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Up to €800+ 200 Free Spin

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Up to €800+ 200 Free Spin

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Planet Rocks Review

Explore the cosmic wonders of "Planet Rocks," a celestial slot crafted by Felix Gaming that made its debut on February 20, 2018. As you navigate the cosmic reels, you'll encounter a universe of thrilling features. With an RTP of 96.57% and a volatility level ranging from low to medium, "Planet Rocks" offers an enticing adventure for both novice and seasoned players. The maximum win, an astronomical x218.00, adds an extra layer of excitement to the cosmic journey.

Planet Rocks Review

Felix Gaming has masterfully designed this slot with five reels and a flexible bet range of 0.01 to 10, accommodating a variety of playing styles. Brace yourself for an immersive experience as you encounter expanding symbols, free spins, scatter symbols, and the intriguing symbols collection feature, known as Energy. The inclusion of wild symbols further enhances the cosmic spectacle. Dive into the depths of this intergalactic slot, where every spin holds the potential for cosmic rewards.

Planet Rocks Features

Planet Rocks boasts an array of cool features, including Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, Scatter symbols, Symbols collection (Energy), and Wilds, creating a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. With a rich tapestry of features, players are in for an exciting cosmic adventure with every spin.

Expanding Symbols

In the "Planet Rocks" slot, Expanding Symbols are a captivating feature that can significantly boost your chances of winning. When an Expanding Symbol appears on the reels, it has the power to expand and cover an entire reel, creating more opportunities for winning combinations. This expansion occurs after the initial spin, and the selected symbol can fill the entire reel vertically, increasing the potential for multiple paylines. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the gameplay, as players eagerly await the expansion of symbols to unlock the cosmic rewards hidden within the vast expanse of the reels.


In the "Planet Rocks" slot, Free Spins are a thrilling feature that can elevate your gaming experience. When triggered, typically by landing a specific combination of Scatter symbols, players are awarded a set number of free spins without having to wager any additional credits. During these Free Spins, the reels spin automatically, offering the chance to accumulate winnings without deducting from your balance. What makes the Free Spins feature on "Planet Rocks" even more exciting is that it often comes with additional enhancements. These can include multipliers, special symbols, or even more frequent appearances of high-value symbols, further increasing the potential for substantial rewards. 

Scatter symbols

In the "Planet Rocks" slot, Scatter symbols serve as cosmic catalysts for exciting bonuses. When you land a certain number of Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, they trigger special features or bonuses, typically leading to Free Spins or other in-game perks. Scatter symbols in "Planet Rocks" act as celestial keys, unlocking additional layers of the game's potential. For example, landing three or more Scatter symbols might activate the Free Spins feature, allowing you to spin the reels without wagering additional credits. The Scatter symbol, being independent of paylines, can appear scattered across the reels, making it easier to trigger the bonus features.

Symbols collection (Energy)

The Symbols Collection (Energy) feature in the "Planet Rocks" slot introduces an engaging element that rewards players for gathering specific symbols during their cosmic journey. Certain symbols on the reels are designated as Energy Symbols. As you spin the reels, your goal is to collect these symbols. The slot usually includes an Energy Meter or Gauge to track your progress in collecting these symbols. This meter may fill up as you accumulate Energy Symbols during spins. Once you've successfully collected a predetermined number of Energy Symbols and filled the Energy Meter, you unlock special bonuses or features. These could include additional Free Spins, multipliers, or other in-game enhancements. The more Energy Symbols you collect, the more significant the rewards or bonuses you unlock. This feature adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the gameplay, encouraging players to actively seek out and collect specific symbols for the chance to access lucrative bonuses.


The Wild symbol, often represented by a cosmic or thematic icon, acts as a substitute for other symbols on the reels, except for special symbols like Scatters. This means that when a Wild symbol appears in a position where it can complete a winning combination, it takes on the identity of the needed symbol. When the Wild symbol substitutes for other symbols, it helps create or enhance winning combinations. For example, if you have two matching symbols on a payline and a Wild symbol appears next to them, it effectively acts as the missing third symbol, resulting in a winning combination.

Planet Rocks Unique Features

One of the standout features of "Planet Rocks" is the inclusion of Expanding Symbols, adding an element of surprise and the potential for substantial wins. As the cosmic reels spin, these symbols have the power to expand and cover entire reels, creating thrilling opportunities for winning combinations.

Adding to the cosmic allure are the Free Spins, triggered by the appearance of Scatter symbols. This feature launches players into orbit, allowing them to spin the reels without wagering additional credits and often incorporating additional enhancements like multipliers or special symbols.

The slot introduces a strategic twist with the Symbols Collection (Energy) feature. Here, players actively collect specific symbols as they spin, filling an Energy Meter. Once the meter is complete, it unlocks cosmic bonuses, providing a dynamic and interactive element to the gameplay.

At the heart of the celestial spectacle is the Wild symbol, acting as a cosmic wildcard. Beyond substituting for other symbols to complete winning combinations, the Wild often brings enhanced payouts, contributing to the overall excitement and unpredictability of the cosmic journey.

Planet Rocks Winning symbols

The illustrious diamond takes center stage, promising a dazzling payout of 3,000x, 750x, and 50x your bet per line for achieving the impressive feat of landing five, four, and three symbols across the cosmic expanse. 

The allure continues with the blue and purple gems, mirroring the excitement with rewards of 750x, 100x, and 30x your bet per line for aligning five, four, and three symbols along the cosmic paylines.

The cosmic palette expands with the red, green, and yellow gems, each offering the same bountiful pays of 100x, 30x, and 5x your line bet when gracefully aligning in sets of five, four, and three symbols across the celestial reels. 

Planet Rocks Winning symbols

Amidst the cosmic array, the Wild symbol, represented by the enigmatic alien, adds an element of thrill by standing in for other symbols, bringing forth exhilarating payouts. However, its cosmic prowess doesn't extend to replacing the scatter symbol, and it can manifest its presence on all reels, enhancing the potential for cosmic wins.

The celestial narrative reaches its climax with the scatter symbol, a planet adorned with the promise of FREE GAMES. Landing this cosmic scatter on the reels unlocks the eagerly anticipated Planet Rocks free spins feature. The number of free spins bestowed upon you is a cosmic mystery, determined by the cosmic alignment of scatters across the celestial expanse. Brace yourself for a celestial journey where every spin holds the potential to unveil cosmic treasures in this captivating slot adventure.

Planet Rocks Sound & Gameplay

The auditory and gameplay experience in "Planet Rocks" seamlessly intertwines with its enchanting theme, creating a cosmic symphony for players. As the reels spin in this gem-studded celestial adventure, the sound design encapsulates the essence of space and fantasy. A mesmerizing blend of celestial tunes accompanies each spin, echoing the vastness of the cosmos and enhancing the immersive experience. The gameplay itself is a dynamic dance through space, with smooth animations and transitions that mirror the fluidity of celestial bodies. The gem symbols gracefully align and cascade across the reels, creating a visually captivating spectacle. The anticipation builds with every spin, heightened by the sound of reels aligning and the triumphant chiming that accompanies winning combinations.

Planet Rocks Mobile compatibility

"Planet Rocks" slot offers an interstellar adventure that transcends platforms, ensuring a seamless and captivating experience for both mobile and desktop players. Its adaptability to various devices underscores a commitment to accessibility, allowing enthusiasts to embark on their cosmic journey anytime, anywhere. For mobile users, the slot's responsive design and intuitive interface make navigation a breeze on smaller screens. The cosmic reels retain their visual splendor, and touch controls enable players to spin through the celestial wonders with ease. The desktop version maintains the immersive quality of the game, providing a visually rich and expansive experience for those who prefer the grandeur of a larger display.

Planet Rocks Big wins

Diamond Symbol:
This symbol boasts the highest multiplier, offering x3000 your bet per line for landing five symbols on an active payline.
If you place the maximum bet per line, which is 10 credits, the calculation is straightforward:
Maximum Win = Diamond Multiplier (x3000) * Bet per Line (10 credits) = 30,000 credits.
This means that if you align five diamond symbols on a payline with the maximum bet, you have the potential to win a substantial 30,000 credits.

Blue Gem and Purple Gem:
These symbols also provide exciting multipliers, offering x750 your bet per line for landing five symbols on an active payline.
With the maximum bet per line set at 10 credits, the calculation for the maximum win for each gem is as follows:
Maximum Win (for each gem) = Gem Multiplier (x750) * Bet per Line (10 credits) = 7,500 credits. Therefore, aligning five blue or purple gems on a payline with the maximum bet can result in an impressive win of 7,500 credits for each of these symbols.

Planet Rocks Pros & Cons


  • High RTP: With an impressive RTP of 96.57%, players can anticipate favorable returns over extended gameplay sessions.
  • Varied Betting Range: The slot accommodates a wide range of players with a flexible bet range spanning from 0.01 to 10 credits per spin.
  • Low to Medium Volatility: Strikes a balance between regular, smaller wins and the potential for more significant payouts, catering to both cautious and adventurous players.
  • Exciting Features: A diverse set of features, including Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, Scatter symbols, Symbols collection (Energy), and Wild, enhances gameplay with thrilling dynamics and multiple ways to win.


  • Volatility Level: The low to medium volatility may not cater to players specifically seeking high-risk, high-reward gameplay.
  • Limited Max Win: While the maximum win of x218.00 is enticing, some players may prefer slots with higher jackpot potential.

Planet Rocks Alternatives

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Planet Rocks by Felix Gaming emerges as a celestial gem in the vast galaxy of online slots. With a stellar RTP of 96.57%, a balanced low to medium volatility, and a diverse range of features—including Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, Scatter symbols, Symbols collection (Energy), and a captivating Wild—the game offers an immersive cosmic journey. The dazzling gem symbols, coupled with the space-themed backdrop, create a visually enchanting experience. While the slot caters to a broad audience with its flexible bet range, the intricacies of its features may pose a slight learning curve for beginners. Nonetheless, for those seeking a celestial adventure filled with excitement and cosmic rewards, "Planet Rocks" delivers an engaging odyssey across its five cosmic reels.




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No, the Wild symbol, represented by the enigmatic alien, cannot replace the Scatter symbol; however, it possesses the power to stand in for other symbols, contributing to thrilling payouts.

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Absolutely! "Planet Rocks" is adapted for both mobile and desktop platforms, ensuring a seamless and captivating experience whether you're exploring the cosmos on your phone or delving into the celestial wonders from your desktop.

The Expanding Symbols feature stands out, adding an extra layer of thrill as symbols expand to cover entire reels, creating more opportunities for significant wins and enhancing the overall excitement of the cosmic journey.