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Hey Sushi Review

Introducing the culinary-themed sensation, "Hey Sushi," a delectable creation by the renowned software provider, Habanero. This slot masterpiece made its grand entrance into the gaming world on June 30, 2020, captivating players with its delectable graphics and tantalizing features.

Hey Sushi Review

With a mouthwatering RTP of 96.71%, "Hey Sushi" is a high volatility slot that promises an adrenaline-packed gaming experience. The potential to strike it big is undeniable, with a maximum win of x1304.00 up for grabs. Players can embark on their sushi adventure with a betting range spanning from a modest 0.25 to an extravagant 5000, catering to all appetites.

This five-reel wonder serves up an array of delectable features, including Avalanche/Cascading wins, Free Spins, Multipliers, a versatile RTP range, Scatter symbols, and Wilds. These enticing elements ensure that every spin is as exciting as the next, with the potential to score delectable rewards.

Hey Sushi Features

"Hey Sushi" boasts an enticing array of six cool features, including Avalanche/Cascading wins, Free Spins, Multipliers, an adjustable RTP range, Scatter symbols, and Wilds, promising a thrilling gaming experience. With these dynamic features, players are in for a treat with each spin, making it a slot packed with excitement.

Avalanche / Cascading wins 

When you score a winning combination in "Hey Sushi," the Avalanche feature comes into play. The symbols involved in the win explode or disappear, making room for new symbols to fall from above. This creates a chain reaction effect, potentially leading to multiple consecutive wins from a single spin. With each successive win in the same spin sequence, a multiplier is often applied to the winnings. In "Hey Sushi," this multiplier can grow, boosting your rewards significantly. The more consecutive wins you achieve through the cascading symbols, the higher your multiplier can become, allowing for impressive payouts. Avalanche or Cascading wins can prolong the excitement of a single spin, as long as new winning combinations keep forming. This feature adds an element of suspense and anticipation, as players hope for a series of wins and the accompanying multiplier boosts.


In "Hey Sushi," the FreeSpins feature serves as a delectable treat, allowing you to savor the possibility of substantial rewards while enjoying an extended period of play without depleting your betting balance. To trigger the FreeSpins feature in "Hey Sushi," you typically need to land a specific combination of Scatter symbols on the reels. During the FreeSpins rounds, the game often introduces special enhancements. In "Hey Sushi," these can include a higher multiplier than during the base game, making it even more rewarding to land winning combinations. This means that any wins you secure during free spins are often multiplied by a specific factor, potentially leading to more significant payouts.


Multipliers are typically activated under specific conditions. In "Hey Sushi," these conditions can vary, but they are often associated with the Avalanche/Cascading wins feature. When you achieve consecutive wins through the cascading symbols, the Multiplier is triggered. The Multiplier in "Hey Sushi" works by increasing the value of your wins. For example, if you score a winning combination, and then the Avalanche feature comes into play, your initial win is multiplied by a specific factor. This factor can grow with each subsequent win in the same spin sequence, potentially leading to substantial increases in your total winnings.

Scatter symbols

In "Hey Sushi," the Scatter symbols are your ticket to unlocking bonus features and free spins. Usually, you need to land a certain number of Scatter symbols in a single spin to activate these features. The exact number and the nature of the bonus feature may vary, but Scatters are typically the key to accessing special rounds. Unlike regular symbols that often require alignment on specific paylines to generate wins, Scatter symbols typically pay out regardless of their position on the reels. This means that even if they appear scattered across the screen, you can still receive rewards when enough Scatters are present. In "Hey Sushi," when you land the required number of Scatter symbols, it often triggers a Free Spins feature. During these Free Spins, there may be additional benefits, such as increased Multipliers, enhancing your potential for substantial wins.


In "Hey Sushi," Wild symbols act as versatile substitutes for most other symbols on the reels. When a Wild symbol appears in a position where it can complete or enhance a winning combination, it will replace the needed symbol(s), helping you achieve a winning line. Wild symbols can contribute to the creation of extended and more lucrative winning combinations. They enhance your chances of landing winning spins and boost your overall payouts.

Hey Sushi Unique Features

One standout feature is the Avalanche / Cascading Wins mechanic, introducing a chain reaction effect that spices up your spins. When you achieve a winning combination, the symbols involved explode, making way for new symbols to cascade down. This can lead to multiple consecutive wins in a single spin, adding a dynamic layer of excitement to the gameplay.

The slot invites you to an enticing sushi banquet with its Free Spins feature. Land the required number of Scatter symbols, and you gain access to this bonus round, allowing you to spin the reels without wagering credits and often with enhanced Multipliers. It's a flavorful offering that can lead to mouthwatering wins.

"Hey Sushi" also features a captivating Multiplier Madness element. This rewards consecutive wins within the same spin sequence with increased payouts. As you score multiple wins, the Multiplier grows, promising substantial rewards and adding an extra dimension to your gameplay.

Scatter and Wild symbols are also a highlight. Scatter symbols unlock bonus features, while Wild symbols act as versatile substitutes to help complete winning combinations, making every spin more exciting and potentially rewarding.

Hey Sushi Winning symbols

Sushi Platter (Scatter) symbol is a star during the base game, and it can bring substantial rewards, ranging from 1x to an impressive 100x the bet. Landing the Scatter symbol is the key to unlocking the slot's bonus features, making it a sought-after symbol.

Hey Sushi Winning symbols

The Crab Wild symbol is a versatile icon that can substitute for all other symbols except the sushi platter Scatter. Wild symbols appear on reels 2 to 4, and they play a crucial role in completing winning combinations, potentially leading to significant payouts.

The Rice Bowl symbol offers payouts ranging from 1x to 30x the bet, making it one of the more rewarding regular symbols in the game.

Salmon Nigiri symbol pays out from 0.6x to 20x the bet, tempting players with its potential rewards.

The Tamagoyaki symbol offers payouts ranging from 0.6x to 16x the bet, adding variety to the winning possibilities.

Payouts for the Prawn Tempura symbol range from 0.6x to 12x the bet, providing opportunities for savory wins.

The Unagi symbol pays from 0.4x to 10x the bet, offering another tasty option for players to savor.

Salmon Skin Roll symbol pays from 0.4x to 6x the bet, adding diversity to the winning combinations and payouts.

The Baozi symbol pays from 0.2x to 4x the bet, completing the array of winning symbols in "Hey Sushi."

Hey Sushi Sound & Gameplay

The slot's audio elements are thoughtfully designed to enhance the Asian, food-themed experience. Players are treated to a soothing and melodic background tune that transports them to a tranquil oriental setting. The soundtrack often incorporates traditional Asian instruments, such as flutes and stringed instruments, creating a serene atmosphere that complements the sushi-inspired visuals. It's a harmonious blend of sound that immerses players in the culinary world of the game, making each spin a sensory delight. The gameplay of "Hey Sushi" is a culinary adventure in itself. The slot features a user-friendly interface with controls that are easy to navigate, allowing players to adjust their bets and engage with the game effortlessly. The high-quality graphics and animations are rich in detail, portraying delectable sushi and Asian-inspired symbols, enticing players with their vibrant and mouthwatering appearance. The gameplay itself is dynamic, thanks to the Avalanche / Cascading Wins feature. When winning combinations occur, the symbols explode, allowing new ones to fall into place. This chain reaction can lead to multiple consecutive wins, creating an engaging and rewarding experience. With a range of symbols, including the crab Wild and sushi platter Scatter, players have various opportunities to score wins and trigger bonus features.

Hey Sushi Mobile compatibility

For players on the go or those who prefer to play on their smartphones or tablets, "Hey Sushi" shines as a mobile-friendly slot. The game's responsive design adapts to various screen sizes and resolutions, offering a visually pleasing and easy-to-navigate interface. Whether you're using an iOS or Android device, you can savor the sushi-themed delights of this slot with a simple tap of your finger. For those who prefer the traditional desktop experience, "Hey Sushi" offers equally stunning gameplay. The high-quality graphics, animations, and immersive sound are best appreciated on larger screens. With a user-friendly interface designed for desktop, players can easily explore the game's features and controls with the precision of a mouse and keyboard.

Hey Sushi Big wins

Sushi Platter Scatter Symbol:
Maximum Payout: 100x your bet
Calculation: 5000 (maximum bet) x 100 (Scatter multiplier) = 500,000 credits

Rice Bowl Symbol:
Maximum Payout: 30x your bet
Calculation: 5000 (maximum bet) x 30 (Rice Bowl multiplier) = 150,000 credits

Salmon Nigiri Symbol:
Maximum Payout: 20x your bet
Calculation: 5000 (maximum bet) x 20 (Salmon Nigiri multiplier) = 100,000 credits

Tamagoyaki Symbol:
Maximum Payout: 16x your bet
Calculation: 5000 (maximum bet) x 16 (Tamagoyaki multiplier) = 80,000 credits

Hey Sushi Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 96.71% offers favorable odds for players.
  • Impressive maximum win of x1304.00 adds excitement to gameplay.
  • A wide bet range from 0.25 to 5000 caters to various player preferences.
  • Innovative Avalanche/Cascading wins feature enhances winning potential.
  • A diverse range of features, including FreeSpins, Multipliers, Scatter symbols, and Wilds, keeps gameplay engaging.


  • High volatility may lead to occasional streaks of losses for some players.

Hey Sushi Alternatives

  • Cake Valley 
  • Super Strike
  • Tower Of Pizza


"Hey Sushi" by Habanero is a delectable slot that caters to those seeking a high-stakes, culinary adventure. With its enticing high volatility and a generous RTP of 96.71%, it offers the potential for thrilling wins. The game's creative features, such as Avalanche/Cascading wins, FreeSpins, and Multipliers, keep the excitement levels consistently high. Its adaptability for both mobile and desktop play ensures accessibility for all types of players. While its Asian cuisine theme might not appeal to everyone, the remarkable graphics and immersive sound make it an appetizing choice. "Hey Sushi" serves up a tantalizing blend of flavors, offering a feast for the senses and the chance to savor substantial rewards for those willing to take the plunge into its high-risk, high-reward culinary world.




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The maximum win in Hey Sushi is an enticing x1304.00 your bet, offering substantial potential rewards.

The Avalanche feature triggers when you achieve a winning combination, causing the winning symbols to explode and make way for new ones, potentially leading to consecutive wins and increased payouts.

Free Spins are accessible by landing the required number of Scatter symbols, offering players a tantalizing chance to spin the reels without wagering credits and often with enhanced Multipliers.

The main highlight is the combination of the Avalanche feature, Free Spins, and Multipliers, creating a dynamic and engaging gaming experience with the potential for substantial rewards.

Yes, Hey Sushi is fully adapted for mobile play, providing a convenient and visually appealing experience on smartphones and tablets.