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Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Review

Introducing the Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot, a captivating creation from the renowned software provider NetEnt. This enthralling game was first unleashed into the gaming world on March 18, 2017, and has since become a beloved choice for players seeking both excitement and rewards.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Review
With an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.47%, this slot offers a promising chance for players to reap significant rewards. What sets it apart is its high volatility, ensuring that the thrill of unpredictability keeps players engaged, while the maximum win potential of x7678 promises the opportunity for substantial wins.
The Jungle Spirit slot boasts a diverse bet range, starting at just 0.20 and going up to 100, making it suitable for a wide range of players. Its five reels are adorned with 3D graphics, creating an immersive jungle experience. The game's features, including Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, Multipliers, Random Bonus Symbols, provide numerous opportunities to win and make every spin an adventure.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Features

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild boasts an impressive array of cool features, including 3D graphics, Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, Multipliers, Random bonus symbols, providing players with a rich and dynamic gaming experience. With such a diverse set of features, players are in for a truly thrilling adventure.


In the context of the Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot, the "3D" feature refers to the use of three-dimensional graphics and visual effects to enhance the overall gaming experience. The 3D feature in the slot brings the game's symbols, characters, and jungle backdrop to life with a sense of depth and realism. This means that when you spin the reels, the symbols and elements on the screen appear more lifelike and immersive, creating a visually captivating experience. The use of 3D graphics adds depth and perspective to the game. Symbols may appear to pop out of the screen, and the jungle scenery may seem to extend into the background. This enhances the player's sense of being in the lush and vibrant jungle environment, making the slot more engaging.

Expanding Symbols

The Expanding Symbols feature is usually triggered during the Free Spins bonus round, where it comes into play when you land a winning combination of symbols on the reels. When the feature is activated, a particular symbol from your winning combination will be selected at random. This symbol will then expand to cover an entire reel. This expansion can occur vertically, turning the selected symbol into a stacked symbol that covers the entire reel it appears on. The expansion of the selected symbol increases your chances of forming more winning combinations, especially if additional matching symbols appear on the adjacent reels. This can result in significantly larger payouts compared to the base game.


The Free Spins feature in the Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild slot is a popular bonus round that can significantly enhance your chances of winning. To activate the Free Spins feature, you typically need to land a specific number of Scatter symbols on the reels. In Jungle Spirit, Scatters are represented by the water lily symbols. The number of Scatters you need to trigger Free Spins may vary, but it's usually three or more. Once you've triggered the Free Spins feature, you'll be awarded a set number of free spins. The exact number can vary, and it often depends on the number of Scatter symbols that triggered the feature. More Scatters usually mean more free spins. During the Free Spins round, the game often introduces special enhancements or features that are not present in the base game. In Jungle Spirit, the Expanding Symbols feature is often active during Free Spins, where a symbol can expand to cover an entire reel when it's part of a winning combination.


Multipliers in this slot are often associated with specific symbols or events. For example, during the Free Spins feature, the game may introduce Multipliers that become active when certain conditions are met. When a Multiplier is activated, it increases the payout of any winning combinations it is associated with. For instance, if you have a winning combination with a multiplier of 2x, your winnings for that combination will be doubled. The Multipliers in Jungle Spirit may vary in value and can be 2x, 3x, or even higher, depending on the specific rules of the game and how the feature is triggered.

Random bonus symbols

Random bonus symbols are special symbols that can appear on the reels at random moments during gameplay. These symbols do not follow the usual payline rules and can appear on any reel. When random bonus symbols land on the reels, they often trigger bonus features or rewards. These rewards can vary and might include free spins, instant cash prizes, or other in-game bonuses that enhance your gaming experience. The appearance of random bonus symbols adds an element of surprise to the game, as players can't predict when or where they will appear. This unpredictability can make each spin more exciting and potentially more rewarding.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Unique Features

One of its standout features is the captivating use of 3D graphics that immerses players in a lush, realistic jungle environment. These stunning visuals make every spin an adventure, with symbols and the backdrop coming to life in a visually engaging way.

The Expanding Symbols feature is another distinctive element that adds an exciting twist to the gameplay. During the Free Spins bonus round, a randomly selected symbol can expand to cover an entire reel, greatly increasing the chances of forming winning combinations and leading to significant payouts.

Moreover, the game offers a high volatility experience, making it perfect for thrill-seekers who appreciate the unpredictability of gameplay. The inclusion of Multipliers, which can be activated during Free Spins, further enhances the potential for substantial wins.

What sets Jungle Spirit apart is the presence of Random Bonus Symbols, which can appear at any time to trigger bonus features or rewards, injecting an element of surprise into the gameplay. 

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Winning symbols

Tiger is a majestic symbol that pays x150 for a winning combination of 5 on a payline, offering the highest payout in the game.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Winning symbols

The regal elephant symbol rewards players with x100 for landing 5 on a payline, providing substantial winning potential.

This formidable bear symbol pays x80 for 5 on a payline, offering another generous payout opportunity.

The elusive crocodile symbol grants x70 for 5 on a payline, contributing to exciting wins.

The mesmerizing cobra symbol pays x60 for 5 on a payline, completing the lineup of high-paying symbols in the game.

To increase your winnings, the game features the water lily Scatter symbol, which unlocks additional rewards when you land at least 3 of them on the reels simultaneously. Landing more than 3 Scatters also awards you with even higher payouts, with 4 Scatters granting 15x and 5 Scatters offering a generous 50x your bet. What makes Jungle Spirit truly unique is the Free Spins feature. In this bonus round, you get to choose one of the five main animals featured in the game, each with its own number of spins and volatility level. The choice of animal determines the high-value symbol appearing on the reels during the entire feature. For instance, opting for the mighty Tiger gives you 4 high volatility free spins, while selecting the Cobra offers 20 low volatility free spins. This feature allows players to tailor their gameplay and potential winnings to their preferences and risk tolerance, adding a strategic element to the game.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Sound & Gameplay

The audio design in Jungle Spirit is a standout feature. As soon as the game loads, players are greeted with a melodic and atmospheric jungle soundtrack. The sounds of chirping birds, rustling leaves, and distant animal calls transport players deep into the heart of the wilderness. The immersive soundscapes change as the gameplay unfolds, adding an extra layer of excitement and tension during spins and bonus features. Whether it's the triumphant tune of a big win or the suspenseful drumbeats of Free Spins, the sound design in Jungle Spirit captures the essence of the jungle and keeps players engaged. The gameplay in Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild is seamlessly integrated with the nature theme. The lush, 3D visuals of the jungle backdrop and the animal symbols create a visually stunning environment. The slot's unique features, such as Expanding Symbols and Multipliers, not only add excitement but also tie into the theme. For example, the Expanding Symbols make it feel as if the jungle creatures are coming to life on the reels, while Multipliers increase the thrill of potential rewards.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Mobile compatibility

The game's responsive design ensures that it functions smoothly on various mobile devices, regardless of screen size or operating system. This means that players can take the jungle adventure with them wherever they go, enjoying the immersive graphics, audio, and features on the go. The touch-friendly interface makes it easy to spin the reels and access the game's settings with a simple tap, providing a seamless and enjoyable mobile gaming experience. For players who prefer the larger screen and enhanced performance of a desktop computer, Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild offers a seamless experience. The game's visuals are particularly striking on desktop displays, allowing players to fully appreciate the detailed 3D graphics and immersive jungle theme.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Big wins

In the game, you have three high-paying symbols with the following multipliers for landing five of them on a payline:
Tiger: It pays x150 for 5 on a payline.
Elephant: It pays x100 for 5 on a payline.
Bear: It pays x80 for 5 on a payline.

Now, let's assume you're playing with the maximum bet, which is 100 credits. To calculate the potential maximum win for each of these symbols, you multiply their respective multipliers by the maximum bet:
Tiger: 150 (multiplier) x 100 (maximum bet) = 15,000 credits.
Elephant: 100 (multiplier) x 100 (maximum bet) = 10,000 credits.
Bear: 80 (multiplier) x 100 (maximum bet) = 8,000 credits.

So, if you were to land five Tiger symbols on a payline while playing with the maximum bet, the maximum win for that combination would be 15,000 credits. Similarly, the maximum win for landing five Elephants would be 10,000 credits, and for five Bears, it would be 8,000 credits.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Pros & Cons


  • High Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.47%, offering fair winning opportunities.
  • The potential for substantial wins with a maximum payout of x7678.
  • Diverse betting range from 0.20 to 100, suitable for various players.
  • Engaging 3D graphics and immersive jungle theme.
  • Unique features, including Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, Multipliers, Random bonus symbols, and Wilds, adding depth to gameplay.


  • High volatility may lead to longer dry spells between significant wins.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Alternatives

  • Silverback Gold
  • Secret of the Stones 
  • Wolf Cub


Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild is an exhilarating slot that transports players to the heart of a lush and vibrant jungle. With its high RTP and volatility, it offers the promise of substantial rewards for those willing to embrace the risk. The game's stunning 3D graphics and immersive audio create a truly captivating gaming environment, while its unique features, including Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, Multipliers, Random bonus symbols, and Wilds, add layers of excitement and unpredictability. While it may not be suitable for risk-averse players, those seeking an adventure in the wild with the potential for thrilling wins will find Jungle Spirit an enticing choice. Whether on desktop or mobile, it delivers a nature-themed gaming experience that's both visually impressive and rewarding.




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