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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Marching Legions Review

Embark on a thrilling slot adventure with "Marching Legions," a masterpiece brought to you by Relax Gaming. Released on July 2, 2020, this game boasts an impressive RTP of 98.12%, promising high volatility and the chance for a maximum win of x10,000. The bet range from 0.10 to 100 accommodates both cautious players and high rollers.

Marching Legions Review

What sets "Marching Legions" apart are its enticing features. The Buy Feature, Free Spins, Nudge Feature, Respins, RTP range, Stack, Sticky Wilds, and Symbols collection (Energy) create an immersive gameplay experience. The five reels provide a dynamic backdrop for these features, making every spin an exciting journey.

Relax Gaming's dedication to innovation and quality shines through in this slot, delivering a gaming experience that captivates both newcomers and seasoned players. Explore the ancient world of "Marching Legions" and witness the seamless blend of cutting-edge software and thrilling gameplay.

Marching Legions Features

Marching Legions is a slot that doesn't just boast features—it's a veritable playground of excitement with its Buy Feature, Free Spins, Nudge Feature, Respins, RTP range, Stack, Sticky Wilds, and Symbols collection (Energy). With this lineup, it's safe to say this slot is a feature-rich paradise for players seeking an action-packed gaming experience.

Buy Feature

The Buy Feature in Marching Legions adds a unique twist to the gameplay. Essentially, players have the option to purchase direct access to the game's standout features, such as Free Spins or other bonuses, without having to wait for them to naturally trigger during regular gameplay. This feature offers an instant thrill for those who want to dive straight into the heart of the action, providing a shortcut to the most exciting aspects of the game at the cost of a predetermined buy-in amount. It's a strategic choice for players looking to intensify their gaming experience and potentially unlock lucrative rewards with a simple purchase.


In Marching Legions, Free Spins are a coveted feature that elevates the excitement of the gameplay. When triggered, players are granted a specific number of spins without having to wager any additional funds. During these Free Spins, the marching legion theme comes to life, as winning combinations can lead to respins, creating a dynamic and potentially rewarding chain reaction. Moreover, the Symbols collection (Energy) feature comes into play during Free Spins, allowing players to accumulate energy with each winning spin. As the energy builds up, additional perks and enhancements may be unlocked, further enhancing the overall gaming experience. 

Nudge Feature

The Nudge Feature in Marching Legions adds an engaging element to the gameplay. When the Nudge Feature is activated, it essentially gives players a second chance at forming winning combinations. If a partial stack of the Marching Legion symbol appears on the reels, the Nudge Feature may kick in, nudging the stack to fill the entire reel. This can turn near misses into exciting wins, creating a sense of anticipation and surprise. The Nudge Feature in Marching Legions adds a layer of strategy and excitement to the game, offering players the opportunity to capitalize on close calls and transform them into successful spins


The Respins feature in Marching Legions introduces a thrilling twist to the gameplay. When triggered, the Respins feature allows certain reels to spin again, providing players with an additional opportunity to land winning combinations. This can be especially advantageous when the initial spin falls just short of a significant payout. The Respins feature in Marching Legions adds an element of suspense and strategy to the game, as players get a chance to influence the outcome of a spin. It's a valuable tool for those aiming to capitalize on specific reel positions or align symbols for a more favorable result. 

Symbols collection (Energy)

The Symbols collection (Energy) feature in Marching Legions introduces a captivating mechanic to the gameplay. During the course of the game, players can accumulate energy by landing winning combinations, especially during Free Spins. As the energy meter fills up, it unlocks various enhancements and perks. In Marching Legions, this feature serves as a progressive element, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategy. The accumulated energy can trigger special effects, such as additional Free Spins, enhanced symbols, or other in-game bonuses, depending on the specific mechanics designed by the game developers.


The Stack feature in Marching Legions introduces a powerful element to the gameplay. When certain symbols, such as the Marching Legion, appear in stacks on the reels, it means they occupy multiple positions on the same reel. This can lead to increased opportunities for forming winning combinations, as the stacked symbols contribute to multiple paylines simultaneously. In Marching Legions, the Stack feature enhances the intensity of the game, creating moments of anticipation as the reels come to a stop. Stacked symbols can significantly boost the chances of landing substantial wins, especially when combined with other features like Free Spins, Respins, and Sticky Wilds.

Sticky Wilds

The Sticky Wilds feature in Marching Legions brings an extra layer of excitement to the reels. When Sticky Wilds appear on the screen, they stay in place for multiple spins, "sticking" to the reels and increasing the chances of forming winning combinations. These wild symbols act as persistent allies, contributing to potential wins over several rounds. In Marching Legions, the Sticky Wilds feature not only boosts the overall winning potential but also adds a strategic element to the gameplay. Players can anticipate where the Sticky Wilds will land and plan their bets accordingly, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Whether it's during the base game or Free Spins, the presence of Sticky Wilds can turn ordinary spins into thrilling sequences, creating a sense of anticipation with every spin of the reels.

Marching Legions Unique Features

Marching Legions emerges as a standout slot with a legion of unique features that collectively elevate the gameplay to thrilling heights. At the forefront is the Buy Feature, offering players the option to skip the anticipation and instantly access the game's enticing bonuses, setting the stage for an immediate rush of excitement.

The Free Spins feature takes players on a legion-filled adventure, where each spin unfolds a captivating journey. Respins and the Symbols collection (Energy) feature work in tandem, adding layers of complexity and intensity to the gaming experience. The Nudge Feature introduces an element of suspense by transforming near misses into triumphant spins, providing players with a second chance at securing lucrative combinations.

The strategic Respins feature allows players to influence the outcome by granting additional spins, offering a valuable edge in shaping the course of the game. Meanwhile, the Stack feature brings a visual spectacle to the reels, as stacked symbols march across, increasing the potential for substantial wins.

Marching Legions Winning symbols

The Banner, a symbol of honor and valor, commands attention with payouts ranging from x1 to x3 the bet. 

The formidable Legionnaire follows suit, offering generous returns varying from x1 to x2.5 the bet, embodying the strength of the ancient warriors.

Marching Legions Winning symbols

The Wreath symbol, a symbol of triumph, presents payouts ranging from x0.8 to x2.5 the bet, adding a touch of victory to the reels. 

The Sword, a symbol of power and warfare, yields rewards from x0.6 to x2 the bet, enhancing the intensity of each spin. The Temple, Eagle, and Caesar symbols contribute to the thematic richness, offering diverse payouts from x0.3 to x1.2, x0.2 to x1, and x0.2 to x1 the bet, respectively.

The game introduces the Matching Respins feature, triggered by a full stack of legionary symbols. When activated, these stacks transform into Marching Stacks—Walking and Sticky—while initiating Respins. These Marching Stacks march one position to the left with each spin, maintaining their sticky and walking attributes. The Respins continue until no marching legionnaires remain, with new stacks instantly turning into Marching Stacks upon appearance. Interestingly, the Respins feature seamlessly transitions into the Free Spins round. As stacks depart the reels during Respins, they are collected to fill the meter. Completing all 5 levels on the meter, albeit requiring 330 soldier stacks, triggers the Free Spins round. Remarkably, the Free Spins commence with the average bet level used during the collection phase, adding a strategic element to the gameplay.

Marching Legions Sound & Gameplay

Marching Legions not only captivates visually but also immerses players in an auditory experience that complements its Warrior and Ancient Civilizations theme. The sound design intricately weaves a tapestry of battle drums, triumphant horns, and the marching cadence of soldiers, transporting players to the heart of an ancient battlefield. The intense soundtrack builds anticipation with each spin, creating a sense of urgency that resonates with the warrior theme. The gameplay itself mirrors the strategic prowess of ancient civilizations, offering a dynamic fusion of features. The Matching Respins feature, with its Walking and Sticky Marching Stacks, adds a tactical layer to the reels. The seamless transition from Respins to Free Spins, triggered by the collection of departing stacks, aligns with the strategic depth of ancient warfare, requiring players to plan and conquer in their pursuit of Free Spins.

Marching Legions Mobile compatibility

Marching Legions seamlessly adapts its epic gaming experience for both mobile devices and desktop platforms. Whether you're commanding legions on a smartphone or leading them into battle on a desktop, the slot ensures a consistent and immersive adventure across all devices. On mobile, Marching Legions maintains its high-quality graphics and intricate details, allowing players to delve into the world of ancient civilizations with the touch of their fingertips. The responsive design ensures smooth navigation and effortless gameplay, bringing the warrior-themed slot to life on the go.

Marching Legions Big wins

Banner Symbol:
Maximum Win = Max Bet * Multiplier
Maximum Win = 100 * 300
Maximum Win for Banner = 30,000 credits

Legionnaire Symbol:
Maximum Win = Max Bet * Multiplier
Maximum Win = 100 * 250
Maximum Win for Legionnaire = 25,000 credits

Marching Legions Pros & Cons


  • High RTP: A generous return-to-player percentage of 98.12%, offering favorable odds for players.
  • Lucrative Max Win: With a maximum win of x10,000, players have the chance for significant payouts.
  • Versatile Bet Range: Accommodating both cautious and high-stakes players, with bets ranging from 0.10 to 100.
  • Diverse Features: An array of engaging features, including Buy Feature, Free Spins, Nudge Feature, Respins, and more.
  • Innovative Symbol Collection: The Symbols collection (Energy) feature adds a progressive element to the gameplay.


  • High Volatility: While thrilling, the high volatility may not be suitable for players seeking more frequent, smaller wins.

Marching Legions Alternatives

  • Mega Masks
  • Ramses Revenge
  • Temple Tumble 2


Marching Legions transcends the reels, offering an epic odyssey through ancient civilizations with its rich thematic design and innovative gameplay. With a commendable RTP of 98.12% and a high volatility that promises exhilarating highs, the potential for a x10,000 max win adds an enticing layer to the adventure. The slot's versatility shines through its accommodating bet range, welcoming both cautious and daring players. However, the abundance of features, while exciting, may pose a challenge for those seeking simplicity. In essence, Marching Legions stands as a formidable contender in the slot arena, beckoning players to lead their legions into a realm where strategy meets fortune.




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