Hot 7’s" slot, when Scatter symbols land on the reels, they can activate various bonuses or features, depending on the game's design. Commonly, landing a specific number of Scatter symbols can trigger free spins rounds, bonus games, or even provide instant payouts.

Smoking Hot 7’s Unique Features

Smoking Hot 7’s slot boasts a captivating array of unique features that elevate its gameplay. With its Bonus Game, players are treated to an immersive mini-game adventure, often triggered by specific symbol combinations. The "Pick Objects" BonusGame is a standout, allowing players to choose from various symbols to reveal instant cash prizes, multipliers, or free spins. The Risk/Gamble (Double) game injects a thrill of risk-taking, enabling players to double their winnings by making correct predictions, adding a strategic dimension. Scatter symbols, another distinctive aspect, offer the chance to unlock bonuses like free spins rounds, enhancing winning potential. These features intertwine seamlessly with the classic 5-reel setup, showcasing Greentube's ingenuity and creating an engaging, dynamic gameplay experience that appeals to both traditional and modern slot enthusiasts.

Smoking Hot 7’s Winning symbols

Seven Symbol with payouts ranging between x20.00 and x1000.00, making it a symbol of substantial potential wins.

Watermelon and Grapes provide opportunities for payouts spanning from x10.00 to x100.00, adding fruity excitement to the game.

Lemon, Plum, and Orange symbols offer balanced wins, with payouts ranging between x4.00 and x40.00, contributing to consistent rewards.

Star Scatter Symbol shines as a special attraction, granting multipliers of x2.00 to x50.00. It adds an extra layer of excitement by appearing anywhere on the reels and transcending traditional paylines.

Winning Symbols

Smoking Hot 7’s Sound & Gameplay

The soundscapes evoke nostalgia, featuring the familiar hum of spinning reels and the celebratory chime of winning combinations, providing an immersive experience reminiscent of traditional slot machines. The visual design is a testament to the game's versatility, displaying vividly colored fruits such as watermelons, grapes, lemons, plums, and oranges against a backdrop that exudes fiery energy. This masterful blend transports players to an era of timeless charm while igniting excitement with every spin. The gameplay mechanics embody the fruit theme, offering players a straightforward and intuitive experience akin to classic slots. The incorporation of modern features, like the Bonus Game and Scatter symbols, adds depth and innovation, making it accessible to both nostalgic players and those seeking contemporary thrills.

Smoking Hot 7’s Mobile compatibility

"Smoking Hot 7’s" slot has been thoughtfully adapted for seamless gameplay on mobile devices, catering to the on-the-go player. The transition from desktop to mobile retains the game's captivating features and engaging elements, ensuring a consistent and immersive experience across various screen sizes. The game's interface has been optimized to fit mobile screens, allowing players to enjoy the excitement of "Smoking Hot 7’s" wherever they are. The intuitive touch controls make spinning the reels and activating features effortless, enhancing the user experience.

Smoking Hot 7’s Big wins

Assuming the maximum bet of 50 is placed, let's focus on the seven symbol, which holds the highest multipliers ranging from x20.00 to x1000.00. To achieve the maximum win, you'd need to land the seven symbol combination that yields the highest multiplier, which is x1000.00.

In this scenario, if you manage to land a winning combination with five of the seven symbols, each carrying a x1000.00 multiplier, your winnings would be calculated as follows:

Maximum Bet (50) x Seven Symbol Multiplier (x1000.00) = 50,000

Smoking Hot 7’s Pros & Cons


  • Engaging Bonus Features: Offers diverse and entertaining bonus features, including a Bonus Game, Pick Objects, Risk/Gamble game, and Scatter symbols.
  • Balanced Volatility: With medium volatility, the game provides a mix of frequent wins and potential for larger payouts, catering to various player preferences.
  • High Maximum Win: The chance to win up to x5000.00 of the bet provides an enticing opportunity for significant rewards.
  • Broad Betting Range: Accommodates a wide range of players with a betting range of 0.2 to 50, allowing for both casual and high-stakes gameplay.
  • Mobile Adaptation: Adapted for mobile play, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go with a user-friendly interface.


  • RTP: While at 95.48%, the Return to Player rate is slightly lower compared to some other slots.
  • Limited Paylines: The number of paylines might be considered restrictive for players accustomed to more intricate setups.

Smoking Hot 7’s Alternatives

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  • Imperial Crown


"Smoking Hot 7’s" offers an enticing blend of classic charm and modern features. With its diverse bonus offerings, from the interactive Bonus Game to the heart-pounding Risk/Gamble feature, players are kept engaged and entertained. The slot's balanced volatility ensures a satisfying mix of regular wins and the potential for significant rewards, including an alluring maximum win of x5000.00. While the slightly lower RTP and theme specificity might not resonate with all players, the adaptability for mobile play and the wide betting range make it an accessible and enjoyable choice for both nostalgic players and those seeking a fresh twist on traditional themes.




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Last Updated: Oct 05, 2023

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"Smoking Hot 7’s" combines classic style with modern features, offering interactive bonuses like the Bonus Game and Risk/Gamble feature, creating an engaging gameplay experience.

Scatter symbols in "Smoking Hot 7’s" trigger bonuses like free spins rounds, adding excitement and potential for big wins outside of regular paylines.

Yes, the Risk/Gamble feature lets you double your winnings by making a correct guess, but be cautious as an incorrect guess results in losing your earnings from the triggering spin.

Absolutely, the game is adapted for mobile play, allowing you to enjoy its features on-the-go with a user-friendly interface.

The "Pick Objects" feature adds a strategic twist, letting you choose symbols to reveal instant cash, multipliers, or free spins, enhancing your potential rewards.