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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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18+ | T&C applies

Magic Money Maze Review

Introducing the enchanting world of Magic Money Maze, a captivating slot game brought to you by the esteemed software provider, Reel Kingdom. Unveiled on the gaming scene on July 25, 2022, this slot has been weaving its magic with its enticing features and exciting gameplay.

With an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95.51% and high volatility, players are in for a thrilling ride with the potential to win big. The maze of riches offers a remarkable max win of x10000.00, making every spin a chance to walk away with incredible rewards.

Magic Money Maze Review

Magic Money Maze boasts five reels filled with wonders and possibilities. Players can dive into a betting range from as low as 0.1 to a daring 250, allowing both cautious players and high rollers to join the adventure. The game's features add a layer of excitement, including the Additive symbol, Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, Buy Feature, Multiplier, and RTP range.


Magic Money Maze is a treasure trove of cool features, boasting an impressive array that includes the Additive symbol, Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, Buy Feature, Multiplier, and RTP range. Players are in for an exhilarating gaming experience with this slot's diverse and exciting set of features.

Additive symbol

In the context of the Magic Money Maze slot, the Additive symbol is a unique feature that can significantly enhance the gameplay and boost your chances of winning. When the Additive symbol appears on the reels, it has the remarkable ability to increase the value of other symbols nearby. Essentially, it acts as a multiplier, adding extra value to the adjacent symbols within its range. This can lead to more substantial payouts and create lucrative winning combinations.

Bonus Game 

Once triggered, the Bonus Game transports players to a special mini-game or a different screen, separate from the base game. This is where the real adventure begins. Inside the Bonus Game, players often encounter unique challenges or tasks that are different from the regular slot gameplay. These challenges may involve picking hidden objects, solving puzzles, or even engaging in interactive storylines. Successfully completing these tasks can lead to various rewards, such as additional cash prizes, multipliers, free spins, or even access to a progressive jackpot.

Bonus symbols

In the Magic Money Maze slot, Bonus symbols play a crucial role in triggering the Bonus Game, an exciting and rewarding feature within the game. When Bonus symbols land on specific reels or in predetermined combinations, they act as special triggers to unlock the Bonus Game. This means that whenever a player gets the required number of Bonus symbols on the reels during a single spin, they will be granted access to the Bonus Game.

Buy Feature

It allows players to directly access the Bonus Game without having to wait for the Bonus symbols to trigger it during regular gameplay. In Magic Money Maze, players have the choice to purchase the Buy

Feature before or during their spins. Once the Buy Feature is activated, the player is immediately taken to the Bonus Game, where they can start playing and enjoy the extra rewards without going through the usual process of waiting for Bonus symbols to land.


In the Magic Money Maze slot, the Multiplier is a powerful gameplay mechanic that can significantly boost your winnings and make your gaming experience even more rewarding.

When the Multiplier feature is activated, it increases the value of any winnings you achieve during a spin. The multiplier can be a fixed value, such as 2x or 3x, or it could be dynamic, meaning it changes based on specific conditions or events in the game.

Unique Features

The Additive symbol is a mystical addition to the reels, working its magic by increasing the value of adjacent symbols, thus paving the way for more substantial rewards. The Bonus Game stands as a special realm within the game, unlocked when specific combinations of Bonus symbols align, providing players with a chance to embark on a separate adventure for extra lucrative prizes.

Moreover, the Buy Feature offers a shortcut to the Bonus Game, allowing players to dive directly into the action without waiting for the traditional triggers. The Multiplier, another mesmerizing feature, brings delight by magnifying the payouts, turning ordinary wins into extraordinary ones.

Lastly, the game's RTP range of 95.51% promises fairness and thrilling possibilities for players to explore. With these exceptional features entwined, Magic Money Maze presents a slot adventure like no other, offering an immersive and rewarding journey through a world of mystery and wonders.

Winning symbols

Abraham Lincoln's symbol shines brightly, offering payouts ranging from x0.5 to an impressive x200 times the initial bet. The iconic figure of George Washington stands tall, with rewards spanning from x2 to x50 times the bet. Similarly, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton each hold the potential for wins ranging from x2 to x50 times the wager.

Magic Money Maze Winning Symbols

Additionally, the game features special Bonus Symbols that act as gateways to the Magic Money Maze Bonus Game. Landing these elusive symbols sets the stage for an extraordinary adventure within the slot, where players can reap even more astonishing rewards.

Furthermore, players will encounter a special Money symbol during their journey, which holds the promise of hidden treasures. This symbol adds an element of surprise to the gameplay, with potential rewards waiting to be unveiled.

Sound & Gameplay

The soundtrack of the slot is a delightful symphony that transports players to an era where the clinking of coins and the echoes of historical events resound. The captivating melodies of the past and the jingles of prosperity evoke an aura of enchanting mystery, immersing players in the rich tapestry of both themes. As the reels spin, the sound effects mirror the excitement of a flourishing economy, where the anticipation of winning fortunes is ever-present. The gameplay of Magic Money Maze is ingeniously crafted to blend the themes seamlessly. The symbols, adorned with iconic figures from American history, pay homage to the nation's great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton. The graphics are intricately designed, showcasing historical elements such as currency, gold coins, and symbols of prosperity, all in the backdrop of a magical maze.

Mobile compatibility

Magic Money Maze has been thoughtfully adapted for seamless gameplay on all mobile devices, ensuring that players can embark on their money-themed adventure anytime, anywhere. Whether using a smartphone or a tablet, the mobile adaptation of this slot retains its captivating charm and enticing features. The game's user-friendly interface translates perfectly to mobile screens, offering intuitive navigation and easy access to all the exciting elements of the slot. Players can effortlessly spin the reels and explore the wealth of possibilities with just a few taps, making it a convenient and enjoyable experience on the go.

Big wins

The highest-paying symbol in the game is Abraham Lincoln, which can pay between x0.5 and x200 times the bet.

To achieve the maximum win scenario, you would need to land a combination of five Abraham Lincoln symbols on a payline while betting the maximum amount.

The maximum bet range for the Magic Money Maze slot is 250 coins.

If you bet the maximum of 250 coins and land five Abraham Lincoln symbols on a payline, the payout would be an impressive x200 times the bet.

Therefore, the maximum win scenario would be 250 coins (maximum bet) multiplied by x200 (the highest multiplier for Abraham Lincoln), which equals 50,000 coins.

Pros & Cons


  • High RTP (Return to Player) of 95.51%, offering players a fair chance of winning.
  • Exciting and diverse features, including the Additive symbol, Bonus Game, Bonus symbols, Buy Feature, Multiplier, and RTP range.
  • High volatility, providing the potential for substantial payouts and thrilling gaming sessions.
  • Max win of x10000.00, offering the opportunity for significant jackpot rewards.
  • Compatible with all mobile devices, enabling convenient gameplay on the go.


  • High volatility may lead to periods of frequent losses for some players.

Magic Money Maze Alternatives

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  • Emerald King
  • Lamp Of Infinity


Magic Money Maze is a captivating slot adventure that weaves a magical tapestry of wealth and history. With its high RTP of 95.51%, thrilling features like the Additive symbol, Bonus Game, and Multiplier, and the potential for a maximum win of x10000.00, players are beckoned into a maze of enchanting possibilities. The seamless adaptation for all mobile devices ensures that the captivating journey can be experienced anywhere, while the visuals and sound design transport players to an era of prosperity and historical charm. Whether seeking big wins or a delightful gaming experience, Magic Money Maze offers an enticing escape for those ready to venture into a world where fortunes await at every turn.




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Last Updated: Oct 05, 2023

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The maximum win in the Magic Money Maze slot is x10000.00, offering incredible jackpot potential.

Absolutely! Magic Money Maze is adapted for all mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy the enchanting adventure on the go.

The Buy Feature grants instant access to the Bonus Game, allowing you to skip the wait and dive straight into the action, but at an additional cost.

Indeed! The Additive symbol acts as a multiplier, increasing the value of adjacent symbols, making each spin more rewarding.

Magic Money Maze offers an array of enticing features, including the Bonus Game, Multiplier, Bonus symbols, Buy Feature, and the intriguing Additive symbol, making every spin a thrilling adventure.