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Qin’s Empire: Celestial Guardians Review

Explore the enchanting realm of Qin's Empire: Celestial Guardians, a captivating slot game brought to you by the renowned software provider, Playtech. Unveiled on July 22, 2022, Qin's Empire: Celestial Guardians stands as a testament to Playtech's commitment to innovation and excellence in the gaming industry. With an impressive RTP of 96.45%, players are offered not only an engaging journey but also a fair chance to secure rewarding wins. The game's high volatility adds an extra layer of excitement, making each spin a suspenseful adventure.

Qin’s Empire: Celestial Guardians Review

Boasting 5 reels and a bet range from 0.05 to 500, this slot accommodates a variety of players, from cautious bettors to high rollers seeking bigger thrills. The potential max win of x2651.00 further fuels the excitement, promising substantial rewards for those who dare to embrace the quest.

Dive into a realm where features abound. From Bonus Games and Free Spins to Multipliers and Wilds, Qin's Empire is a treasure trove of opportunities. The inclusion of innovative elements such as Reelset Changing and Lock it Link adds a unique twist, ensuring that monotony never creeps into your gameplay. The Scatter and Bonus symbols further enhance your chances of success.

Qin’s Empire: Celestial Guardians Features

Qin's Empire: Celestial Guardians is brimming with an array of captivating features, including Bonus Games, Free Spins, Multipliers, and more, making every spin an exhilarating adventure through its diverse gameplay elements. With a plethora of engaging features like Hold and Spin, Lock it Link, and Reelset Changing, players are treated to an innovative and immersive gaming experience that sets this slot apart.

Bonus Game

The Bonus Game is a separate interactive round within the slot that offers players a chance to win additional prizes or special rewards. In Qin's Empire, when you land a certain number of Bonus symbols on the reels, the Bonus Game is triggered. Once activated, you are transported to a different screen or mode where you participate in a mini-game, a different set of reels, or another unique gameplay feature.

Bonus symbols

Bonus symbols are special symbols that have a unique function in the game. When you land a certain number of these symbols on the reels, they trigger specific features or bonus rounds. In Qin's Empire, the Bonus symbols serve as the key to unlocking the Bonus Game.


These symbols can appear anywhere on the reels, and you typically need to land a certain number of them to activate the Free Spins feature. Once the Free Spins feature is triggered, you are awarded a predetermined number of free spins, during which you don't need to wager any of your own money. The game uses the same bet amount and paylines that were active when the feature was triggered. During the Free Spins rounds, the reels spin automatically, and any winnings you achieve are added to your total. What makes Free Spins particularly exciting is that they often come with additional benefits such as multipliers, increased chances of landing high-paying symbols, or even special features that are not available in the base game.

Hold and Spin

The "Hold and Spin" feature is an exciting mechanic that usually occurs during a bonus round. When triggered, this feature allows you to "hold" certain symbols in place while the other reels are spun again. The goal is to land more of the same symbols or special symbols that may lead to bigger rewards. It's like having a second chance to complete a winning combination.

Lock it Link

"Lock it Link" is another intriguing feature found in certain slot games. When activated, this feature involves "locking" specific symbols in place on the reels for a set number of spins. These locked symbols can be high-paying or special symbols, and they often lead to more substantial payouts or trigger bonus rounds.


A multiplier is a special factor that multiplies the amount of your winnings by a certain value. For example, if you have a 2x multiplier and you win 10 coins, your actual payout will be 10 coins multiplied by 2, resulting in 20 coins. Multipliers can come in various values, such as 2x, 3x, 5x, and even higher. In this slot, the Multiplier feature enhances the potential rewards you can receive from your winning combinations. When a multiplier is active, it applies to any winning combination you achieve during that particular spin or round.

Reelset Changing

In certain slot games, the Reelset Changing feature refers to the transformation of the reel layout during specific circumstances or bonus rounds. This means that the arrangement of symbols on the reels changes, potentially offering new combinations and ways to win. In this particular slot, the Reelset Changing feature likely comes into play during special rounds, such as bonus games or free spins. When triggered, the game may transition to a different set of reels with altered symbol positions, designs, or even additional rows or columns.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols are special symbols in slot games that have unique properties. Unlike regular symbols that need to be aligned on specific paylines to create winning combinations, Scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the reels. When you land a certain number of Scatter symbols, they trigger specific features, such as bonus rounds, free spins, or other special events. In this slot, Scatter symbols might play a pivotal role in activating the Free Spins feature or other bonus rounds. For example, if you land a certain number of Scatter symbols on the reels, you could be awarded a predetermined number of free spins. These free spins often come with added benefits, such as multipliers, to enhance your potential winnings.


Wild symbols are another type of special symbol found in many slot games. They act as substitutes for other regular symbols, helping you complete winning combinations. For example, if you have two matching symbols on a payline along with a Wild symbol, the Wild symbol can act as a replacement for the missing third symbol, creating a winning combination. In this slot, Wild symbols likely take on the role of substitutes, helping you complete winning combinations that you might not have been able to achieve otherwise. This can significantly boost your chances of winning on each spin.

Qin’s Empire: Celestial Guardians Unique Features

One standout feature is the "Reelset Changing," where the configuration of the reels transforms during special rounds, introducing fresh winning opportunities and enhancing the gaming experience. Additionally, the "Hold and Spin" and "Lock it Link" mechanics elevate excitement, allowing players to hold valuable symbols or lock them in place across spins, creating heightened anticipation for big wins. The inclusion of Scatter symbols and Wild symbols further enriches gameplay, with Scatter symbols triggering coveted free spins and bonus rounds, while Wilds act as versatile substitutes, maximizing winning potential.

Qin’s Empire: Celestial Guardians Winning symbols

The formidable Dragon symbol, a true emblem of power, grants rewards ranging from x4 to x100 times your bet, offering a chance to amass substantial treasures.

Qin’s Empire: Celestial Guardians Winning symbols

Venture further into the mystic realm and encounter the Snow Tiger and the Turtle symbols, with their prowess securing awards ranging from x3 to x80. 

The majestic Phoenix and the intricate Urn symbols grace the reels, their benevolence gifting awards ranging from x2 to x60, enhancing your path to wealth.

Amidst the symbols of fortune, the Cauldron Scatter Symbols emerge as harbingers of the coveted Qin's Empire Feature, promising an immersive and rewarding experience. Meanwhile, the elusive Fortune Scatter Symbols present the key to 5 Free Spins, unlocking the potential for thrilling victories.

The Yin Yang Wild symbol radiates its power, deftly substituting for all symbols except the Cauldron Scatter and Fortune Scatter symbols. This harmonious force empowers you to complete winning combinations, forging a path to untold riches.

Qin’s Empire: Celestial Guardians Sound & Gameplay

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Qin's Empire: Celestial Guardians, where the fusion of sound and gameplay transports you to the heart of an enchanting Oriental realm. As you embark on this Asian-inspired journey, a symphony of evocative melodies and traditional tunes accompanies each spin, seamlessly blending with the theme and enhancing your immersive experience. The gameplay itself unfolds with a graceful rhythm, mirroring the tranquility of ancient Asian landscapes. The smooth animations and intricate design elements pay homage to the grandeur of the East, with reels that glide and symbols that come to life in a seamless dance of chance.

Qin’s Empire: Celestial Guardians Mobile compatibility

This Asian-themed journey is thoughtfully crafted to provide an exceptional gaming experience on your mobile device. Embracing the technological marvels of our time, Qin's Empire ensures that the enchantment of its reels and the thrill of its features remain intact, whether you're on a smartphone or tablet. The user-friendly interface, designed with intuitive controls, guarantees a smooth and immersive gameplay, allowing you to carry the magic of the empire wherever you go.

Qin’s Empire: Celestial Guardians Big wins

Maximum Bet: 500 credits

Dragon Symbol: Awards from x4 to x100

Maximum Win with Dragon Symbol: 500 credits (maximum bet) * 100 multiplier (x100) = 50,000 credits

Snow Tiger / Turtle Symbols: Award from x3 to x80

Maximum Win with Snow Tiger / Turtle Symbols: 500 credits (maximum bet) * 80 multiplier (x80) = 40,000 credits

Phoenix / Urn Symbols: Award from x2 to x60

Maximum Win with Phoenix / Urn Symbols: 500 credits (maximum bet) * 60 multiplier (x60) = 30,000 credits

Qin’s Empire: Celestial Guardians Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 96.45%, offering a favorable return to players over time.
  • Max win of x2651.00, providing a chance for substantial payouts.
  • Broad bet range from 0.05 to 500, catering to both cautious and high-stakes players.
  • Feature-rich gameplay with Bonus Game, Free Spins, Hold and Spin, Lock it Link, Multiplier, and more.
  • Innovative Reelset Changing feature for a dynamic gameplay experience.
  • Variety of special symbols including Scatter and Wild symbols.


  • High volatility may lead to periods of unpredictable outcomes.

Qin’s Empire: Celestial Guardians Alternatives

  • Dragons Hall Thundershots 
  • Full Moon White Panda
  • Qin's Empire: Caishen's Temple


Qin's Empire: Celestial Guardians is an immersive journey into a realm where Asian mythology meets modern gaming innovation. With its high RTP of 96.45% and the potential for significant wins, the slot caters to both risk-takers and cautious players. Its captivating features, from Bonus Games to Reelset Changing, offer a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. While its high volatility might pose challenges, the thrill of unlocking Free Spins, Multipliers, and more ensures an exciting adventure. Embark on this celestial quest, where the allure of rich rewards and an enchanting Asian theme await at every spin.




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The Reelset Changing feature transforms the layout of the reels during special rounds, creating fresh winning possibilities and adding an innovative twist to the gameplay.

Yes, the slot is adapted for mobile play, offering the same enchanting experience on smartphones and tablets as it does on larger screens.

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