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The online casino industry thrives on constant innovation and creativity. One name that stands out is Mascot Gaming. This software provider has turned the virtual gaming experience into an art.

Creating enthralling games, Mascot is setting a new industry standard. In this article, we’ll explore their journey, triumphs, and vision for the future. With Mascot, the online casino world has found a new pace-setter.

In this illuminating article, we aim to review three top Mascot Gaming casinos. These platforms exemplify the best of what online gaming has to offer.

But our journey into the Mascot universe doesn't stop there. We will also delve into the top five Mascot slot games. Each of them has its own unique appeal and winning potential. So, get ready as we spin the reels and uncover the magic within.

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Mascot Gaming Company Info

Mascot Gaming Company InfoFormed in 2015, Mascot Gaming is much more than a software developer. This dedicated team of professionals strives for an outstanding gambling experience for their clients.

Their philosophy is simple yet effective - perfection in the playing experience. Every spin, every game they develop clearly says, "Your pleasure is our passion." It's this ethos that sets Mascot apart from the pack.

They've carved a unique path, opting for a conservative approach in launching new projects. The focus is quality over quantity, ensuring their games maintain their renowned high standards.

Mascot Gaming introduces steadily new, thoroughly tested mechanisms and features. The future, as they see it, is leading the market and headlining the industry. They're not just observers of the iGaming evolution; they're active participants.

At Mascot, they strive for the best in players’ involvement and business viability. Their efforts go into refining visual appearances, exploring new gaming mechanics, and understanding the social aspects of gaming.

Mascot’s development strategy is a perfect blend of mathematical models, cutting-edge gaming features, rich graphics, and sound design. It's this combination that professional players absolutely love!

As a progressive company, Mascot focuses on delivering quality over quantity. Currently, their games can be found in over 500 online casinos worldwide. They manage to release 1-2 games every month, raising the bar each time.

Mascot Gaming made waves as the first developer to introduce Traffic and Profit games. This innovative concept allowed for a more precise game classification. Their lineup includes unique Risk&Buy features, Rockfall, and Rockways mechanics, adding excitement to the gambling experience.

The team at Mascot believes in the power of theme and atmosphere. Each game they create has stunning visuals and explores classic and novel themes. From fruity series to ancient Egypt and adventures, each theme gets a unique Mascot spin.

But it's not just about the visuals. Sound design is a point of pride for the company. Every slot has a unique soundtrack to match its atmosphere. In the world of Mascot, thrilling action, beautiful graphics, and excellent music are the must-haves!

Mascot Gaming Special Features

Mascot Gaming Special FeaturesMascot Gaming is at the forefront of innovative online casino gaming ideas. They created the groundbreaking Traffic and Profit games, a first of its kind.

These games bring a new level of precision to game classification. It's just one of the many unique features offered by Mascot Gaming.

Their slots lineup includes the thrilling Risk&Buy feature, another first in the industry. This feature adds an exciting twist to the regular slot gameplay.

The Rockfall and Rockways mechanics take the gaming experience to a whole new level. These mechanics introduce fresh elements that make the games more thrilling and engaging.

Mascot's strategy focuses on adding spice to the gameplay without drastically changing it. This allows players to easily transition and enjoy new slots.

With all these features, Mascot Gaming stands out in the industry. They are always innovating, ensuring that each game is exciting and uniquely entertaining. Every feature is carefully designed to enhance player engagement and satisfaction.


Top Casinos with Games from Mascot Gaming

Top Casinos with Games from Mascot Gaming

SkyCrown Casino Review

SkyCrown Casino is a new and dazzling brand from Hollycorn N.V. You will experience a royal thrill with its awesome games and features.

Boasting a library of over 6,000 games, SkyCrown offers endless entertainment possibilities. Among these games, 61 are from Mascot Gaming – a leading software provider in the industry.

SkyCrown Casino Review

SkyCrown supports a plethora of payment methods, catering to a diverse international audience. From credit cards to e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, you can deposit and withdraw with ease.

You can deposit and withdraw as little as €20 at SkyCrown. This makes it a great choice for any player.

Plus, the casino allows weekly and monthly withdrawal limits of €7,500 and €15,000, respectively. However, to prevent money laundering, players must bet their deposits 3 times before cashing out.

SkyCrown is licensed by the Curacao gaming authorities. You can have a blast at this casino without any worries. Their 24/7 customer support ensures help is always at hand.

SkyCrown loves crypto, so if you’re into digital coins, this is the place for you. It also has a fabulous VIP program that treats you like royalty.

National Casino Review

National Casino is a promising new online casino that launched in 2021. It has a stunning collection of over 4,000 games from 60+ different developers.

With such a diverse assortment, players will discover both classic favorites and new, exciting titles. Among the vast collection, you'll find 66 games by Mascot Gaming – a top-notch software provider.

National Casino Review

National Casino supports numerous payment options, including credit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. Keep in mind that your location determines the banking options you can use.

The casino strives to send your withdrawals back to you using the same method you selected for depositing. National Casino has set a convenient €10 minimum deposit and withdrawal limit. However, the required turnover for deposits is three times the deposit amount.

National Casino is a brand of TechSolutions Group N.V. and holds a Curacao license. Many operators opt for an offshore license to reduce costs and launch faster. This does not compromise the quality of the experience.

Customer support is available 24/7 via live chat and email. Their operators offer friendly and efficient assistance in multiple languages.

No need to worry about a mobile app when you play at National Casino. The website runs smoothly on mobile browsers for iOS and Android devices.National Casino offers an impressive gaming library, enticing promotions, and a VIP club. The reasonable minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts further solidify its status as a top-quality casino.

NeoSpin Casino Review

NeoSpin Casino is a new online gaming platform launched by Hollycorn N.V. This is a trustworthy company licensed in Curacao.

The casino offers over 3,000 games for a thrilling experience. This extensive library includes popular slots, table games, and over 200 live casino lobbies.

NeoSpin Casino Review

You’ll enjoy 60 titles from Mascot Gaming in the gaming lineup. They make the collection more diverse and fun.

NeoSpin Casino supports a wide range of payment methods, varying based on your country. These include major cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Accepted fiat currencies include AUD, NZD, CAD, EUR, and USD. With fair transaction limits, you can deposit as low as $30 and withdraw a minimum of $45.

The maximum withdrawal limits are quite generous – $15,000 daily to $60,000 monthly. Before you can withdraw your deposits, you need to play them three times. This is a rule to protect you from financial abuse.

The casino's website features a standard, easy-to-navigate structure. An Android app is available for instant access to games. iOS users can enjoy the mobile-friendly website version.

NeoSpin Casino has everything you need for a fun and satisfying gaming experience. You won’t regret joining them.

Best 5 Mascot Gaming Slots

Best 5 Mascot Gaming Slots

Hydra's Lair Slot Review

The captivating slot Hydra's Lair is truly enthralling. With a 95.19% RTP and a 40.1% hit rate, it promises intriguing gameplay.

It boasts five reels and four rows, creating a dynamic grid. With 20 paylines, there are numerous opportunities for exciting wins. Its high volatility ensures an adrenaline-filled adventure with every spin.

Hydra's Lair Slot Review

Each symbol in Hydra's Lair is meticulously designed, adding to its allure. The game’s mechanics are well-structured, providing an immersive gaming experience. And its exciting features are sure to keep players on their toes.

The dynamic nature of Hydra's Lair sets it apart from other slots. We can confidently say it is a game of excitement and high potential.

Loot the Train Slot Review

Loot the Train will keep you on the edge of your seat. This slot features a 95.02% RTP and a promising 38.8% hit rate. With high volatility, it delivers a thrilling, high-stakes gaming experience.

This slot is a rare gem; it has six reels and four rows that make it super exciting. You have 20 paylines to choose from, and each one could be your lucky strike. The high volatility ensures an adrenaline rush with every spin.

Loot the Train Slot Review

Each symbol on Loot the Train is richly detailed, enhancing the game's appeal. Its well-designed game mechanics ensure smooth and immersive gameplay. The game's features are thrilling, keeping players engaged throughout.

The distinctiveness of Loot the Train sets it apart from standard slots. It promises an exhilarating, potentially lucrative gaming journey.

Cleopatra's Gems Rockways Slot Review

Cleopatra's Gems Rockways is a unique offering from Mascot Gaming. With a 95.1% RTP and a 20.1% hit rate, the game is more than promising. Its six reels and six rows are a distinctive feature, enhancing playability.

A medium volatility slot, it offers a balanced mix of risk and reward. The most exciting aspect is its variable pay ways, ranging from 64 to 46,656. This offers a vast number of opportunities for players to win.

Cleopatra's Gems Rockways Slot Review

Each spin reveals the rich history and mysteries of Cleopatra's reign. The game's features are enticing, adding depth to the overall gameplay.

Cleopatra's Gems Rockways truly stands out with its unique pay ways system. This Mascot creation offers a journey into Egypt's past with great winning opportunities. It's a must-try for any slot enthusiast.

Fruit Vegas Slot Review

Fruit Vegas is a fun and lively slot game from the amazing Mascot Gaming. In this slot, they have perfectly combined traditional slot elements with modern-day features.

The game offers a solid RTP of 96.1% and a fair 22.8% hit rate. Comprising five reels and three rows, Fruit Vegas provides a familiar, comfortable layout. Its medium volatility rating ensures a balanced gaming experience, offering both thrill and stability.

Fruit Vegas Slot Review

The game features a classic 10-payline format, providing players with various winning combinations. Each spin of the reels brings a burst of color with juicy fruit symbols. The unique features of Fruit Vegas add to the thrill and excitement of each round.

Fruit Vegas captures the essence of classic slots while offering contemporary gameplay. It is a delightful, nostalgic trip with a fresh twist, ensuring fun gaming.

Bamboo Bear Slot Review

Bamboo Bear is a delightful, nature-inspired slot game. Each spin immerses players in the charming bamboo forests, home to the endearing bear.

This swot has a classic layout with five reels and three rows. Its high RTP of 97.2% promises potentially generous rewards for lucky players. With a hit rate of 31.2%, you will always have something happening on the reels.

Bamboo Bear Slot Review

Its medium volatility rating promises a good balance of risk and reward. Additionally, the 243 pay ways feature makes it easy for you to find many ways to win.

The game's unique features enhance the gameplay, adding a layer of excitement. Mascot has successfully infused Bamboo Bear with enchanting graphics and compelling features. It beautifully marries classic slot mechanics with modern gameplay elements.

New Mascot Gaming Slots

New Mascot Gaming SlotsSo, we’ve seen the top five Mascot Gaming slots, and they’re awesome. But wait, there’s more. We’re going to check out the newest games from this creative game provider.
Being up-to-date with new releases is crucial in the gaming world. Why, you ask? Well, it's all about the thrill of novelty.

Fresh games often mean new themes, exciting features, and unexpected twists. Plus, Mascot Gaming is known for their innovative game mechanics and designs. Therefore, exploring their newest titles promises a rewarding and thrilling experience.

So, buckle up and prepare for a journey into the latest Mascot releases! Let's uncover the gems in their latest collection together!

Where Are Mascot Gaming Slots Most Popular?

Where Are Mascot Gaming Slots Most Popular?Mascot Gaming is a rising star in the online casino industry. With their fascinating themes and groundbreaking gameplay, they've certainly won many fans.

But the appeal of Mascot Gaming isn't solely based on their engaging games. Trustworthiness is a core value for this provider.

They boast a truly global presence, with offices spanning continents. From Russia and Spain to Dubai and Riga, their reach is extensive.

Their international footprint is complemented by prestigious certifications from the UK, Malta, and Georgia. These certifications validate their commitment to providing a secure, fair gaming experience.

Mascot Gaming has a close relationship with casinos in Europe and the Balkans. They have gained a lot of ground in these markets.

Moreover, their expansion extends to the Americas, with collaborations in Mexico. In Africa, they've made their mark in Kenya and Zambia, demonstrating their versatility. Recently, their games have been certified for Malta jurisdiction by the Global Lab test house, further enhancing their credibility.

Language isn't a barrier for Mascot Gaming. Their games are available in numerous languages. Among them are:

  • Russian
  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

By using many languages, they connect with a diverse audience. As a result, they provide fun gaming products to players worldwide.

However, Mascot Gaming's reach does have its boundaries. They currently do not operate in many regulated markets worldwide. There are many possible factors for this. Some of them are strict rules or unique market conditions in certain regions. However, these limits don’t stop Mascot from having a notable presence in their markets.

Their adaptability and innovation have proven key to their success. Their games now feature in over 500 online casinos around the globe. They have achieved this market share in no time. This proves their games are awesome, and they have a great sense of the market.

We can say that Mascot's market coverage is both impressive and selective. They've managed to balance their growth with a steadfast commitment to quality and fair play. So, when you come across Mascot slots, you're guaranteed an exceptional experience.

Interesting Facts

Interesting FactsAt Mascot Gaming, there's a special love for animals that's heartwarming. Their Instagram account is filled with posts showcasing their team's pets.

It's not just about the games at Mascot; it's about their furry friends too. The Mascot Gaming Sacred Pets Compilation Vol. 1 and 2 are worth a look. These compilations are a testament to the love they have for their pets.

But the affection doesn't stop at their own pets. The team extends their care to local animal shelters as well. They make regular visits to these shelters, bringing food supplies for the wonderful animals there. It's a beautiful way to give back to the community.

In addition to this, Mascot Gaming has unique merchandise for pets. This special merch is a delightful extension of their enterprise.

Mascot Gaming's love for animals is palpable. It's a lovely aspect of their company culture. In a world where businesses can be impersonal, Mascot's affection for animals brings a warm, personal touch. 

Whether it's through Instagram posts or shelter visits, their positive energy shines through.

Mascot Gaming vs. 3 Other Slot Providers

In the thrilling world of online gaming, having a choice is the ultimate power. Each software provider brings its unique flavor to the mix.

Comparing Mascot Gaming with Spinmatic, iSoftBet, and Amusnet Interactive uncovers diverse gaming experiences. Exploring these competitors helps us understand the industry better. It reveals unique strengths, innovative features, and game variety.

Such knowledge is invaluable to both players and casino operators. Ready to dive in? Let's embark on this exciting comparative journey!

Software Provider

Provider's Country

Year Established

Games Number

Top Titles


Mascot Gaming




Loot the Train, Bamboo Bear

Global Lab 





Love Birds, Krampus






Rambo, Platoon


Amusnet Interactive




Fruity Time, Freek Fortune

Licenses in over 30 jurisdictions


Mascot Gaming Pros & Cons

Mascot's unique approach, focusing on quality over quantity, has earned them a loyal following. However, like any entity, they have their strengths and areas of improvement.

To show you Mascot Gaming’s strengths and weaknesses, we’ve made a list of them. This table will provide insights into their innovative features and their limitations.

This will help you understand why Mascot could be the right choice for you. Let's dive in and explore the intricacies of this exciting game provider!


  • Innovative game mechanics
  • Quality over quantity
  • RNG certified


  • No live casino games
  • Regional restrictions


Absolutely! Mascot Gaming is RNG certified by Gaming Labs. They also hold a certificate from the Belarusian Monitoring Center for Gambling Business. These certifications validate their commitment to fair gaming.

Mascot Gaming operates in several regulated markets worldwide. They have certificates from the UK, Malta, and Georgia. However, they do not cover all regulated markets.

Mascot's games are popular in various regions worldwide. They have a significant presence in Europe, the Balkans, Asia, and Mexico. Their reach also extends to Africa, including Kenya and Zambia.

Mascot offers games in multiple languages, reaching a diverse audience. You can play their games in English, Spanish, German, and many more. They even offer games in Chinese, Japanese, and Turkish.

Mascot Gaming is committed to quality over quantity. They carefully introduce new projects, releasing 1-2 games each month. Each release raises the development standards even higher.

Mascot Gaming primarily focuses on slots and table games. They don’t offer live casino games. It's always good to check their latest offerings!

Yes, Mascot's games are designed to be mobile-friendly. They understand the need for accessibility and seamless gaming experiences. So you can enjoy their games on your favorite devices!

Final Verdict

Final VerdictAnd there we have it, our journey through the world of Mascot Gaming. It is a software provider that continues to impress with its innovative approach.

Mascot Gaming is a force to be reckoned with in the iGaming industry. They are committed to giving players an amazing experience. They also have unique game features like Risk&Buy and Traffic and Profit games.

They have a global presence with offices in different continents. As a result, they have penetrated markets in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and even Africa. With each game, they bring joy to players in many languages, from English to Japanese. Their multiple certifications attest to their credibility and commitment to fair play.

Mascot Gaming isn't just about creating games; they're about creating experiences. With each theme they explore, they strive for perfection.

But their games aren't just visually stunning. They also have unique soundtracks that make the player feel more immersed.

Mascot Gaming stands tall as a preferred software provider in online casinos. With their commitment to quality, they're definitely a provider worth checking out. They stand out as a beacon of innovation and integrity. So, keep spinning, stay curious, and let the thrill of the game guide you!



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