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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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18+ | T&C applies

Dice Million Review

Introducing Google's exclusive review of the innovative slot sensation, "Dice Million," brought to you by the renowned software provider BGaming. This cutting-edge slot has taken the gambling world by storm since its much-anticipated release on August 18, 2023.

Dice Million boasts an impressive RTP of 97.10%, ensuring players have a fair chance at winning enticing rewards. The slot's medium-high volatility guarantees an exhilarating gaming experience, striking the perfect balance between frequent payouts and thrilling big wins.

With 5 reels and a maximum win of x3000.00, players are in for an adrenaline-pumping ride filled with endless possibilities. The game is brimming with exciting features, including Expanding Symbols, a Risk/Gamble (Double) game, Scatter symbols, Stack, and Wilds, ensuring every spin is packed with excitement and surprises.

Dice Million Slot Review

Dice Million Features

Dice Million is packed with a multitude of cool features, including Expanding Symbols, Risk/Gamble (Double) game, Scatter symbols, Stack, and Wilds, making it a thrilling and feature-rich slot game. Players are in for an action-packed experience with a variety of exciting gameplay elements to keep them entertained throughout their gaming journey.

Expanding Symbols

Expanding Symbols is a captivating feature that adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay in the Dice Million slot. When the Expanding Symbols feature is triggered, it works as follows: Whenever a specific symbol, designated by the game, appears on one or more reels, it has the ability to expand and cover the entire reel it landed on. This can occur during the base game or even during bonus rounds like free spins.

Risk/Gamble (Double) game

The Risk/Gamble (Double) game is an intriguing and optional feature offered in the Dice Million slot, providing players with an opportunity to potentially double their winnings. After a winning spin in the base game, players are presented with the option to enter the Risk/Gamble (Double) game. This is entirely optional, and players can choose to collect their winnings and continue with the regular gameplay if they prefer.  If players decide to take the gamble, they will be taken to a separate screen or mini-game. In most cases, it involves a simple guessing game, where the player must choose the correct outcome from two options.

Scatter symbols

They serve as special symbols that can trigger various bonuses and rewards, irrespective of their position on the reels. In Dice Million, when a certain number of Scatter symbols appear on the reels (typically three or more), they often trigger a Free Spins bonus round. During this bonus round, players are awarded a predetermined number of free spins without needing to place additional bets. This presents an excellent opportunity to win without spending any additional credits. 


The Stack feature involves grouping identical symbols vertically on a single reel or across several adjacent reels. This means that when the reels stop spinning, there's a chance that one or more reels will be completely filled with the same symbol. When a Stack of symbols appears on the reels, it significantly increases the player's winning potential. With multiple reels displaying the same symbol, the chances of creating winning combinations across multiple paylines are greatly enhanced.


The Wild symbol acts as a substitute for most other regular symbols in the game. When it appears on the reels alongside matching symbols, it can help complete winning combinations. For example, if you have two identical symbols on a payline, and a Wild symbol appears next to them, it will effectively act as a third matching symbol, resulting in a winning combination.

Dice Million Unique Features

Dice Million introduces the excitement of Expanding Symbols. When specific symbols land on the reels, they have the extraordinary ability to expand and cover entire reels. This feature dramatically enhances the potential for bigger wins, as it creates more opportunities for matching symbols to align on adjacent reels.

After a winning spin, players have the choice to enter the Risk/Gamble (Double) game. Here, they can take a chance to double their winnings by correctly guessing the outcome of a simple game of chance. It's a high-stakes decision that can either boost their winnings or leave them empty-handed.

The game's Scatter symbols provide a pathway to even more rewards. When three or more Scatters appear anywhere on the reels, players trigger a thrilling Free Spins bonus round. During this round, players can enjoy a set number of free spins without using additional credits, while also having the potential to activate other bonuses like multipliers.

The Stack feature brings a sense of excitement and anticipation. Identical symbols can stack on top of each other on a reel or across multiple adjacent reels, significantly increasing the chances of landing winning combinations across multiple paylines.

The Wild symbol acts as a powerful substitute for regular symbols, aiding in the completion of winning combinations. It may also expand vertically to cover entire reels, opening up a wealth of possibilities for achieving substantial payouts.

Dice Million Winning symbols

Golden Cube with 7 represents luck and prosperity, featuring a golden cube adorned with the lucky number 7. Landing this symbol on the reels can lead to exciting payouts, offering rewards ranging from x10 to x100 times your bet. Keep an eye out for this auspicious symbol as it holds the potential to bring bountiful wins.

Another symbol in Dice Million is a cube with a single dot. While seemingly simple, this symbol packs a punch in terms of payouts. Similar to the golden cube with 7, this symbol can award players with prizes between x10 to x100 times their initial bet, presenting a great opportunity for rewarding spins.

The Wild Symbol represented by a golden cube adorned with black dots, the Wild symbol is a game-changer in Dice Million. As a versatile icon, it has the power to substitute for most other regular symbols, aiding players in completing winning combinations. Additionally, when the Wild symbol expands to cover entire reels, players can enjoy even more significant wins.

The Scatters in Dice Million open the door to exciting bonus features. When three or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels, they trigger the coveted Free Spins bonus round. This bonus not only grants players a set number of free spins but also has the potential to activate other bonuses like multipliers, enhancing the chances of securing substantial rewards.

Dice Million Slot Winning symbols

Dice Million Sound & Gameplay

The soundtrack may feature upbeat tunes, cheerful melodies, or even celebratory sounds upon landing winning combinations. Additionally, the game may incorporate sound effects that synchronize with specific events, such as the roll of dice or the appearance of special symbols, further immersing players in the thrilling atmosphere of the game. Dice Million offers a seamless and user-friendly gameplay interface, making it easy for both seasoned players and newcomers to enjoy the action. The game's controls are intuitive, allowing players to adjust their bet size, activate paylines, and spin the reels with ease. Its high-quality graphics and animations create visually appealing symbols and dynamic reel movements, adding to the overall enjoyment.

Dice Million Mobile compatibility

The developers have put in considerable effort to optimize Dice Million for mobile devices, ensuring that the game functions flawlessly across various screen sizes and resolutions. The mobile version retains the same high-quality graphics, smooth animations, and engaging sound effects found in the desktop version, delivering a visually stunning and immersive gameplay experience.

Dice Million Big wins

In the maximum win scenario, the player bets the maximum amount of $100 and lands the most lucrative combination on the reels, which includes:

Five Wild Symbols: The Wild symbols appear on all five reels, and they substitute for the highest-paying symbol (Golden Cube with 7) on each payline. The Wilds combine with the Golden Cube with 7 symbols to form a winning combination on all paylines.

The Calculation:

Assuming a x500 multiplier for the Wild symbol and x100 multiplier for the Golden Cube with 7, the calculation for the maximum win would be as follows:

Maximum Win = (Maximum Bet) x (Multiplier for Golden Cube with 7) x (Multiplier for Wild Symbol)

Maximum Win = $100 x 100 x 500 = $5,000,000

Dice Million Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 97.10%, providing players with a favorable return on their bets.
  • Medium-high volatility offers a balanced mix of frequent payouts and the potential for significant wins.
  • Expanding Symbols feature enhances winning opportunities by covering entire reels with matching symbols.
  • Risk/Gamble (Double) game adds excitement and the chance to double winnings for the daring players.
  • Scatter symbols trigger rewarding Free Spins bonus rounds with multipliers and other bonuses.
  • Stack feature increases the likelihood of landing winning combinations with stacked identical symbols.
  • Wilds act as versatile substitutes, aiding in completing winning combinations and expanding for bigger wins.


  • While medium-high volatility can be thrilling, it may not appeal to players seeking a more relaxed and low-risk gaming experience.
  • The Risk/Gamble (Double) game carries inherent risk, and players could lose their winnings if they make incorrect guesses.

Dice Million Alternatives

  • Dice Bonanza
  • Scratch Dice
  • Sic Bo


Dice Million by BGaming is an exhilarating slot game that delivers a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience. With its high RTP of 97.10% and medium-high volatility, players can anticipate a fair chance at substantial wins. The innovative features, including Expanding Symbols, the Risk/Gamble (Double) game, Scatter symbols, Stack, and Wilds, keep the gameplay engaging and dynamic. While the game offers exciting opportunities for big payouts, players should approach the Risk/Gamble feature with caution, as it entails the possibility of losing winnings. Overall, Dice Million's mobile adaptability, captivating gameplay, and diverse features make it a standout choice for slot enthusiasts seeking an action-packed adventure with the potential for impressive rewards.




Leo Harris

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2023

Leo Harris is a respected author and expert at With a passion for online slot games, Leo thoroughly tests and reviews the latest titles, providing valuable insights to players. His comprehensive evaluations cover gameplay, graphics, and overall entertainment value, helping readers make informed choices. Leo's captivating writing style and industry expertise have earned him a loyal following, making him a trusted voice in the online gambling community.

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The maximum win in Dice Million is x3000.00, offering the chance for substantial rewards.

The Wild symbol acts as a versatile substitute for most regular symbols, helping complete winning combinations and even expanding to cover entire reels.

Yes, Dice Million is optimized for mobile play, offering a seamless and convenient gaming experience on smartphones and tablets.

The frequency of Scatter-triggered Free Spins may vary, but landing three or more Scatters can lead to exciting bonus rounds with the potential for multiplied winnings.

While Dice Million features the Risk/Gamble (Double) game, there are no additional mini-games. However, the slot's diverse features offer ample excitement and rewarding gameplay.