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180% bonus for your first deposit!

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180% bonus for your first deposit!

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Up to €800+ 200 Free Spin

18+ | T&C applies

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18+ | T&C applies
  • Wide range of generous bonuses
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Rot Stormo Review

Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure as we delve into the captivating world of Rot Stormo, a groundbreaking slot game brought to you by the renowned Tom Horn Gaming. Released on November 22, 2022, this game offers an unforgettable gaming experience filled with excitement and innovation.

Rot Stormo Review
With an RTP (Return to Player) of 92.06%, Rot Stormo may challenge your luck, boasting high volatility that promises substantial rewards. The potential for a maximum win of x2000.00 awaits the fortunate few, with a flexible betting range spanning from 0.50 to 100.
Rot Stormo's 5 reels are teeming with an array of features that keep players on the edge of their seats. Dive into the action with features like Buy Feature, Expanding Symbols, Multiplier, Random Wilds, Respins, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, RTP range, and the ever-elusive Wild symbol.

Rot Stormo Features

Rot Stormo is packed with an impressive array of dynamic features, making it a true slot enthusiast's paradise. From Buy Feature to Random Wilds and everything in between, this game offers a wealth of cool features to keep players entertained and engaged.

Buy Feature

In Rot Stormo, the Buy Feature is an enticing option for players who want to accelerate the action and trigger one of the game's exciting features without waiting for it to occur naturally during regular gameplay. By choosing to activate the Buy Feature, you essentially purchase immediate access to a specific bonus feature, such as Free Spins or a bonus game, depending on what's available in the slot. When you opt for the Buy Feature, the game deducts a predetermined amount from your current wager, allowing you to jump directly into the heart of the action. This can be particularly advantageous if you're eager to experience the thrills of Rot Stormo's special features without the uncertainty of waiting for them to trigger randomly.

Expanding Symbols

When the Expanding Symbols feature is triggered, a specific symbol is chosen at random from the game's paytable. Once this symbol is selected, it can expand to cover entire reels, creating more opportunities for winning combinations. When these chosen symbols expand, they can occupy multiple positions on a reel, effectively increasing your chances of creating winning lines. In Rot Stormo, Expanding Symbols bring an added layer of excitement to the gameplay. When you see these symbols expand, it often means that a thrilling win is on the horizon, as they can potentially lead to multiple winning combinations across the reels.


The Multiplier feature in Rot Stormo can add an element of excitement and suspense to your gameplay, as it offers the prospect of larger payouts whenever those valuable Multiplier Symbols make their appearance. Each Multiplier Symbol is associated with a particular value, such as 2x, 3x, or more. The exact multiplier values can vary from one slot game to another. When you land one or more Multiplier Symbols as part of a winning combination, the associated multiplier values come into play. The multiplier is applied to your win, increasing the payout accordingly.

Random Wilds / Additional Wilds

The appearance of Random Wilds or Additional Wilds is usually random and can occur during a base game spin or as part of a bonus feature. These wild symbols are not usually tied to specific combinations or sequences. Wild symbols act as substitutes for other regular symbols in the game, helping you create winning combinations. When Random Wilds or Additional Wilds are added to the reels, they increase your chances of landing winning combinations by filling in for missing symbols. The introduction of these wild symbols can lead to more frequent and larger wins, as they can combine with existing symbols to form winning lines. The exact impact on your winnings depends on the number of wilds that appear and their position on the reels.


In Rot Stormo, respins can be a thrilling part of the gameplay, offering you a second opportunity to achieve bigger wins. Whether they result from landing specific symbols or are integrated into bonus rounds, respins can keep the excitement going and potentially boost your overall rewards. When the respin feature is triggered, the game will typically freeze the winning symbols in place (if the respins are due to a winning combination) and then give you another spin for free. Only the non-winning symbols will spin again. The purpose of respins is to give you an additional chance to create more winning combinations or improve an existing win. If you land more matching symbols or trigger other features during the respin, you might win additional prizes.

Risk/Gamble (Double) game

The Risk/Gamble (Double) game, often found in slot games like Rot Stormo, is an optional feature that allows players to increase their winnings through a gamble. After a winning spin, you'll have the option to enter the Risk/Gamble (Double) game. This choice is usually presented on the screen, and you can decide whether to participate or collect your current winnings. In the Risk/Gamble (Double) game, your objective is to double your winnings. This is typically done by making a prediction or taking a chance. The most common version involves guessing the outcome of a coin toss, a playing card draw, or a similar random event. If your prediction is correct, your winnings are doubled. If you guess incorrectly, you forfeit your original winnings from that round.


The Wild symbol acts as a substitute for most other symbols in the game, with the exception of certain special symbols like scatters or bonus symbols. When a Wild symbol appears on the reels, it can take on the role of any regular symbol to help you create or enhance winning combinations. When one or more Wild symbols are part of a winning combination, they contribute to making the win more valuable. For example, if you have two matching symbols and a Wild symbol in a line, it counts as three of the same symbol, potentially resulting in a higher payout.

Rot Stormo Unique Features

Rot Stormo features a diverse range of exciting gameplay elements that set it apart. With a Buy Feature, Expanding Symbols, Multiplier, Random Wilds / Additional Wilds, Respins, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, RTP range, and Wild symbols, it promises a thrilling and dynamic gaming experience.

The Buy Feature allows you to purchase immediate access to special bonus features. Expanding Symbols can cover entire reels, enhancing your chances of winning big. Multipliers can increase your winnings, and Random Wilds/Additional Wilds can lead to more frequent payouts. The Respins feature offers extra spins to boost your winning potential, and the Risk/Gamble (Double) game lets you take chances to double your rewards. With the inclusion of RTP ranges and Wild symbols, Rot Stormo ensures a diverse and engaging gameplay experience, making it a slot game worth exploring for both novice and experienced players.

Rot Stormo Winning symbols

The Lucky 7 symbol is your key to substantial rewards, offering payouts ranging from x2 to an impressive x50 times your bet. Landing multiple Lucky 7 symbols can lead to lucrative wins.

Rot Stormo Winning symbols

Bells are another high-paying symbol in the game, providing payouts from x1 to x20 your bet. Their appearance can ring in some significant rewards for lucky players.

The Grape symbol offers moderate payouts, ranging from x0.5 to x10 times your bet. While not as lucrative as the Lucky 7 or Bells, Grapes can still contribute to satisfying wins.

Both Watermelon and Plum symbols have a similar payout structure, with rewards ranging from x0.5 to x5 times your bet. They provide additional opportunities for moderate wins.

Orange/Lemons/Cherries symbols represent the lower end of the payout scale, offering rewards from x0.2 to x2 times your bet. While they provide smaller wins, their frequent appearance can keep your balance ticking over.

The Wild symbol is a game-changer, appearing on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. It has the unique ability to substitute for all other symbols, helping you complete winning combinations. When a Wild symbol appears, it expands to cover the entire reel, significantly boosting your chances of forming multiple winning lines and increasing your winning potential.

Rot Stormo Sound & Gameplay

Rot Stormo's audio elements complement the traditional fruit theme seamlessly. The sound effects, from the spinning of the reels to winning celebrations, add to the excitement without overwhelming the senses. It's a balanced soundscape that encapsulates the nostalgic charm of classic fruit slots. The gameplay in Rot Stormo offers a delightful mix of the old and the new. While the theme is classic with its fruit symbols, the game incorporates modern features to keep players entertained. The expanding Wild symbol is a standout feature, providing ample opportunities for big wins. The inclusion of special features such as Buy Feature, Expanding Symbols, Hold and Spin, and a Risk/Gamble game adds layers of excitement and strategy.

Rot Stormo Mobile compatibility

Rot Stormo's mobile adaptation ensures that players can enjoy the game on smartphones and tablets with ease. The interface is responsive, and the game retains its visual and audio quality on smaller screens. Touchscreen controls make it simple to spin the reels and access the game's features, providing a seamless and convenient gaming experience for players on the go.
On the desktop, Rot Stormo shines with its high-quality graphics and immersive sound, providing a visually stunning and engaging experience. Players on desktop computers can take full advantage of their larger screens to appreciate the game's aesthetics and details.

Rot Stormo Big wins

Lucky 7: The Lucky 7 symbol is the highest-paying symbol in the game, offering a range of multipliers from x2 to a whopping x50. To calculate the potential payout in credits, we take the maximum multiplier (x50) and multiply it by the bet amount (100 credits). This results in a potential payout of 5,000 credits (50 x 100 = 5,000 credits) when you land five Lucky 7 symbols with the x50 multiplier.

Bells: The Bells symbol is also a valuable symbol, with a maximum multiplier of x20. To calculate the potential payout for the Bells symbol, we multiply the maximum multiplier (x20) by the bet amount (100 credits). This yields a potential payout of 2,000 credits (20 x 100 = 2,000 credits) when you land five Bells symbols with the x20 multiplier.

Rot Stormo Pros & Cons


  • High maximum win potential of x2000.00.
  • A wide bet range, accommodating both conservative and high-stakes players.
  • Diverse set of features, including Expanding Symbols and Multipliers, enhancing gameplay variety.


  • RTP of 92.06% is relatively lower compared to some other slots.
  • High volatility can lead to less frequent but larger wins, which may not appeal to all players.

Rot Stormo Alternatives

  • 243 Crystal Fruits 
  • Triple Joker 
  • Fluxberry


Rot Stormo is a fruit-themed slot that combines the timeless charm of classic symbols with modern gaming excitement. While its RTP of 92.06% and high volatility might deter more risk-averse players, the slot's potential for a substantial x2000.00 maximum win, diverse features like Expanding Symbols and Multipliers, and compatibility on both mobile and desktop platforms make it an enticing choice for those in search of thrilling gameplay. The Risk/Gamble (Double) game adds a layer of uncertainty, which can be appealing to some and a potential drawback to others. Overall, Rot Stormo offers an engaging and dynamic gaming experience that's worth a spin for players looking to test their luck in a vibrant fruit-themed setting.




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Last Updated: Oct 26, 2023

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The maximum win in Rot Stormo is an impressive x2000.00 your bet, offering substantial winning potential.

Yes, Rot Stormo offers various features, including Expanding Symbols, Multipliers, and a Buy Feature for a more exciting gameplay experience.

Absolutely, Rot Stormo is mobile-friendly and can be enjoyed on smartphones and tablets.

Yes, you have the flexibility to choose your bet size, with a range from 0.50 to 100, catering to both conservative and high-stakes players.

When a Wild symbol appears on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reel, it expands to cover the entire reel, increasing your chances of winning combinations.