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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Reel King Mega Review

Introducing the captivating world of Reel King Mega, a masterpiece brought to you by the renowned Red Tiger Gaming. Launched on May 9, 2019, this slot game boasts a harmonious blend of excitement and nostalgia. With a favorable RTP of 96.17% and low volatility, players are in for a thrilling yet steady gaming experience.

Reel King Mega Review
Red Tiger Gaming's commitment to innovation shines through in Reel King Mega's features. The game's unique elements include Mega Symbols (3x3), which add a delightful twist to the spinning reels, and the inclusion of Random Bonus Symbols that keep players on the edge of their seats. The infusion of Random Wilds and Additional Wilds further elevates the gameplay, offering unexpected surprises with every spin.
Players can explore the vast betting possibilities with a range from 0.10 to 200, making it accessible to both casual players and high rollers. The five reels provide a classic setup, while the potential to win up to x500.00 adds an extra layer of excitement. In summary, Red Tiger Gaming's Reel King Mega is a must-try for slot enthusiasts seeking a dynamic and rewarding gaming experience.

Reel King Mega Features

Reel King Mega doesn't just spin; it dazzles with an array of cool features, including a Mega Symbol (3x3), Random Bonus Symbols, and the unpredictable thrill of Random Wilds/Additional Wilds. With its enticing RTP range and the dynamic presence of Wilds, this slot is a playground of excitement for players seeking a feature-rich gaming experience.

Mega Symbol (3x3)

In Reel King Mega, the Mega Symbol (3x3) is a distinctive feature that introduces a colossal symbol spanning a 3x3 grid on the reels. When triggered, this oversized symbol covers a significant portion of the screen, enhancing the potential for creating winning combinations across multiple paylines. The Mega Symbol serves as a focal point of excitement, as its substantial size increases the chances of landing significant wins in a single spin. This feature adds a dynamic and visually impressive element to the gameplay, providing players with thrilling moments as they anticipate the massive symbol's impact on the reels and their overall winnings.

Random bonus symbols

In Reel King Mega, the Random Bonus Symbols feature adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the gameplay. At any given spin, this feature can be triggered, causing random bonus symbols to appear on the reels. These symbols carry the potential to activate special bonus rounds or features, contributing to enhanced opportunities for significant wins. The exact nature of the bonus or feature that is activated can vary, adding an element of surprise and anticipation for players. This feature not only keeps the gameplay dynamic but also introduces an element of strategy, as players eagerly await the appearance of these randomly triggered bonus symbols for a chance at lucrative rewards and an intensified gaming experience.

Random Wilds / Additional Wilds

In Reel King Mega, the Random Wilds/Additional Wilds feature injects an element of spontaneity into the game, creating thrilling moments for players. At any spin, this feature can be triggered, leading to the appearance of random wild symbols on the reels. These wild symbols substitute for other regular symbols, increasing the chances of forming winning combinations. The addition of these unexpected wilds not only enhances the overall excitement but also boosts the game's potential for significant payouts. The beauty of Random Wilds/Additional Wilds lies in their unpredictability, as players never know exactly when or where these wild symbols will land. This dynamic feature keeps players engaged, eagerly anticipating the appearance of these wilds to see how they will impact the current spin. With each occurrence, the potential for creating more winning combinations and unlocking greater rewards adds an extra layer of excitement to the Reel King Mega slot experience.


In Reel King Mega, the Wild symbol plays a crucial role in boosting winning potential and creating more lucrative combinations. The Wild symbol, represented by its distinctive icon, functions as a versatile substitute for other regular symbols on the reels. This means that when the Wild symbol appears in conjunction with other symbols on a payline, it takes on the role of those symbols to complete or enhance winning combinations. The presence of the Wild symbol adds an exciting strategic element to the gameplay, as it can contribute to forming winning lines that might not have been possible otherwise. It acts as a valuable asset for players, increasing the likelihood of successful spins and enhancing the overall excitement of the game.

Reel King Mega Unique Features

Reel King Mega, developed by Red Tiger Gaming, stands out in the realm of online slots with its unique and engaging features. One standout characteristic is the Mega Symbol (3x3), a colossal grid-spanning icon that injects excitement into each spin, greatly increasing the chances of landing substantial wins across multiple paylines. The game also boasts Random Bonus Symbols, adding an element of surprise by triggering diverse bonus rounds at any given moment, elevating the overall thrill of the gameplay.

Adding to the unpredictability, the slot features Random Wilds/Additional Wilds, which bring spontaneous wild symbols to the reels, boosting the potential for creating winning combinations. Lastly, the inclusion of standard Wild symbols enhances strategic gameplay by substituting for other symbols, increasing the likelihood of successful spins. 

Reel King Mega Winning symbols

In Reel King Mega, the vibrant array of winning symbols adds a touch of royalty to the gameplay. The Pot of Gold reigns supreme, rewarding players with a majestic 25x payout for a regal alignment of 5 symbols on a payline. Following closely, the K symbol bestows a generous 10x payout for its appearance in quintuplicate, while the Q symbol contributes a respectable 5x payout under the same circumstances.

Reel King Mega Winning symbols

The visual feast continues with the regal imagery of the King's crown, featured prominently in the logo. This crown takes on a dynamic role as it bounces across the reels, transforming symbols into Wilds. These Wild symbols, adorned with the crown's authority, act as versatile substitutes, providing an extra opportunity to weave together winning combinations.

Among the fruity delights, Cherries and Plum symbols offer a delightful 2x payout for a gathering of five on a payline, while the numeric symbols 10 and J add to the riches with 3x payouts for a quintet. With the King's crown orchestrating symbol transformations, Reel King Mega combines regal imagery with thrilling features for a gameplay experience fit for a monarch.

Reel King Mega Sound & Gameplay

In Reel King Mega, the synthesis of sound and gameplay creates a regal symphony that resonates with the essence of royalty and classic charm. The soundtrack envelops players in an orchestration of majestic tunes, transporting them to a realm of grandeur as the reels spin. The thematic sound effects, reminiscent of a royal court, complement the visual elements, immersing players in the elegant atmosphere of the game. The gameplay, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, mirrors the slot's royal theme and classic allure. The smooth and seamless mechanics of the spinning reels evoke a sense of sophistication, while the incorporation of traditional symbols such as the King's crown and iconic numeric characters pays homage to classic slot aesthetics. The user-friendly interface ensures an effortless and enjoyable experience, allowing players to navigate the game with ease while reveling in the timeless ambiance of regality.

Reel King Mega Mobile compatibility

Reel King Mega extends its reign seamlessly across gaming platforms, offering a royal experience tailored for both mobile devices and desktop. Whether on the go or in the comfort of one's castle, players can indulge in the captivating gameplay of Reel King Mega with equal ease and sophistication. The slot's adaptation for mobile devices ensures a smooth and responsive interface, optimizing the gaming experience for various screen sizes. For desktop users, Reel King Mega retains its majestic charm on larger screens, showcasing the rich graphics and thematic details in all their glory. The user interface is thoughtfully designed for intuitive navigation, providing a seamless and immersive experience for players exploring the kingdom's treasures from their desktop realm.

Reel King Mega Big wins

Pot of Gold Symbol:
This symbol offers a payout of x500 the bet for landing 5 symbols on a payline.
The maximum bet in the game is 200.
To calculate the maximum win from the Pot of Gold, you multiply the payout by the maximum bet: 500 * 200 = 100,000 credits.

K Symbol:
The K symbol contributes a payout of x200 the bet for 5 symbols on a payline.
As before, the maximum bet is 200.
The maximum win from the K symbol is calculated as 200 * 200 = 40,000 credits.

Reel King Mega Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 96.17% enhances the overall player return.
  • Low volatility provides a balanced and steady gaming experience.
  • Lucrative maximum win potential of x500.00 offers substantial rewards.
  • Versatile bet range from 0.10 to 200 accommodates a wide range of players.
  • Innovative features, including Mega Symbol (3x3), Random Bonus Symbols, and Random Wilds/Additional Wilds, add excitement and variety to gameplay.


  • Some players may prefer higher volatility for a more thrill-seeking experience.
  • Maximum win of x500.00, while substantial, may not appeal to players seeking ultra-high jackpots.

Reel King Mega Alternatives

  • Crystal Mirror 
  • Regal Beasts 
  • Shah Mat


In conclusion, Reel King Mega by Red Tiger Gaming stands as a regal masterpiece in the realm of online slots. With a harmonious blend of classic charm and innovative features, this game offers a royal gaming experience adaptable to both desktop and mobile platforms. Its high RTP of 96.17% and low volatility ensure a balanced adventure, while the chance to win up to x500.00 adds an exciting edge. The inclusion of the Mega Symbol, Random Bonus Symbols, and Random Wilds/Additional Wilds elevates the gameplay, providing unpredictable thrills. Whether you're drawn to the nostalgia of traditional symbols or enticed by modern features, Reel King Mega invites players on a majestic journey through a kingdom of rewards.




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Last Updated: Nov 21, 2023

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Reel King Mega introduces innovative features like Mega Symbols, Random Bonus Symbols, and Random Wilds, creating a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.

You can win up to x500.00 your bet, offering substantial rewards for those seeking a regal payday.

The Wild symbol, adorned with the King's crown, substitutes for other symbols, providing an extra chance to create winning combinations and increase your rewards.

Yes, the appearance of Random Bonus Symbols can activate diverse bonus rounds, adding an element of surprise and potential for increased winnings.