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Fat Santa Review

Introducing Google's Exclusive Slot Spotlight: "Fat Santa" by Push Gaming! Launched on November 21, 2018, this captivating slot game has quickly gained popularity among players. Crafted by the renowned software provider Push Gaming, "Fat Santa" promises an immersive gaming experience with its stellar features and exciting gameplay.

Fat Santa Review
With an impressive RTP of 96.45%, "Fat Santa" offers a balanced and rewarding adventure for players. The game's medium volatility ensures a mix of frequent payouts and substantial wins, creating an engaging dynamic on the 5 reels.
One of the standout features is the Expanding Wild with Re-spin, adding an element of surprise and increasing the potential for big wins. The inclusion of Free Spins, Mega Symbol (3x3), Random Wilds/Additional Wilds, and Wild symbols further enhances the thrill, making each spin an anticipation-filled event.
Players can strategically place their bets within the 0.25 to 25 range, while aiming for a generous max win of x6400.00. "Fat Santa" is a must-try for those seeking a festive yet rewarding gaming experience, showcasing Push Gaming's commitment to delivering top-tier entertainment in the world of online slots.

Fat Santa Features

Fat Santa is a feature-packed delight, boasting an impressive array of cool features including Expanding Wilds with re-spins, Free Spins, a Mega Symbol (3x3), and the excitement of Random Wilds/Additional Wilds, all accompanied by the classic Wild symbol. With this multitude of features, players are in for a thrilling and varied gaming experience that keeps the excitement levels high throughout.

Expanding wild with re-spin

In "Fat Santa," the Expanding Wild with re-spin feature adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. When the Expanding Wild symbol lands on the reels, it expands to cover the entire reel, increasing the chances of creating winning combinations. After the expansion, the reels without a Santa Wild are re-spun, providing players with another opportunity to land winning combinations. This dynamic feature not only enhances the visual appeal of the game but also introduces a strategic element for players. By strategically placing the Expanding Wilds, players can optimize their chances of creating significant wins, making it a key element of the slot's overall appeal.


In "Fat Santa," the Free Spins feature is a highly anticipated and rewarding aspect of the gameplay. To trigger the Free Spins round, players typically need to land a certain combination of Scatter symbols on the reels. Once activated, the game transports players into a special bonus round where the festive fun reaches new heights. During the Free Spins feature, the jovial Santa becomes even more generous. When Christmas Pies appear on the reels, Santa devours them, and with each bite, the Christmas Pie Meter fills up. As the meter reaches certain milestones, the Santa Wild symbol expands, creating more opportunities for wins. This progression adds an exciting and dynamic element to the Free Spins, as players eagerly anticipate the growing rewards with each consumed pie.

Mega Symbol (3x3)

In the "Fat Santa" slot, the Mega Symbol (3x3) feature introduces an exciting and visually striking element to the gameplay. When this feature is triggered, a massive 3x3-sized symbol, often depicting the cheerful face of Santa himself, appears on the reels. This oversized symbol covers a substantial portion of the playing area, creating increased opportunities for significant wins. The Mega Symbol serves as a focal point during spins, acting as a high-value symbol that can contribute to multiple winning combinations across various paylines simultaneously. Its sheer size and impact on the reels make it a standout feature, providing players with the anticipation of larger and more rewarding outcomes.

Random Wilds / Additional Wilds

In the "Fat Santa" slot, the Random Wilds/Additional Wilds feature brings an element of unpredictability and extra excitement to the game. During certain spins, Santa's little helpers may appear on the reels and toss additional Wild symbols onto the playing grid. These Wild symbols act as substitutes for other symbols, increasing the chances of creating winning combinations. The Random Wilds/Additional Wilds feature is entirely unpredictable, adding a touch of surprise to each spin. When triggered, players can experience a sudden influx of Wild symbols, potentially leading to more significant payouts. This feature not only enhances the overall thrill of the game but also provides an additional layer of strategy for players who may want to capitalize on the increased Wild presence to maximize their winning potential.


In the "Fat Santa" slot, the Wild symbol plays a crucial role in boosting players' chances of forming winning combinations. The Wild symbol, often represented by the jolly Santa Claus himself, functions as a substitute for other regular symbols on the reels. When the Wild symbol appears in a position where it can contribute to a winning line, it takes on the value of the needed symbol, helping players achieve more frequent and lucrative combinations. In addition to its substitution role, the Wild symbol in "Fat Santa" may also participate in various features, such as the Expanding Wild with re-spin or the Random Wilds/Additional Wilds. This versatility adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay, as the Wild symbol becomes a central element in both standard spins and bonus features.

Fat Santa Unique Features

The game's signature Expanding Wild with re-spin introduces an element of surprise and strategy as Santa himself expands to cover entire reels, prompting a re-spin for additional winning possibilities. This feature not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds a dynamic layer to the gameplay.

The Free Spins feature takes players on a special holiday journey, where Santa indulges in Christmas Pies to progressively enlarge and transform Wild symbols, creating an escalating sense of anticipation and potential for significant payouts. The Mega Symbol (3x3) steals the spotlight by gracing the reels with an oversized Santa face, dominating the screen and opening doors to substantial win opportunities across multiple paylines.

Adding an unpredictable twist, the game incorporates Random Wilds/Additional Wilds, featuring Santa's helpers tossing extra Wild symbols onto the grid during certain spins. This spontaneous feature keeps players on the edge of their seats, introducing an element of surprise to each spin. Lastly, the classic Wild symbol, adorned with the cheerful Santa, serves as a versatile substitute, enhancing the chances of forming winning combinations and tying together the festive theme.

Fat Santa Winning symbols

In the enchanting realm of "Fat Santa," the winning symbols bring festive cheer and lucrative rewards. The top-paying symbol, Santa, spreads joy with a generous payout of 20x for landing 5 symbols on a payline. Accompanying Santa on the reels is the Christmas Pie, doubling as Santa's helper, offering an equally rewarding 20x payout for 5 symbols on a payline. The whimsical Rudolf Reindeer follows closely, providing a charming 16x payout for a winning line of 5 symbols.

Fat Santa Winning symbols

The delightful Snowman brings a touch of winter magic with a 10x payout for 5 symbols on a payline, while the charming Present symbol adds to the holiday surprises with a 6x payout for a winning combination of 5 symbols. However, the true star and wild symbol of the game is Santa himself, enhancing winning possibilities and embodying the festive spirit.

Adding an extra layer of excitement, the Christmas Pie not only serves as a wild symbol but also acts as the scatter symbol. During the base game, Santa may make a whimsical appearance, throwing random wilds onto the reels in the form of Cherry Pies. While this may not always result in substantial payouts, it keeps the base game lively and engaging. To unlock the enchanting Free Spins feature, players need the magical combination of 1 Santa Wild symbol and at least 1 Cherry Pie Wild symbol. This initiates 5 free spins, during which Santa indulges in devouring pies, growing larger with every 5 wild pies consumed. As Fat Santa expands, covering the reels up to a massive 5x5 size, players not only enjoy an entertaining visual spectacle but also earn additional free spins, creating a thrilling and rewarding holiday adventure.

Fat Santa Sound & Gameplay

In "Fat Santa," the immersive sound and gameplay effortlessly transport players into a winter wonderland, perfectly capturing the essence of the holiday theme with a delightful touch of snow-covered magic. The soundtrack is a symphony of festive melodies, evoking the joyous spirit of the season. As the reels spin, the cheerful jingles and whimsical tunes create a harmonious backdrop, enhancing the overall holiday ambiance. The gameplay mirrors the snowy theme seamlessly, with crisp graphics portraying a charming winter landscape. The reels are adorned with holiday symbols, including Santa, Christmas Pies, Rudolf Reindeer, Snowmen, and Presents, all set against a backdrop of snowy scenes. The visual elements combine seamlessly with the sound design, creating a cohesive and enchanting experience that captures the warmth and magic of the holidays.

Fat Santa Mobile compatibility

"Fat Santa" extends its holiday cheer to players on both mobile devices and desktop platforms, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience across various devices. Whether you're on the go or at home, the slot's adaptation for mobile devices brings the festive fun to the palm of your hand, allowing players to spin the reels and enjoy the winter wonderland-themed gameplay anytime, anywhere. The mobile adaptation retains the game's high-quality graphics, ensuring that the snowy landscapes, charming characters, and festive symbols are just as enchanting on smaller screens. The intuitive touch controls make navigation a breeze, providing a user-friendly interface for players to easily access all the delightful features and bonuses that "Fat Santa" has to offer.

Fat Santa Big wins

Santa Symbol:
Multiplier: x500
Maximum Bet: 25
Maximum Win for Santa Symbol:
Calculation: 25 (maximum bet) * 500 (symbol multiplier) = 12,500 credits. 
In this scenario, landing 5 Santa symbols on a payline with a maximum bet of 25 would result in a maximum win of 12,500.

Santa's Helper Symbol:
Multiplier: x500
Maximum Bet: 25
Maximum Win for Santa's Helper Symbol:
Calculation: 25 (maximum bet) * 500 (symbol multiplier) = 12,500 credits. 
Similar to Santa, achieving 5 Santa's Helper symbols on a payline with a maximum bet of 25 yields a maximum win of 12,500.

Rudolf Reindeer Symbol:

Multiplier: x400
Maximum Bet: 25
Maximum Win for Rudolf Reindeer Symbol:
Calculation: 25 (maximum bet) * 400 (symbol multiplier) = 10,000 credits. 
Landing 5 Rudolf Reindeer symbols on a payline with a maximum bet of 25 results in a maximum win of 10,000.

Fat Santa Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 96.45%, offering players a favorable return on their bets.
  • Medium volatility strikes a balance between frequent payouts and the potential for substantial wins.
  • Lucrative maximum win of x6400.00, providing the opportunity for significant payouts.
  • Broad bet range from 0.25 to 25 caters to a variety of player preferences and budgets.
  • Diverse set of features, including Expanding Wild with re-spin, Free Spins, Mega Symbol (3x3), Random Wilds/Additional Wilds, and a versatile Wild symbol, creating an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience.


  • Medium volatility may not appeal to players seeking either extremely frequent wins or highly volatile, jackpot-focused gameplay.

Fat Santa Alternatives

  • Mount Magmas
  • Joker Troupe
  • Fat Rabbit


"Fat Santa" stands out as a delightful addition to the world of online slots, bringing the festive spirit to life with its charming holiday theme and innovative features. With a commendable RTP of 96.45%, a balanced medium volatility, and a max win potential of x6400.00, the game offers an enticing blend of entertainment and reward. The diverse range of features, including the captivating Expanding Wild with re-spin and the visually striking Mega Symbol (3x3), keeps players engaged. While the game's random features maintain excitement, some may find the standard payouts less remarkable. Nevertheless, Push Gaming's creation ensures a jolly good time for those seeking a spirited and visually enchanting holiday slot experience.




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The Mega Symbol (3x3), featuring Santa's oversized face, dominates the reels, creating ample opportunities for substantial wins across multiple paylines.

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