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Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends Review

Step into the exhilarating world of Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends, an extraordinary slot game presented by the renowned software provider, Playtech. Launched on September 26, 2022, this game encapsulates the essence of legendary Brazilian footballer Roberto Carlos' career. With an impressive RTP of 95.48%, players are in for a rewarding journey. The game's low to medium volatility ensures a balanced fusion of frequent wins and substantial payouts, making it suitable for both newcomers and seasoned players.

Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends Review

Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends boasts a captivating layout of 6 reels, offering a dynamic backdrop for numerous thrilling features. From Bonus Bet and Multiplier to Respins and Moving Wilds, the game keeps players engaged with a spectrum of possibilities. The RTP range, Stack, Walking Symbols, and Wild icons further enhance the gameplay, creating an ever-evolving environment of excitement. With a chance to win up to x1,000 your bet, and a flexible betting range from 0.1 to 500, this slot guarantees an immersive experience for enthusiasts of both football and rewarding gameplay.

Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends Features

Embark on an action-packed adventure with Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends, offering an impressive array of features including Bonus Bet, Multiplier, Respins, RTP range, Stack, Walking Symbols, Moving Wilds, and Wild symbols, ensuring a thrilling gameplay experience.

Bonus Bet

When you activate the Bonus Bet, you're essentially increasing your wager size in exchange for enhanced game features. This can lead to amplified winning potential and intensified gameplay. Specifically, the Bonus Bet feature might unlock additional bonuses, boost the value of certain symbols, or trigger exclusive rounds that are otherwise inaccessible when the feature is turned off. This intriguing option provides players with the choice to customize their experience, balancing risk and reward according to their preferences.


The Multiplier feature in Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends adds an exciting dynamic to the gameplay by offering the potential to increase your winnings exponentially. When this feature comes into play, it multiplies the payout of a winning combination by a predetermined factor. For instance, if you land a winning combination during a spin and the Multiplier feature is active, the specified multiplier value will be applied to your winnings. This can lead to significantly larger payouts than you would receive without the multiplier. 


The Respins feature in Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends introduces an engaging mechanic that can prolong your gameplay and potentially lead to more winning opportunities. When this feature is triggered, it allows you to spin specific reels again while keeping other reels locked in place. After a regular spin, if you land certain triggering symbols or meet specific conditions, the Respins feature can activate. The reels containing these triggering symbols will remain locked, while the remaining reels will spin again. This gives you a chance to complete winning combinations or improve upon your existing ones.


The Stack feature in Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends contributes to the game's excitement by enhancing the potential for bigger wins and more intense gameplay. When symbols are stacked, it means that they appear in a vertical "stack" on a single reel. Instead of individual symbols appearing on a reel, certain symbols are grouped together vertically, covering multiple positions on that reel. This can lead to scenarios where an entire reel is filled with the same symbol, greatly increasing the chances of forming winning combinations across multiple paylines.

Walking Symbols

The Walking Symbols feature in Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends introduces a dynamic gameplay element that can lead to exciting and potentially lucrative outcomes. When this feature is active, specific symbols have the ability to "walk" or move across the reels, creating new opportunities for winning combinations. When you land certain designated symbols on the reels, they might initiate the walking action. After the initial spin, these symbols move horizontally or vertically across the grid, typically one position at a time, during each subsequent spin. This movement can continue until the walking symbol reaches the edge of the reels or until a certain number of spins have occurred.

Moving Wilds

The Moving Wilds feature in Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends adds an exciting and dynamic twist to the gameplay by introducing animated wild symbols that move across the reels during spins. When this feature is triggered, certain wild symbols on the reels will not remain static like regular symbols. Instead, they will shift or "move" from one position to another with each spin. This movement can be either horizontal or vertical. As these wild symbols move, they have the potential to create or enhance winning combinations by substituting for other symbols in those positions. This can lead to a cascade of wins as the wild symbols continue to shift across the reels, possibly turning non-winning spins into rewarding ones.


The Wild feature in Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends is a fundamental element that enhances your chances of creating winning combinations. Wild symbols are like versatile jokers in the game, as they can substitute for other symbols (except specific bonus symbols) to complete winning lines. When a wild symbol appears on the reels, it can stand in for any regular symbol required to form a winning combination. 

Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends Unique Features

Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends slot presents an array of unique and thrilling features that set it apart in the world of online gaming. Its innovative Bonus Bet feature allows players to enhance their wagers, unlocking exclusive bonuses, symbol upgrades, or special rounds for a heightened gaming experience. The Moving Wilds feature introduces dynamic wild symbols that traverse the reels, creating ever-changing winning opportunities. Meanwhile, the Walking Symbols feature takes interactivity to the next level, as designated symbols move across the grid with each spin, potentially forming new winning combinations. The game's Stack feature stacks symbols vertically on a single reel, increasing the likelihood of multiple winning combinations.

Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends Winning symbols

The Trophy symbol shines as a symbol of victory, granting players rewards ranging from x5 to an impressive x400 their bet. 

The Captain Armband and Whistle join forces, offering enticing prizes spanning from x10 to x150, while the Boots and Shirt Jersey, iconic emblems of the sport, carry their own weight with rewards ranging from x5 to x250.

Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends Winning symbols

A pivotal element of the game lies in its Wild symbol, represented by a football ball. This versatile symbol steps in for any other symbol, turbocharging your chances of completing winning combinations. But the excitement doesn't stop there. The legendary Roberto Carlos himself takes the stage as a stacked Wild symbol. Should he stretch across an entire reel, the Roberto Carlos Respins feature springs into action, igniting a sequence of respins and opening the door to even more captivating rewards. 

Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends Sound & Gameplay

As you step onto the virtual field, the immersive audio design envelops you in the ambiance of a stadium crowd, with cheers and chants echoing in the background. The rhythmic beats and dynamic sound effects sync seamlessly with the gameplay, creating a symphony of excitement that mirrors the highs and lows of a live sporting event. The gameplay itself mirrors the precision and strategy of sports, offering a seamless and user-friendly interface. With its intuitive controls, players can navigate effortlessly through the game's features and settings, focusing on the action-packed spins. The slot's visually captivating graphics further elevate the experience, with symbols showcasing the symbols of victory and Roberto Carlos himself, capturing the spirit of competition and achievement.

Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends Mobile compatibility

Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends has been thoughtfully designed to cater to the dynamic world of mobile gaming. This adaptation ensures that players can carry the excitement of the game with them wherever they go. With its mobile-friendly interface, the slot seamlessly adjusts to various screen sizes, preserving the stunning visuals and captivating features of the game. Whether you're on a smartphone or tablet, the touch controls provide an intuitive and immersive experience, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the game's mechanics. The adaptability of Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends to mobile devices underscores its commitment to providing players with convenience without compromising on quality. Meanwhile, desktop players can relish in the game's high-definition graphics and expansive view, taking full advantage of their larger screens.

Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends Big wins

Symbols and Payouts:
Trophy symbol: Awards from x5 to x400 your bet.
Captain Armband and Whistle: Award from x10 to x150 your bet.
Boots and Shirt Jersey: Award from x5 to x250 your bet.

Maximum Bet: 500 credits

Maximum Win Calculation:

Trophy symbol: x400 (highest multiplier) * 500 (maximum bet) = 200,000 credits
Captain Armband and Whistle: x150 (highest multiplier) * 500 (maximum bet) = 75,000 credits
Boots and Shirt Jersey: x250 (highest multiplier) * 500 (maximum bet) = 125,000 credits

Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends Pros & Cons


  • High RTP: With an RTP of 95.48%, players can expect relatively favorable returns over the long term.
  • Varied Betting Range: The bet range of 0.1 to 500 caters to both casual players and high rollers, offering diverse wagering options.
  • Innovative Features: The slot boasts a range of exciting features, including Bonus Bet, Multiplier, Respins, and more, enhancing gameplay variety.
  • Potential for Max Win: The chance to win up to x1,000 the bet amount provides a tantalizing opportunity for substantial payouts.


  • Medium Volatility: The low-medium volatility might not suit players seeking extremely frequent wins or those preferring high-risk, high-reward gameplay.

Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends Alternatives

  • Eliminators 
  • Football Card Showdown Live
  • Frankie Dettori's: Magic Seven


Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends emerges as a thrilling slot experience that seamlessly combines the adrenaline of sports with innovative gameplay. With a commendable RTP of 95.48% and a balanced low-medium volatility, the potential for wins is inviting. The array of captivating features, from Moving Wilds to Respins, ensures each spin is packed with excitement. While the slot's complexity might pose a challenge for newcomers, its varied betting range and the chance to win up to x1,000 the bet beckon players seeking both entertainment and rewards. As the legendary Roberto Carlos himself would appreciate, this slot is a winning tribute to the world of sports, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts and casual players alike.




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Last Updated: Oct 05, 2023

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The Bonus Bet enhances your wager, unlocking exclusive bonuses, symbol upgrades, or special rounds for an intensified gaming experience.

 Yes, indeed! Walking Symbols move across the grid with each spin, creating fresh chances for winning combinations and adding an engaging twist.

No, they aren't! Moving Wilds spice up gameplay by allowing wild symbols to shift across the reels, potentially triggering dynamic winning combinations.

Absolutely! Roberto Carlos Sporting Legends adapts seamlessly to mobile devices, ensuring you can enjoy the action-packed gameplay on the go.