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Pirate Chest: Hold and Win Review

Exploring the digital seas, Google presents an exclusive peek into the captivating realm of Pirate Chest: Hold and Win, a groundbreaking slot game powered by the renowned Playson software. Set sail on January 26, 2023, this virtual adventure boasts a remarkable RTP of 95.66%, assuring every daring player a chance to unearth hidden treasures. With volatility set to high, brace yourself for an adrenaline-soaked voyage, where the potential max win of x3589.00 awaits those with nerves of steel.

Pirate Chest: Hold and Win Review

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the 5 reels of Pirate Chest, where bets ranging from 0.20 to 100 offer opportunities for all types of players to partake in the excitement. Feel the rush as Bonus symbols, Scatter symbols, and Cash Collector features enhance the thrill of every spin. The game’s ingenious Hold and Spin, Lock it Link, and Respins features keep players engaged, while Additional Free Spins and the captivating Bonus Game promise bountiful rewards.

Pirate Chest: Hold and Win Features

Embarking on the Pirate Chest: Hold and Win adventure, players will find themselves immersed in a treasure trove of an impressive nine captivating features. From Additional Free Spins and Respins to Bonus Games and Scatter symbols, this slot is a true haven for enthusiasts seeking a rich and diverse gaming experience.

Additional Free Spins

When triggered, this feature rewards players with a set number of free spins beyond the base game allocation. During these Additional Free Spins, the reels continue to spin without deducting any wagers from the player's balance. This means that any winnings earned during these spins are pure profit. The exact number of Additional Free Spins awarded can vary based on the game's mechanics or the specific conditions required to activate the feature.

Bonus Game

In the Pirate Chest: Hold and Win slot, the Bonus Game is a special feature that takes players on an interactive and potentially rewarding side adventure. When triggered, usually by landing a specific combination of bonus symbols on the reels, the Bonus Game transports players to a separate screen or mode where they have the chance to win extra prizes.

Bonus symbols

These symbols are distinct from regular symbols on the reels and typically have specific requirements for their activation.

When a certain number of Bonus symbols appear on the reels, usually in a single spin, they can unlock a bonus feature. For instance, landing three or more Bonus symbols might trigger the Bonus Game, taking players to a separate screen where they can participate in an interactive mini-game to win extra prizes.

Cash Collector

This feature is often associated with the "Hold and Win" mechanics that the game offers. When you trigger the Cash Collector feature, it usually happens during a bonus round like the Hold and Spin feature. In the Hold and Spin feature, specific symbols that have a cash value attached to them land on the reels. These symbols might include coins, gems, or other valuable items. During the Cash Collector feature, the game collects all the cash values associated with the special symbols that have landed on the reels. These values can vary and might be predetermined or influenced by the player's bet size. The collected cash values are then totaled up, and the player is awarded the sum as an instant prize.


In the Pirate Chest: Hold and Win slot, the Free Spins feature is a thrilling bonus round that grants players a set number of spins without deducting any funds from their balance. This feature is designed to enhance the excitement and potential rewards of the game. Once triggered, the game will transition to the Free Spins mode, and a predetermined number of spins will be awarded. This number can vary based on the game's mechanics and the number of triggering symbols.

Hold and Spin

The Hold and Spin feature in the Pirate Chest: Hold and Win slot is a captivating gameplay mechanic that adds an extra layer of excitement and potential rewards to the game. Once triggered, the triggering symbols lock in place, and the rest of the reels are cleared for a designated number of spins. During these spins, only specific symbols are active on the reels, which often include symbols associated with cash values. The objective of the Hold and Spin feature is to land as many of these special symbols as possible. Each time a new symbol of this type lands, it too locks in place, and the number of spins is reset to its original value.

Lock it Link

The Lock it Link feature in the Pirate Chest: Hold and Win slot is a captivating gameplay mechanism that contributes to the game's excitement and potential for big wins. The goal of the Lock it Link feature is to keep adding more of these special symbols to the locked positions. Each time a new Lock it Link symbol lands, it too becomes locked, and the number of spins resets. This continues until either all the locked positions are filled, or the specified number of spins is exhausted.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols differ from regular symbols in that they don't need to land on specific paylines to trigger their effects. Instead, they can appear anywhere on the reels, and as long as you have a certain number of Scatter symbols, you'll activate the corresponding bonus feature.


The Respins feature in the Pirate Chest: Hold and Win slot is an exciting gameplay element that offers players additional chances to create winning combinations and increase their potential payouts. When the Respins feature is triggered, it usually happens after a certain event, such as landing a specific combination of symbols or achieving a certain outcome on the reels. Once triggered, the game awards you with a set number of respins without requiring an additional wager. During these respins, the reels spin again, and any new matching symbols that contribute to winning combinations will be held in place while the rest of the symbols spin.

Pirate Chest: Hold and Win Unique Features

Pirate Chest: Hold and Win presents a treasure trove of unique features that set it apart in the world of slot games. This thrilling adventure boasts the ingenious "Hold and Spin" mechanic, where players can lock in special symbols across a set number of spins. These symbols, often representing cash values or bonuses, create anticipation as they accumulate, potentially leading to substantial instant prizes.

The game also offers the captivating "Lock it Link" feature during special bonus rounds, where specific symbols lock in place, opening doors to increased winnings. Moreover, the inclusion of Scatter symbols elevates the excitement, triggering diverse bonuses like Free Spins or engaging Bonus Games. The combination of these features provides an engaging gameplay experience, making Pirate Chest: Hold and Win a true gem in the realm of online slots.

Pirate Chest: Hold and Win Winning symbols

Ships Scatter (3x): Unlocks a treasure of 2.00 credits.

Pirate Wild symbol: Dynamic symbol with multipliers ranging from x1.00 to x20.00.

Monkey symbol: Offers matching multipliers between x1.00 and x20.00.

Pirate Chest: Hold and Win Winning symbols

Parrot symbol: Presents multipliers from x0.80 to x12.00.

Compass symbol: Guiding star with values spanning x0.60 to x10.00.

Anchor symbol: Steadfast wins ranging from x0.40 to x6.00.

Pirate Chest: Hold and Win Sound & Gameplay

From the first spin, the symphony of gently crashing waves and seagulls' calls engulfs you in the maritime atmosphere. As the reels spin, the rhythmic clinking of coins and the jingle of treasure chests synchronize with your heartbeat, enhancing the sense of anticipation. Coupled with its captivating theme, the gameplay of Pirate Chest: Hold and Win offers an engaging dance of spins, holds, and thrilling bonus rounds. The "Hold and Spin" mechanic adds strategy, where the decision to lock symbols becomes a calculated move towards potential rewards. The "Lock it Link" feature further deepens the immersion, invoking the thrill of discovering hidden treasures. With every spin and interactive element, Pirate Chest: Hold and Win's gameplay ensnares players in an irresistible blend of thematic storytelling and dynamic engagement.

Pirate Chest: Hold and Win Mobile compatibility

Pirate Chest: Hold and Win embraces the modern age with its seamless adaptability to all mobile devices. Whether you're embarking on your swashbuckling adventure through the high seas on a smartphone or a tablet, the game's interface remains immersive and user-friendly. The captivating gameplay, rich graphics, and exciting features are tailored to fit the screens of various devices, ensuring that the excitement of uncovering pirate treasures is just a touch away. The game's transition to mobile retains its seamless navigation, allowing players to enjoy the same thrilling experience across different platforms.

Pirate Chest: Hold and Win Big wins

Both the Pirate Wild symbol and Monkey symbol offer multipliers ranging from x1.00 to x20.00. For the sake of this scenario, let's assume the maximum multiplier for each symbol, which is x20.00.

Now, let's consider you're playing at the maximum bet of 100 credits. Here's how the calculations would look:

Pirate Wild symbol: x20.00 multiplier * 100 credits = 2000 credits
Monkey symbol: x20.00 multiplier * 100 credits = 2000 credits
In this ideal scenario, landing the highest multipliers for both of these symbols on a single spin at the maximum bet would result in a combined win of:

2000 credits (Pirate Wild) + 2000 credits (Monkey) = 4000 credits

Pirate Chest: Hold and Win Pros & Cons


  • Engaging release from Playson
  • High RTP of 95.66% for potential returns
  • Thrilling gameplay with high volatility
  • Max win of x3589.00 offers significant rewards
  • Versatile bet range suits various players
  • Diverse features including Free Spins and Bonus Game
  • Intriguing mechanics like Hold and Spin and Lock it Link
  • Enhanced winning chances with Scatter and Bonus symbols


  • High volatility may lead to fluctuating wins

Pirate Chest: Hold and Win Alternatives

  • Odysseus
  • Sky Way
  • Space Corsairs  


Pirate Chest: Hold and Win stands as a captivating testament to Playson's ingenuity, offering a high-stakes adventure that's sure to engage thrill-seeking players. With its immersive features like Hold and Spin and Lock it Link, the game sets the stage for exhilarating potential wins, while the diverse range of symbols and multipliers adds a layer of anticipation to every spin. While the high volatility might not suit everyone's playstyle, the promise of a max win of x3589.00 and a plethora of engaging features make Pirate Chest: Hold and Win a worthy voyage for those in search of high-risk, high-reward excitement on the open seas of online slots.




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