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180% bonus for your first deposit!

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Deadly 5 Review

Delve into the captivating world of Deadly 5, a cutting-edge slot masterpiece brought to you by Push Gaming, released on August 31, 2022. This gripping slot adventure boasts an enticing RTP of 96.39%, promising players a fair chance to secure wins. With medium volatility, the game strikes a harmonious balance between regular payouts and thrilling, high-stakes moments.

Deadly 5 Review

Deadly 5 offers an impressive maximum win potential of x5000.00 your bet, providing ample opportunities for players to strike it big. The betting range is versatile, spanning from a modest 0.10 to a high-roller-friendly 100, accommodating players of all preferences.

Embark on a five-reel journey, where the game's rich feature set elevates the excitement. Engage with Buy Feature, Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, RTP range adjustments, Scatter symbols that unlock hidden treasures, Sticky Wilds that cling to your reels, and Wilds that enhance your winning prospects.

Deadly 5 Features

Deadly 5 is jam-packed with an impressive array of seven exciting features, including Buy Feature, Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, RTP range adjustments, Scatter symbols, Sticky Wilds, and Wilds, ensuring a thrilling and dynamic gaming experience like no other.

Buy Feature

The Buy Feature is a unique gameplay mechanic that allows players to instantly trigger the game's lucrative Free Spins feature without having to wait for the traditional method of landing a specific number of Scatter symbols on the reels. Once the Buy Feature is activated and the cost is paid, the game awards the player a set number of Free Spins immediately, often with additional enhancements like Sticky Wilds or Multipliers, depending on the specific game's design. The Free Spins feature is where players have the chance to win big, as it often includes special modifiers or additional features that increase the potential for larger payouts.

Expanding Symbols

Expanding Symbols are typically activated during the Free Spins feature, although some base game features or special symbols may trigger them as well. In Deadly 5, you're most likely to encounter Expanding Symbols during the Free Spins bonus round. When the Expanding Symbols feature is triggered, the game selects a specific symbol (often a regular paying symbol) at random or through some other predetermined method. This symbol is then designated as the "Expanding Symbol" for the duration of the feature. When the selected symbol appears on the reels during the Free Spins or the base game (if applicable), it has the special ability to expand and cover entire reels or multiple positions on the same reel. This expansion can happen vertically, horizontally, or in various patterns depending on the game's design.


This feature offers players the chance to spin the reels without wagering their own money, often with additional perks. Once the Free Spins feature is triggered, you are rewarded with a set number of free spins. The number of spins can vary depending on the game's design and the number of Scatter symbols that triggered the feature. During the Free Spins feature in Deadly 5, you might encounter various enhancements such as Expanding Symbols, Sticky Wilds, Multipliers, or other special features. These enhancements are designed to increase your chances of winning and make the gameplay more exciting.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols in Deadly 5 are typically special symbols that are easily distinguishable from regular symbols on the reels. They often have unique designs or labels, making them stand out.
The primary function of Scatter symbols is to trigger bonus features, such as Free Spins or bonus games. In Deadly 5, for instance, you usually need to land a certain number of Scatter symbols on the reels during a single spin to activate the game's Free Spins feature or other bonuses. Scatter symbols can also offer direct payouts when you land a specific number of them on the reels, regardless of their position or whether they are on a payline.  When Scatter symbols trigger bonus features like Free Spins in Deadly 5, these features often come with additional enhancements, such as Expanding Symbols, Multipliers, or Sticky Wilds, making the bonus round more exciting and potentially more rewarding.

Sticky Wilds

Like regular Wild symbols, Sticky Wilds can substitute for other symbols in the game to create winning combinations. When they appear on the reels, they can act as a stand-in for any symbol (except for Scatter symbols or other special symbols) to help you form winning lines. What sets Sticky Wilds apart is their "sticky" nature. When a Sticky Wild lands on the reels, it remains in place for a predetermined number of spins or until specific conditions are met. This means that it "sticks" to the reel, contributing to multiple winning opportunities over multiple spins. Sticky Wilds significantly increase your chances of winning, as they can remain on the screen for several spins, continually substituting for other symbols. This can lead to more frequent and larger payouts during the time they are "stuck" to the reels.


Wild symbols in Deadly 5 are represented by special icons, often labeled with the word "wild." These symbols have the unique ability to substitute for most other symbols on the reels, except for specific symbols like Scatters or bonus symbols. When a Wild symbol appears in a winning combination, it takes on the value of the symbol needed to create the highest-paying winning line. The primary function of Wild symbols is to increase your chances of winning. They can help you complete winning combinations that would not have been possible without their presence. For example, if you have two matching symbols on a payline and a Wild symbol appears in the right position, it effectively turns that combination into a winning one.

Deadly 5 Unique Features

One of its standout features is the "Buy Feature." Here, players can take control of their destiny by paying a cost to instantly activate the game's coveted Free Spins feature. No need to wait for those elusive Scatter symbols; this option lets you dive straight into the heart of the action.

During Free Spins, Deadly 5 introduces "Expanding Symbols." These special symbols have the remarkable ability to expand, covering entire reels and significantly boosting your chances of hitting winning combinations. This feature adds a dynamic and exciting dimension to the gameplay.

Sticky Wilds are another exciting addition. When these wild symbols land on the reels, they remain in place for multiple spins, enhancing your winning potential both in the base game and during Free Spins.

Speaking of Free Spins, they are the core of the action, triggered by landing Scatter symbols. Once activated, this bonus round provides an opportunity to accumulate wins, especially when combined with Expanding Symbols and Sticky Wilds.

Deadly 5 Winning symbols

The Sheriff Badge serves as the game's Wild symbol. It not only helps you complete winning combinations by substituting for other symbols but also offers substantial payouts. For the maximum bet, it can reward players with impressive wins ranging from x500 to an astonishing x25,000.

The Money Vault symbol acts as the Scatter symbol in Deadly 5. Landing 3 or more Money Vault Scatters triggers the Sheriff's Bonus Feature. During this bonus round, players can win substantial rewards, with payouts ranging from x300 to x5,000 for those playing at the maximum bet.

Deadly 5 Winning symbols

El Fuego is a high-paying symbol, offering rewards ranging from x250 to x7,500 for players betting the maximum amount. Landing this symbol can lead to significant wins.

Irene 'Bullseye' is another valuable symbol, providing payouts ranging from x200 to x6,250 when betting at the maximum level. It's a symbol that can help boost your winnings.

Eliza 'Ryder' offers rewards ranging from x150 to x5,000 at the maximum bet. This symbol adds excitement to the game with the potential for substantial payouts.

Billy the Bull is a rewarding symbol, granting players payouts ranging from x100 to x3,750 when betting the maximum amount. It's another symbol to keep an eye on during your spins.

These symbols offer moderate rewards, ranging from x50 to x500 for those playing at the maximum bet. While not as high-paying as some of the other symbols, they can still contribute to your overall winnings.

Boots and Horseshoes are the lower-paying symbols in Deadly 5, providing rewards from x40 to x400 when playing at the maximum bet.

Deadly 5 Sound & Gameplay

Deadly 5's sound design transports players straight into the heart of the Wild West. You'll be greeted with the nostalgic twang of a western guitar, creating an authentic atmosphere reminiscent of classic western films. The game's audio adapts seamlessly to the gameplay. You'll hear the excitement build as you spin the reels, with intensified sounds during wins and bonus triggers. Interactive Bonus Features: Deadly 5's gameplay is enriched by a variety of bonus features, including Expanding Symbols, Sticky Wilds, and the Sheriff's Bonus Feature triggered by the Money Vault Scatter. These features add depth and excitement to the gameplay, keeping players engaged and eager to explore what the Wild West has to offer. One of the game's unique aspects is its adjustable RTP range, allowing players to customize their risk level. This strategic element adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay, empowering players to make choices that suit their preferences. With the potential to win up to x25,000 your bet, Deadly 5 offers players a thrilling chance at substantial rewards. The promise of a high maximum win adds a sense of anticipation and excitement to each spin.

Deadly 5 Mobile compatibility

The game features a responsive design that automatically adjusts to different screen sizes and orientations. Whether you're playing on a smartphone or tablet, Deadly 5 optimizes its layout and interface for the best possible mobile experience. Mobile players will appreciate the touch-friendly controls, making it easy to spin the reels, adjust bets, and access game features with a simple tap or swipe. On desktop, Deadly 5 shines with its high-quality graphics and detailed animations. The Wild West theme comes to life on larger screens, immersing players in the rugged frontier atmosphere.

Deadly 5 Big wins

El Fuego:
Maximum Multiplier: x7500
Maximum Win with El Fuego = 100 (Maximum Bet) * 7500 (Maximum Multiplier) = 750,000 credits

Irene 'Bullseye':
Maximum Multiplier: x6250
Maximum Win with Irene 'Bullseye' = 100 (Maximum Bet) * 6250 (Maximum Multiplier) = 625,000 credits

Eliza 'Ryder':
Maximum Multiplier: x5000
Maximum Win with Eliza 'Ryder' = 100 (Maximum Bet) * 5000 (Maximum Multiplier) = 500,000 credits

Deadly 5 Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 96.39% offers favorable odds for players.
  • Exciting and diverse range of features, including Expanding Symbols, Free Spins, and Sticky Wilds.
  • Maximum win potential of x5000 your bet promises substantial rewards.
  • Buy Feature option lets players skip to the Free Spins round.


  • High volatility enthusiasts may prefer more risk.

Deadly 5 Alternatives

  • Power Force Villains
  • Power Force Heroes
  • Mad Cars


Deadly 5 slot by Push Gaming is a thrilling journey into the Wild West, offering an enticing mix of features and potential rewards. With a favorable RTP of 96.39%, medium volatility, and a maximum win potential of x5000 your bet, it provides a balanced gaming experience. The game's versatility shines through its adjustable RTP range and compatibility with both mobile and desktop platforms. Its standout features, including Expanding Symbols, Sticky Wilds, and Free Spins, keep players engaged with every spin. While the Buy Feature adds a unique twist, it's essential to consider its cost. Overall, Deadly 5 captures the essence of the Wild West and invites players to test their luck in a high-stakes frontier adventure, making it a compelling choice for both casual and experienced slot enthusiasts.




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Last Updated: Oct 05, 2023

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The Buy Feature allows you to instantly trigger the Free Spins round at a cost, bypassing the need to wait for Scatter symbols.

The game offers a maximum win potential of x5000 your bet, promising substantial rewards for lucky players.

Yes, Expanding Symbols make their appearance exclusively during the Free Spins feature, enhancing your winning potential.

Sticky Wilds remain in place for multiple spins, significantly increasing your chances of creating winning combinations.

Yes, Deadly 5 is optimized for both mobile and desktop play, ensuring a seamless gaming experience on various devices.