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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Dim Sum Prize Review

Explore the delectable world of Dim Sum Prize, a captivating slot crafted by Betsoft that made its debut on September 14, 2020. Immerse yourself in a gaming experience where innovation meets flavor, backed by Betsoft's cutting-edge software. With an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97.18%, this slot offers a balanced gameplay experience, coupled with a medium volatility that keeps the excitement steady. The potential for a satisfying x377.00 maximum win adds an extra layer of thrill to each spin.

Dim Sum Prize Review

Bet with confidence within a flexible bet range of 0.05 to 20, accommodating both cautious players and high rollers. Dim Sum Prize unfolds across 5 reels, boasting enticing features such as Free Spins, a dynamic RTP range, Scatter symbols, and Wilds, elevating the gaming dynamics to new heights. Delve into a world where traditional Chinese cuisine meets cutting-edge technology, creating a slot experience that's both visually appealing and rewarding. Discover the fusion of innovation and entertainment as you spin the reels of Dim Sum Prize.

Dim Sum Prize Features

Dim Sum Prize impresses with a plethora of cool features, including Free Spins, an adjustable RTP range, and engaging Scatter symbols and Wilds. The inclusion of these elements elevates the gameplay, offering a diverse and entertaining experience for players seeking excitement and variety.


In Dim Sum Prize, the Free Spins feature adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. When triggered, players are awarded a set number of spins without having to wager additional funds. This allows for extended play without affecting the player's balance. Additionally, during Free Spins, special enhancements, such as multipliers or additional Wild symbols, may come into play, increasing the potential for higher winnings. The Free Spins feature not only provides a break from regular spins but also introduces a dynamic element that can significantly boost the overall thrill and rewards of the gaming experience in Dim Sum Prize.

Scatter symbols

In Dim Sum Prize, Scatter symbols play a pivotal role in enhancing the excitement of the game. When Scatter symbols land on the reels in specific combinations, they often trigger unique bonuses or features. These symbols typically don't need to align on a specific payline to activate their effects, adding an element of unpredictability to the gameplay. For Dim Sum Prize, the Scatter symbols may initiate bonus rounds, free spins, or other special features when a required number appears on the reels simultaneously. These bonuses can vary and may include multipliers, additional free spins, or other enticing rewards. The inclusion of Scatter symbols adds a strategic element to the gameplay, as players anticipate the appearance of these special symbols for a chance to unlock additional perks and increase their overall winnings in this exciting slot experience.


In Dim Sum Prize, the Wild symbol serves as a versatile and valuable element within the gameplay. The Wild symbol typically acts as a substitute for other regular symbols on the reels, helping players form winning combinations more easily. When a Wild symbol lands in conjunction with other matching symbols, it contributes to completing or extending a winning payline. Beyond its substitution role, the Wild symbol in Dim Sum Prize may also come with additional features, such as multipliers or expanding capabilities. These enhancements can significantly boost the potential for larger payouts and create moments of heightened excitement during gameplay.

Dim Sum Prize Unique Features

What truly distinguishes Dim Sum Prize are its unique features. The Free Spins feature unfolds a world of excitement by granting players bonus spins without requiring additional wagers. During these free spins, the potential for added enhancements like multipliers adds an extra layer of thrill to the gaming experience. The inclusion of Scatter symbols introduces an element of surprise, triggering bonuses and free spins when they land in specific combinations.

Meanwhile, the Wild symbol in Dim Sum Prize is a culinary masterpiece, not only substituting for other symbols but also revealing additional capabilities such as multipliers or expanding features. This culinary-themed slot ensures that players are not only entertained by its delightful theme but also rewarded through a combination of innovative features, making Dim Sum Prize a standout choice for those seeking a unique and rewarding online slot experience.

Dim Sum Prize Winning symbols

The Dumpling Soup symbol takes center stage, enticing players with payouts ranging from x2 to an appetizing x25 the bet. Following suit is the Chicken Feet symbol, rewarding players with a flavorful range of x1 to x8 the bet. The Rice Noodle Roll symbol, with payouts from x1 to x4 the bet, adds a satisfying twist to the mix, while the Steamed Prawns symbol offers a succulent range of x0.4 to x3 the bet. Steamed Pork Buns and Baked Char Siu Bao Buns contribute their own delightful flavors, providing payouts from x0.4 to x1.6 and x0.2 to x1.2 the bet, respectively.

Dim Sum Prize Winning symbols

Adding to the thrill, the Crimson Coupon symbol plays a pivotal role in activating the Free Spins feature. Landing three or more Crimson Coupons triggers 5 free spins, during which these symbols transform into Teatime Wilds, held in place to initiate a respin. The base game also features Teatime Wilds, which, when landed, activate a free respin, with a maximum potential of 9 consecutive respins. To spice things up further, the Bamboo Basket symbol can randomly appear on reels 2, 3, or 4, revealing either a Crimson Coupon or a Teatime Wild. This innovative addition increases the chances of landing wins or unlocking the coveted free spins round, making Dim Sum Prize a delectable and engaging slot experience.

Dim Sum Prize Sound & Gameplay

The auditory and gaming experience of Dim Sum Prize harmoniously complements its delectable theme of Oriental cuisine, offering players a sensory journey through the flavors of China. The background music immerses players in a serene and culturally rich ambiance, featuring traditional instruments that resonate with the slot's Asian theme. The subtle sounds of sizzling and steaming, reminiscent of a bustling dim sum kitchen, enhance the immersive quality of the gameplay, creating an authentic atmosphere. In terms of gameplay, Dim Sum Prize provides a smooth and engaging interface, with visually appealing graphics that showcase intricate details of iconic Chinese dishes. The thematic symbols, coupled with the innovative features like the Bamboo Basket and Crimson Coupon, seamlessly blend with the overall design, creating a cohesive and enjoyable gaming experience. The thoughtful integration of sound and gameplay elements in Dim Sum Prize ensures that players not only savor the visual feast of the slot's theme but also delight in an immersive and entertaining journey through the flavors of Oriental cuisine.

Dim Sum Prize Mobile compatibility

Dim Sum Prize ensures a delightful gaming experience for players on the go and those seeking entertainment from the comfort of their desktop. With its seamless adaptation for both mobile devices and desktop platforms, players can indulge in the flavorful world of Dim Sum Prize anytime, anywhere. On mobile devices, the slot retains its vibrant graphics and engaging features, optimized for various screen sizes. The touch-friendly interface allows for easy navigation, ensuring that players can enjoy the culinary adventure of Dim Sum Prize with a simple tap of their fingertips. Whether on a smartphone or tablet, the game maintains its visual appeal and functionality, delivering a satisfying experience on the smaller screens.

Dim Sum Prize Big wins

In the maximum win scenario for Dim Sum Prize, the key lies in landing the highest paying symbols on a pay line while betting the maximum amount. Let's consider Dumpling Soup and Chicken Feet, which offer the highest multipliers. If you achieve a winning combination of 5 Dumpling Soup symbols on a pay line while betting the maximum amount of 20, the payout would be x500 the bet. Similarly, landing 5 Chicken Feet symbols on a pay line with the maximum bet would result in a payout of x160 the bet. In the ideal scenario, if both these high-paying symbols align on a pay line during a spin, the maximum win would be a sum of the individual multipliers, culminating in an exhilarating and significant overall payout.

Dumpling Soup:
Multiplier: x500
Maximum Bet: 20
Maximum Win for Dumpling Soup: 500 * 20 = 10,000 credits

Chicken Feet:
Multiplier: x160
Maximum Bet: 20
Maximum Win for Chicken Feet: 160 * 20 = 3,200 credits

Dim Sum Prize Pros & Cons


  • High Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97.18%, offering favorable odds for players.
  • Medium volatility provides a balanced gaming experience with a mix of regular wins and occasional larger payouts.
  • Generous maximum win potential of x377.00 adds excitement and reward to the gameplay.
  • Flexible bet range from 0.05 to 20 accommodates a variety of player preferences and budgets.


  • Limited information on specific RTP ranges or details about bonus features.
  • Some players may prefer slots with higher volatility for the potential of larger wins.

Dim Sum Prize Alternatives

  • 88 Frenzy Fortune 
  • Sushi Bar
  • Great 88


In conclusion, Dim Sum Prize by Betsoft is a savory addition to the world of online slots, offering players a delectable blend of high-quality graphics, engaging gameplay, and enticing features. With an impressive 97.18% RTP and medium volatility, the slot strikes a balance between consistent wins and thrilling payouts. The diverse range of winning symbols, coupled with innovative features like Free Spins and dynamic Wilds, ensures a flavorful and entertaining experience. Whether spinning the reels on a mobile device or desktop, Dim Sum Prize caters to a broad audience, inviting players to savor the excitement and potential rewards of this culinary-themed slot. It's a delightful feast for both slot enthusiasts and those seeking a taste of Asian-inspired gaming.




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Last Updated: Dec 06, 2023

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