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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling Review

Experience the enchanting world of Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling, a captivating online slot game brought to you by Greentube. Released on November 22, 2022, Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling offers a unique blend of entertainment and winning potential. With an RTP of 95.04% and high volatility, players can anticipate thrilling highs and heart-pounding moments. The game's maximum win of x50000.00 adds an exhilarating touch to the gameplay, creating a sense of anticipation with every spin.

Greentube's dedication to innovation shines through in this slot's design, boasting 5 reels that come alive with a myriad of features. From Bonus Games and Bonus Symbols to the excitement of a Bonus Wheel and the innovative Book of... mechanic, the game's diverse features keep players engaged and entertained.

The betting range of 0.4 to 40 accommodates various playing styles, making Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling accessible to both casual players and high rollers. Whether you're a fan of Free Spins, Multipliers, or Wilds, this slot has it all. The incorporation of Random Bonus Symbols, Respins, Symbol Swaps, and the captivating Symbols Collection (Energy) feature further elevate the gameplay experience.

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Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling Features

Embark on an exciting adventure with Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling, a slot that boasts a plethora of thrilling features including Bonus Games, Free Spins, Multipliers, Respins, and more. With a wide array of 15 unique features including Wilds, Bonus Symbols, and the innovative Book of... mechanic, this slot ensures an immersive and action-packed gameplay experience.

Bonus Game

In Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling slot, the Bonus Game is a special feature that offers players an opportunity to engage in an additional gameplay mode beyond the regular spinning of the reels. Once the Bonus Game is triggered, players are taken to a new screen or environment where they can participate in a different type of activity or mini-game. This can range from picking objects to reveal hidden prizes, solving puzzles, or even engaging in interactive storytelling elements related to the theme of the slot.

Bonus symbols

In Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling slot, Bonus symbols are special icons that play a crucial role in unlocking various bonus features and enhancing the overall gameplay experience. These symbols are designed to provide players with extra opportunities for winning bigger rewards or triggering unique in-game events. When Bonus symbols appear on the reels of the slot, they typically need to land in specific positions or quantities to activate their associated features.

Bonus wheel

This special wheel is typically triggered by specific combinations of symbols or events in the game and offers players the chance to win various prizes. When the Bonus Wheel is activated, players are presented with a spinning wheel divided into different segments, each representing a different prize or bonus. These prizes can include cash rewards, multipliers that boost your winnings, free spins, or entry into a bonus game.

Book of ... mechanic

The "Book of..." symbol serves as both a Scatter symbol and a Wild symbol. This means that it can substitute for other symbols on the reels to help form winning combinations, and it can also trigger bonus features regardless of its position on the reels. When a certain number of "Book of..." symbols land on the reels, typically three or more, they trigger the Free Spins feature. This feature grants the player a specific number of free spins, during which an additional special expanding symbol is chosen randomly.

Random reward

This feature is designed to enhance the excitement by offering players unexpected rewards at various points during their gameplay experience. Once the Random Reward feature is triggered, the game's software selects a reward from a predetermined pool of possibilities. This reward could include extra credits, multipliers applied to your winnings, additional free spins, or even access to a special bonus game.

Prize Line

The Prize Line feature introduces alternative ways for symbols to form patterns on the reels. These patterns could include diagonal lines, zigzags, clusters, or other non-standard configurations. When the reels come to a stop, the symbols on the screen are evaluated to see if they form any of the predetermined Prize Line patterns. If the symbols match one of these patterns, a prize is awarded to the player.

Random bonus symbols

Random Bonus Symbols can appear on the reels at any point during the base game or bonus rounds. Unlike regular symbols, their appearance is not tied to specific paylines or combinations. When a Random Bonus Symbol lands on the reels, it serves as a trigger for a bonus event or reward. This event can vary and might include things like triggering a Free Spins round, activating a bonus game, or awarding instant prizes.

Symbol Swap

This feature involves the transformation or replacement of certain symbols on the reels to create new winning combinations. When the Symbol Swap feature is activated, certain symbols on the reels are replaced or transformed into another type of symbol. This can lead to the creation of new winning combinations or enhance existing ones.

Symbols collection (Energy)

The "Symbols Collection (Energy)" feature in Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling slot introduces a gameplay mechanic that involves collecting special symbols or "energy" throughout your play. This feature can lead to various rewards, enhancements, or bonus events as you accumulate these symbols. Certain symbols on the reels are designated as "energy" symbols. Every time one of these symbols lands on the reels, it contributes to your energy collection or progress bar. The more energy symbols you collect, the closer you get to triggering a special event.


It serves as a versatile and valuable symbol that can enhance your chances of creating winning combinations. The Wild symbol acts as a substitute for most other regular symbols on the reels. This means that when a Wild symbol appears in a position where it can complete or improve a winning combination, it will transform into the symbol needed to achieve that combination.

Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling Unique Features

Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling slot offers a captivating gaming experience with its array of unique and innovative features. From the enchanting world of Greentube, this slot stands out with its inventive mechanics. One standout feature is the "Symbols Collection (Energy)" which involves gathering special energy symbols as you play, unlocking thrilling events as your progress bar fills. The "Book of..." mechanic brings excitement, acting as both a Wild and Scatter symbol, triggering Free Spins and expanding symbols for potential big wins. The game's "Random Bonus Symbols" surprise players with unexpected rewards or bonus events, while the "Prize Line" feature introduces novel ways to win by forming unconventional symbol patterns. These features, combined with others like the "Symbol Swap" and the "Bonus Wheel," make Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling a truly engaging and unique slot adventure that keeps players captivated and entertained.

Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling Winning symbols

Ugly Duckling symbol: Ranging from x0.90 to x15.00

Swan symbol: Also ranging from x0.90 to x15.00

Turkey symbol: Offers payouts between x0.60 and x3.00

Cat symbol: Similar payouts ranging from x0.60 to x3.00

Chicken symbol: Presents payouts between x0.30 and x1.50

Winning Symbols

Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling Sound & Gameplay

The accompanying sound effects and background music are carefully crafted to enhance the thematic elements of the game, immersing players into the enchanting world of the Ugly Duckling story. The gameplay is seamless and dynamic, with smooth reel animations and visually appealing graphics that bring the narrative to life. The incorporation of various innovative features keeps players engaged, offering a combination of traditional mechanics and modern twists. Whether it's triggering the "Book of..." mechanic for Free Spins, anticipating surprise rewards from the "Random Bonus Symbols," or strategizing with the "Symbols Collection (Energy)," every spin brings a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling Mobile compatibility

Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling slot offers a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for players on mobile devices. With its adaptive design, the game ensures that players can delve into the enchanting world of the Ugly Duckling story on the go, whether they're using smartphones or tablets. The mobile adaptation retains the same captivating graphics, innovative features, and engaging gameplay as its desktop counterpart. The user interface is optimized for touchscreens, making it easy for players to navigate through the various features and settings.

Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling Big wins

Maximum Bet: Suppose the player places the maximum bet of 40 credits.

Combination: To achieve the maximum win, you'd want to align a winning combination that involves both the Ugly Duckling symbol and the Swan symbol on the paylines.

Multiplier Calculation: With the highest multiplier of x15.00 for both symbols, the calculation would be as follows:

Ugly Duckling symbol x15.00 = 15 x 40 = 600 credits

Swan symbol x15.00 = 15 x 40 = 600 credits

Total Maximum Win: Adding the potential wins from both symbols, the total maximum win for that specific spin would be 600 credits + 600 credits = 1200 credits.

Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling Pros & Cons


  • Engaging Storyline: Based on the Ugly Duckling fairy tale, offering an immersive thematic experience.
  • Innovative Features: A wide variety of innovative features, such as "Symbols Collection (Energy)" and "Book of..." mechanic.
  • High Maximum Win: The potential to win up to x50000.00 of your bet adds excitement.
  • Diverse Betting Range: Accommodates both low and high-stakes players with a betting range of 0.4 - 40.
  • Captivating Visuals: Eye-catching graphics and animations enhance the overall visual appeal.
  • High RTP: A return-to-player rate of 95.04% improves chances of winning over extended gameplay.


  • High Volatility: The game's high volatility might lead to periods of unpredictability and potential fluctuations in wins.

Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling Alternatives

  • Totally Wild 
  • Orca
  • Wild Country


Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling delivers a captivating blend of storytelling and innovative gameplay. With its enchanting theme, cutting-edge features like "Symbols Collection (Energy)" and the enticing "Book of..." mechanic, the slot offers an engaging journey through both its narrative and gameplay. While its high volatility may require some risk tolerance, the potential for substantial wins, along with the visually appealing graphics and high RTP, make for an enticing gaming experience. Whether you're drawn in by its thematic charm or enticed by its array of features, Diamond Tales: The Ugly Duckling presents an adventure that balances excitement and strategy for those seeking a truly unique slot experience.




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Unlike traditional paylines, the "Prize Line" feature introduces creative ways to form symbol patterns, offering alternative avenues for winning.

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