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180% bonus for your first deposit!

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Magic Spins Review

Wazdan is a gaming company that strives for innovation and experimentation, particularly with their ongoing Hold the Jackpot range. Magic Spins™ is one of their latest offerings that demonstrates their commitment to innovation. The game features a unique reel setup that immediately captures the attention of players, with four large corner positions and an even larger mega position in the center, each of which has special symbols that carry over into the Hold the Jackpot bonus round.

In addition to the special symbols, regular symbols can also pay out anywhere in the game, similar to a scatter pay system. Players can win up to 150x their bet in the base game. The Hold the Jackpot round is particularly innovative, featuring Collect to Infinity™ Collector symbols and other special symbols. Filling the grid awards the 2,500x Grand Jackpot, providing an exciting opportunity for players to win big.

The cosmic theme of the game is well-executed, complemented by the dazzling gemstones that fill the reels. Overall, Magic Spins™ is a thrilling and unique online slot game that is sure to captivate players with its innovative gameplay and stunning visuals.

Magic Spins Features

Magic Spins™ is a slot game that offers exciting and innovative features that will keep players entertained. The game uses an unconventional reel setup where players can win by landing 10 to 22+ matching symbols anywhere in view. Premium symbols consist of beautifully ornamented gemstones that pay between 50 to 150 x your stake for 22+ in view. Wild symbols can also appear to substitute pay symbols to help create or improve winning combinations.

Hold the Jackpot Feature

The main attraction of Magic Spins™ is the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game which is triggered when 6+ bonus symbols are in view. Special bonus symbols can land on the big and mega reel positions, which become sticky for up to 10 respins. The bonus game plays out with 29 reel positions that spin individually, and players start with 3 respins with triggering symbols already sticky in their respective positions. Each new non-blank symbol resets the respin tally to 3, and filling the whole grid awards the 2,500x Grand Jackpot.

Cash Symbols Feature

In the slot game, regular cash symbols can appear in the standard 1x1 reel positions and offer prizes between 1x to 5x the stake. On the other hand, the bigger 2x2 corner positions can contain Collector, Jackpot, Mystery, and Increasing Value symbols. The Mega reel, located in the center of the game board, is reserved for Mega Collector, Magic Mystery, and Mega Increasing Value Cash symbols.

The Increasing Value Cash and Mega Increasing Value Cash symbols pay out between 3x-7x and 5x-10x (for the Mega version) the stake, respectively. Additionally, the values of these symbols increase by the size of the bet for up to 10 spins.

Mystery Symbols Feature

Mystery symbols, when landed, will transform into a random bonus symbol at the end of the feature. The Magic Mystery symbol, on the other hand, can award one of four jackpots, including the Magic Jackpot, or it can transform into a Mega Collector. The Collector and Mega Collector symbols are both assigned a random countdown number, up to 10, and they collect the values from adjacent regular cash symbols until the countdown reaches zero. If these symbols land with the Collect to Infinity™ feature, the collection goes on as long as the bonus game lasts.

Finally, the Mini, Minor, and Major Jackpot symbols pay out 20x, 50x, and 150x the stake, respectively. However, the 500x Magic Jackpot is exclusively available through the Magic Mystery symbol.

Bonus Tiers Feature (Only Non-UK players)

For players who are not based in the UK and meet the eligibility criteria, there are four different tiers of the Hold the Jackpot Bonus available for purchase from the in-game menu. Here is a summary of each tier and what they offer:

  • Low volatility: This tier pays out 50 times your stake for 6 or more triggering Cash symbols, as well as a guaranteed Mystery symbol.
  • Standard volatility: With this tier, you can reach 100 times your stake for the same benefits as the Low volatility tier, plus a Collector symbol with a countdown of 5.
  • High volatility: Pays 250 times your stake, and you can get the same benefits as the Standard volatility tier, but with two Collector symbols with a countdown of 10.
  • Extreme volatility: The top tier offers a payout of 500 times your stake and includes 6 or more triggering Cash symbols, 2 Collect to Infinity™ symbols, and 1 Mystery and 1 Magic Mystery symbol.

Magic Spins Pros & Cons


  1. Innovative and unusual reel setup with special symbols in the corner and mega positions, making for a unique gameplay experience.
  2. Scatter pay system allows for regular wins up to 150x in the base game.
  3. The Hold the Jackpot bonus game features the innovative Collect to Infinity™ Collector symbols, and filling the grid awards the 2,500x Grand Jackpot.
  4. Non-UK players have the option to purchase different tiers of the Hold the Jackpot Bonus from the in-game menu, allowing for greater control over the volatility of the game.


  1. The Hold the Jackpot bonus game requires 6+ bonus symbols to trigger, which may take some time and may not occur frequently.
  2. Complexity - The game may be too complex for some players to understand, particularly those who are new to online slots. The numerous special symbols, features, and different volatility levels could be overwhelming for beginners, making it difficult for them to enjoy the game.

Magic Spins Alternatives

  • Dwarfs Fortune™ is part of Wazdan's Hold the Jackpot series and features a mining theme with a pay anywhere system. Sticky Cash symbols increase in value and can trigger the hold-and-win bonus round. The maximum payout is 2,500x your stake, which is the hard-capped max win for this game.
  • Power of Gods™: Hades is another installment in Wazdan's Hold the Jackpot range, this time with a Greek mythology theme. Sticky Bonus symbols and other special symbols can trigger the hold-and-win bonus round, where you can win up to 5,000x your stake. The Grand Jackpot offers a maximum payout of 3,000x your stake.
  • Sizzling Moon™ is a cosmic-inspired game in the Hold the Jackpot series with a pay anywhere system. The base game allows you to win up to 150x your stake, while the special Moon Mystery symbol can help you trigger the hold-and-win bonus round and win the 2,500x Moon Jackpot, which is the hard-capped max win for this game.

Magic Spins Verdict

At first glance, the unusual reel setup and pay anywhere system of this game may seem a bit perplexing. However, the key thing to keep in mind is that regular symbols can award up to 150 times your stake. What's more, the special bonus symbols can trigger their "magic" even in the base game, giving you an advantage if the bonus game is triggered. The game's visual presentation is pleasing and soothing, with a symmetrical grid set against a starry backdrop. The Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game offers plenty of special symbols to keep things interesting, and the new Collect to Infinity™ feature is a standout. While filling the grid is likely necessary to reach the 2,500x potential, you can also approach the hard-capped maximum win via the smaller jackpot symbols. Overall, it's an exciting and intriguing game that's sure to keep you engaged.

Game payouts and winnings

x22+ = 15.00 FUN
x20+ = 8.00 FUN
x18+ = 5.00 FUN
x16+ = 3.00 FUN
x15 = 1.60 FUN
x14 = 1.00 FUN
x13 = 0.60 FUN
x12 = 0.40 FUN
x11 = 0.30 FUN
x10 = 0.20 FUN
x22+ = 12.00 FUN
x20+ = 6.00 FUN
x18+ = 4.00 FUN
x16+ = 2.00 FUN
x15 = 1.40 FUN
x14 = 0.90 FUN
x13 = 0.50 FUN
x12 = 0.30 FUN
x11 = 0.20 FUN
x10 = 0.10 FUN
x22+ = 8.00 FUN
x20+ = 4.00 FUN
x18+ = 3.00 FUN
x16+ = 1.60 FUN
x15 = 1.20 FUN
x14 = 0.80 FUN
x13 = 0.45 FUN
x12 = 0.25 FUN
x11 = 0.15 FUN
x10 = 0.10 FUN
x22+ = 5.00 FUN
x20+ = 3.00 FUN
x18+ = 2.00 FUN
x16+ = 1.30 FUN
x15 = 1.00 FUN
x14 = 0.60 FUN
x13 = 0.40 FUN
x12 = 0.20 FUN
x11 = 0.10 FUN
x10 = 0.05 FUN
x22+ = 3.00 FUN
x20+ = 2.00 FUN
x18+ = 1.50 FUN
x16+ = 1.00 FUN
x15 = 0.75 FUN
x14 = 0.50 FUN
x13 = 0.30 FUN
x12 = 0.16 FUN
x11 = 0.08 FUN
x10 = 0.04 FUN
x22+ = 2.00 FUN
x20+ = 1.50 FUN
x18+ = 1.00 FUN
x16+ = 0.75 FUN
x15 = 0.50 FUN
x14 = 0.30 FUN
x13 = 0.20 FUN
x12 = 0.12 FUN
x11 = 0.08 FUN
x10 = 0.04 FUN
x22+ = 1.50 FUN
x20+ = 1.00 FUN
x18+ = 0.80 FUN
x16+ = 0.60 FUN
x15 = 0.40 FUN
x14 = 0.25 FUN
x13 = 0.15 FUN
x12 = 0.08 FUN
x11 = 0.04 FUN
x10 = 0.02 FUN
x22+ = 1.00 FUN
x20+ = 0.80 FUN
x18+ = 0.60 FUN
x16+ = 0.45 FUN
x15 = 0.30 FUN
x14 = 0.20 FUN
x13 = 0.12 FUN
x12 = 0.06 FUN
x11 = 0.04 FUN
x10 = 0.02 FUN




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Last Updated: Sep 04, 2023

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Magic Spins™ does not have a free spins mode. Instead, the Hold the Jackpot Bonus continues until you fill 29 positions with Bonus symbols to win the Grand Jackpot or get 3 consecutive blanks-only spins. You can also get jackpot symbols and special modifier symbols that can boost your overall winnings.

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