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Up to €800+ 200 Free Spin

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Tom Horn Gaming





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Up to €800+ 200 Free Spin

18+ | T&C applies

180% bonus for your first deposit!

18+ | T&C applies

100% Up to €4,000 + 150 Free Spins

18+ | T&C applies
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Fire'n'Frenzy 5 Review

Introducing "Fire'n'Frenzy 5," a scorching new slot sensation from the innovative creators at Tom Horn Gaming. This sizzling game, released on August 10, 2023, is set to ignite your gaming experience with a scorching RTP of 95.16% and a medium volatility level. With its maximum win potential of up to 820.00 times your bet and a versatile betting range spanning from 0.10 to 100, players are in for a fiery ride across the five blazing reels.

Fire'n'Frenzy 5 Review
But what truly sets "Fire'n'Frenzy 5" apart are its thrilling features. Take your chances with the Risk/Gamble (Double) game, where the heat of your decisions can lead to scorching rewards. And keep an eye out for the elusive Scatter symbols, which can ignite free spins and the promise of more significant wins.
With the embers of excitement glowing, "Fire'n'Frenzy 5" is an exhilarating adventure that promises both entertainment and reward. Tom Horn Gaming has stoked the flames of gaming innovation, ensuring that this slot will keep players captivated as they chase the scorching wins that await in this inferno of a game.

Fire'n'Frenzy 5 Features

Fire'n'Frenzy 5 boasts a dynamic duo of features, including the Risk/Gamble (Double) game and the ever-thrilling Scatter symbols, promising a scorching gaming experience with not one, but two cool features to keep players on the edge of their seats.

Risk/Gamble (Double) game

The Risk/Gamble (Double) game in "Fire'n'Frenzy 5" adds an element of excitement and risk management to the gameplay, giving players the chance to significantly increase their rewards or opt for a more cautious approach to gaming. After a winning spin, players have the option to engage the Risk/Gamble (Double) game. This typically involves clicking a button or making a choice presented on the screen. In this feature, players are presented with a gamble. They must choose between two options, often represented as a card prediction. The goal is to predict the outcome correctly to double the winnings from the previous spin. The Risk/Gamble (Double) game comes with an inherent risk. If the player's prediction is incorrect, they will lose the winnings from the triggering spin.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols typically serve as a trigger for special features within the slot game. In "Fire'n'Frenzy 5," when you land a specific number of Scatter symbols on the reels, it activates a particular bonus or feature, which varies depending on the game's design. One of the most common benefits of Scatter symbols is the activation of free spins. When a certain number of Scatters appear on the reels, it often awards players with a predetermined number of free spins. These free spins can provide additional chances to win without placing additional bets.

Fire'n'Frenzy 5 Unique Features

One of the standout features is the Risk/Gamble (Double) game. After a winning spin, players have the option to double their winnings by choosing the outcome of a gamble. This high-stakes decision introduces an element of risk and strategy, making every choice a heart-pounding adventure. It's an opportunity to turn a modest win into a substantial windfall or to walk away empty-handed.

The appearance of Scatter symbols in "Fire'n'Frenzy 5" is a game-changer. Landing these symbols can unlock various bonuses, including free spins and potential multipliers. Scatter symbols enhance the winning potential and add an element of unpredictability, keeping players engaged and eager for each spin.

Fire'n'Frenzy 5 Winning symbols

The fiery 7s symbol is the star of the game, offering the most significant rewards. It pays out from x20 to an impressive x800 times your initial bet, making it the symbol to watch for if you're chasing those blazing wins.

Fire'n'Frenzy 5 Winning symbols

Watermelon symbol offers payouts ranging from x10 to x120 the bet. Land these juicy watermelons to quench your thirst for substantial rewards.

The grape symbol is another fruity delight, with payouts ranging from x6 to x80 times your bet. It's a delicious addition to your winning combinations.

Oranges bring a citrusy twist to your winnings, paying from x4 to x50 the bet. A taste of the tropics could lead to some sweet rewards.

Plums, with their delightful purple hue, offer payouts ranging from x4 to x40 times your bet. They're a colorful addition to your potential wins.

Lively lemons offer payouts from x4 to x30 times your bet. A burst of lemony freshness could brighten your gameplay.

The classic cherry symbol pays from x1 to x30 times your bet. Even a single cherry can contribute to your overall winnings.

The dazzling star scatter symbol adds a special touch to your wins, paying from x4 to x80 times your bet. Keep an eye out for these stars as they can brighten your gameplay with extra rewards.

Fire'n'Frenzy 5 Sound & Gameplay

The sound design of this slot evokes a sense of nostalgia with its classic, fruit-themed backdrop. As you spin the reels, you'll be serenaded with the gentle hum of the slot machine and the familiar jingles that echo the traditional casino experience. "Fire'n'Frenzy 5" maintains the simplicity and charm of classic fruit-themed slots while infusing it with modern gaming elements. The gameplay is user-friendly, with easy-to-understand mechanics that make it accessible to both new and experienced players. The fruit symbols are vividly designed, with the fiery 7s symbol taking center stage, adding a touch of excitement to the classic theme. The slot's layout is intuitive, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. The user interface is well-organized, making it simple to adjust bet sizes, access game rules, and activate features such as the Risk/Gamble game or keep an eye out for Scatter symbols.

Fire'n'Frenzy 5 Mobile compatibility

For players on the go or those who prefer the convenience of gaming on their mobile devices, "Fire'n'Frenzy 5" offers a mobile-friendly version. Whether you're using an iOS or Android device, you can enjoy the same exciting gameplay, vibrant graphics, and thrilling features as you would on a desktop computer. On the other hand, if you prefer a larger screen and the full visual impact of "Fire'n'Frenzy 5," the desktop version provides an equally satisfying experience. The game's high-quality graphics, detailed animations, and crisp sound effects shine when played on a desktop or laptop computer.

Fire'n'Frenzy 5 Big wins

7s Symbol: If you place the maximum bet of 100 credits and land five 7s symbols, the payout is calculated as follows: 100 (maximum bet) x 800 (multiplier for 7s) = 80,000 credits.

Watermelon: With a maximum bet of 100 credits and five Watermelon symbols, the payout would be: 100 (maximum bet) x 120 (multiplier for Watermelon) = 12,000 credits.

Grapes: At the maximum bet of 100 credits and five Grape symbols on the payline, the win would be: 100 (maximum bet) x 80 (multiplier for Grapes) = 8,000 credits.

Fire'n'Frenzy 5 Pros & Cons


  • Competitive RTP of 95.16% offers favorable winning odds.
  • Versatile betting range from 0.10 to 100 accommodates various player preferences.
  • Engaging Risk/Gamble (Double) game adds an element of risk and reward.
  • Scatter symbols trigger bonus features and free spins, enhancing winning potential.


  • Medium volatility may not suit players seeking ultra-frequent wins.

Fire'n'Frenzy 5 Alternatives

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"Fire'n'Frenzy 5" ignites the classic fruit-themed slot genre with its unique blend of features, competitive RTP, and thrilling gameplay. The Risk/Gamble (Double) game introduces an element of suspense and strategy, making every spin an exhilarating adventure. The Scatter symbols, offering bonus features and free spins, amplify the potential for substantial wins. With a maximum win of up to x820.00 times your bet, the game holds the promise of fiery rewards for those willing to chase them. Whether you're a high-risk thrill-seeker or prefer a more cautious approach, the versatile bet range from 0.10 to 100 accommodates various player styles. "Fire'n'Frenzy 5" successfully captures the essence of classic slots while infusing it with modern excitement, making it a captivating choice for both new and seasoned players alike.




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Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023

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To boost your winning odds, aim to trigger the Scatter symbols for free spins and always consider the Risk/Gamble (Double) game for the opportunity to double your winnings.

Yes, the game is adapted for mobile play, allowing you to enjoy it on your smartphone or tablet while on the go.

Many online casinos offer a free demo version of the game, allowing you to try it out without risking real money. It's a great way to get a feel for the slot.

After a win, you can choose to enter the Risk/Gamble game, where you predict the outcome of a gamble to double your winnings. Be cautious, though; an incorrect guess could result in losing your recent winnings.

Scatter symbols unlock bonus features, including free spins and potential multipliers, enhancing your winning potential and adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.