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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Piggy Riches Megaways Review

Introducing the opulent world of "Piggy Riches Megaways," a lavish creation by Red Tiger Gaming that captivates players with its grandeur and wealth. Launched on January 23, 2020, this slot boasts a regal RTP of 94.72% and a high volatility that promises thrilling adventures. With six reels spinning in the lap of luxury, players can indulge in a bet range from 0.10 to 10, making it accessible for both cautious players and high rollers. The slot's opulence extends to its features, including Additional Free Spins, Avalanche/Cascading wins, Bonus wheel, Free Spins, Megaways, Multiplier, Multiway (+1024), RTP range, Scatter symbols, and Wilds.

Piggy Riches Megaways Review
Red Tiger Gaming's intricate design and attention to detail are evident in "Piggy Riches Megaways," creating an immersive experience for players seeking both luxury and excitement. With the potential for a max win of x10474.00, every spin holds the promise of a princely payout. Step into the world of opulence and fortune with Piggy Riches Megaways, where Red Tiger Gaming's craftsmanship elevates the slot experience to new heights.

Piggy Riches Megaways Features

Piggy Riches Megaways doesn't just offer a slot experience; it presents a wealth of excitement with a multitude of cool features. From Additional Free Spins and Avalanche/Cascading wins to the Bonus wheel, Free Spins, Megaways, Multipliers, and more, this game is a treasure trove of thrilling elements that keep players on the edge of their seats.

Additional Free Spins

In Piggy Riches Megaways, Additional Free Spins serve as a rewarding feature that enhances the player's chances of prolonged gameplay and increased winnings. When triggered, this feature grants the player extra spins beyond the initial allocation, often obtained through the game's scatter symbols or specific bonus rounds. During Additional Free Spins, the slot maintains its Megaways mechanics, offering an ever-changing number of ways to win with each spin. This dynamic feature, coupled with the potential for cascading wins and multipliers, creates an engaging and lucrative gameplay experience. Essentially, Additional Free Spins act as an extension of the standard free spins, allowing players to further capitalize on the slot's rich offerings and increase their overall enjoyment and potential payouts.

Avalanche / Cascading wins

Avalanche or Cascading wins in Piggy Riches Megaways contribute to an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience. When a winning combination occurs, the symbols involved in the win explode or cascade off the reels, making room for new symbols to fall into place. This process can lead to a chain reaction of consecutive wins within a single spin. In Piggy Riches Megaways, the Avalanche or Cascading wins feature is particularly engaging because it aligns with the Megaways mechanic. As symbols cascade down, the Megaways system adjusts the number of symbols on each reel, creating a variable number of ways to win on subsequent spins. This continuous chain of cascading wins not only adds an element of excitement but also provides players with the opportunity to accumulate multiple wins from a single initial spin.

Bonus wheel

In Piggy Riches Megaways, the Bonus Wheel is a captivating feature that adds an extra layer of excitement and potential rewards to the gameplay. When triggered, typically through specific combinations or bonus symbols, the Bonus Wheel appears on the screen. Once activated, players get the opportunity to spin the Bonus Wheel, and its outcome determines the nature and size of the bonus awarded. The wheel is divided into different segments, each representing various bonuses such as free spins, multipliers, or other special features. The specific bonus granted is determined by where the wheel stops after the spin. The Bonus Wheel feature not only injects an element of chance into the game but also provides players with the chance to access additional features or enhancements, potentially leading to more significant wins. 


Megaways is a revolutionary game mechanic that transforms the traditional slot experience, and it plays a significant role in Piggy Riches Megaways. Developed by Big Time Gaming and licensed to other game developers like Red Tiger Gaming in the case of Piggy Riches Megaways, Megaways introduces a dynamic reel structure that varies with each spin. In Piggy Riches Megaways, the slot features six reels, but the number of symbols appearing on each reel can change with every spin. Instead of a fixed number of paylines, Megaways introduces a variable system where the number of symbols on each reel can range from 2 to 7. This variability leads to an ever-changing number of ways to win on each spin.


In Piggy Riches Megaways, the Free Spins feature is a coveted bonus round that can lead to significant wins. To trigger the Free Spins, you typically need to land a specific number of scatter symbols on the reels during a single spin. The number of scatters required may vary, but once achieved, it activates the Free Spins feature. Once the Free Spins feature is triggered, you are granted a certain number of free spins to play without wagering any additional funds. What makes the Free Spins in Piggy Riches Megaways even more exciting is that it often comes with additional enhancements. During the Free Spins round, you might encounter features like Multipliers, Cascading Wins, or other bonuses that can boost your winnings.

Scatter symbols

In Piggy Riches Megaways, Scatter symbols serve as key elements to trigger bonus features, typically the Free Spins round. Scatter symbols are special symbols that, unlike regular symbols, usually don't need to align on specific paylines to activate their feature. Instead, a certain number of scatter symbols need to appear anywhere on the reels in a single spin to initiate the associated bonus. In Piggy Riches Megaways, landing a sufficient number of scatter symbols can trigger the Free Spins feature, allowing players to enjoy a set of spins without wagering additional funds. The exact number of scatters required to activate the Free Spins can vary, and the more scatters you land, the more free spins you typically receive.


In Piggy Riches Megaways, the Wild symbol is a special icon that acts as a versatile substitute for other symbols, except for the Scatter symbols. This means that when a Wild symbol appears on the reels alongside other regular symbols, it can help complete or extend winning combinations by taking on the value of the needed symbol. In addition to its substituting function, the Wild symbol in Piggy Riches Megaways may also contribute to other features or enhancements, depending on the game's design. Some slots offer additional bonuses or multipliers when Wilds are part of a winning combination.

Piggy Riches Megaways Unique Features

Piggy Riches Megaways stands out in the realm of online slots with its opulent design and a wealth of unique features. Released by Red Tiger Gaming, this game boasts a high volatility that adds an extra layer of excitement to every spin. The Megaways mechanic, derived from Big Time Gaming, ensures a dynamic and ever-changing reel structure, offering players up to 10474 ways to win.

The game's Bonus Wheel feature introduces an element of chance, allowing players to spin for enticing bonuses such as free spins and multipliers. Additionally, Piggy Riches Megaways showcases the Avalanche/Cascading Wins feature, where winning symbols explode, paving the way for new symbols and potential consecutive wins in a single spin.

Furthermore, the inclusion of Scatter symbols triggers the Free Spins feature, providing players with a set of complimentary spins enriched by the dynamic Megaways system. With the extravagant theme of wealthy pigs, Piggy Riches Megaways combines luxurious visuals with innovative features, ensuring an immersive and rewarding gaming experience for those seeking both excitement and opulence.

Piggy Riches Megaways Winning symbols

Symbolizing wealth, the Money Bag pays handsomely, ranging from x0.2 to an impressive x20 the initial bet.

Piggy Riches Megaways Winning symbols

The embodiment of luxury spending, the Credit Card rewards players with payouts ranging from x0.7 to x5 times the bet.

Unlocking potential wins, the Key symbolizes prosperity, offering payouts from x0.5 to x2 times the bet.

A stylish accessory on the reels, the Purse adds to the winnings, providing payouts ranging from x0.4 to x1.6 times the bet.

Reflecting savings and fortune, the Piggy Bank symbol contributes to the winnings, paying from x0.3 to x1.2 times the bet.

Mr Piggy takes center stage as the Wild symbol, acting as a stacked mega wild that covers entire reels. This charismatic swine not only substitutes for regular symbols but also brings multipliers up to 7x, maximizing potential winnings. Meanwhile, Mrs Piggy, the scatter symbol, holds the key to the Free Spins bonus round. Landing 3 scatters triggers the Free Spins Wheel, offering a chance at up to 22 free spins and starting multipliers between 1x and 10x. The combination of these winning and bonus symbols in Piggy Riches Megaways creates a thrilling gameplay experience with the promise of luxurious rewards.

Piggy Riches Megaways Sound & Gameplay

In Piggy Riches Megaways, the auditory and gameplay experience is meticulously crafted to complement the theme of wealth and opulence. The sound design immerses players in a world of affluence, with the gentle jingles of coins and the satisfying chime of winning combinations echoing through each spin. The audio cues intensify during bonus features, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation as players vie for substantial payouts. The gameplay itself is dynamic and engaging, aligning seamlessly with the theme of money. The Megaways mechanic, with its ever-changing reel structure, ensures a dynamic and unpredictable experience, mirroring the fluctuations of financial fortunes. The stacked mega wilds featuring Mr. Piggy and the prospect of multipliers up to 7x add an extra layer of thrill, promising players the potential for luxurious wins.

Piggy Riches Megaways Mobile compatibility

Piggy Riches Megaways seamlessly caters to the modern player's preferences by offering adaptability across both mobile devices and desktop platforms. Whether on the go or at home, players can indulge in the luxurious world of Piggy Riches Megaways with a user-friendly interface optimized for mobile play. The game's visuals and intricate details shine on smaller screens, ensuring a visually stunning experience without compromising on quality. The transition between mobile and desktop platforms is smooth, allowing players to enjoy the game's dynamic features, such as the Megaways mechanic and stacked mega wilds, regardless of the device they choose. The responsive design ensures that every spin is as captivating and immersive on a mobile phone or tablet as it is on a desktop computer.

Piggy Riches Megaways Big wins

Money Bag Symbol:
This symbol pays x20 the bet for 6 symbols on a payline.
With the maximum bet set at 10, the calculation for the maximum win with Money Bag is 20 times 10. Therefore, the maximum win for the Money Bag symbol is 200 credits.

Credit Card Symbol:
The Credit Card symbol pays x5 the bet for 6 symbols on a payline.
With the maximum bet of 10, the calculation for the maximum win with the Credit Card symbol is 5 times 10. Therefore, the maximum win for the Credit Card symbol is 50 credits.

Piggy Riches Megaways Pros & Cons


  • High Return to Player (RTP) rate of 94.72%.
  • High volatility for players seeking thrilling and potentially lucrative experiences.
  • Impressive maximum win of x10474.00.
  • Versatile bet range from 0.10 to 10, accommodating various player preferences.
  • Rich set of features including Additional Free Spins, Avalanche/Cascading wins, Bonus wheel, and Multipliers.


  • High volatility may not be suitable for players preferring more frequent, smaller wins.
  • RTP of 94.72% is slightly below the industry average, impacting long-term theoretical returns.
  • Limited maximum bet of 10 might disappoint high-rollers seeking more substantial wagering options.

Piggy Riches Megaways Alternatives

  • Cash or Nothing
  • Night Roller 
  • Easy Gold 


In conclusion, Piggy Riches Megaways is a captivating slot that immerses players in a world of wealth and extravagance. With its high volatility and a generous maximum win of x10474.00, the game offers a thrilling experience for risk-takers seeking substantial payouts. The dynamic six-reel setup, coupled with the innovative Megaways feature, ensures every spin is unpredictable and engaging. While the multitude of features, including Additional Free Spins, Avalanche/Cascading wins, and the Bonus Wheel, enhance the excitement, the slightly below-average RTP may give some players pause. Overall, Piggy Riches Megaways combines opulent visuals with a rich feature set, making it a must-try for those who enjoy a blend of luxury and high-stakes gameplay.




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Yes, Piggy Riches Megaways is optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience on various devices.

While the specific "+1024" notation might be in error, Piggy Riches Megaways utilizes the Megaways mechanic, offering an ever-changing number of ways to win with each spin.

Mr Piggy, the Wild symbol, not only substitutes for other symbols but also appears as stacked mega wilds, filling entire reels and bringing along multipliers of up to 7x.

Winning combinations trigger cascading wins, causing winning symbols to explode and be replaced by new ones, potentially leading to consecutive wins within a single spin.

Piggy Riches Megaways accommodates a versatile range of bets, allowing players to wager between 0.10 and 10, catering to both cautious and high-stakes players.