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Cheeky Monkeys Review

Introducing the vibrant world of "Cheeky Monkeys," a captivating online slot crafted by the renowned game developer, Booming Games. Released on February 16, 2019, this slot boasts a delightful ensemble of features that promise an engaging gaming experience.
Embark on a thrilling adventure across the 6 reels of "Cheeky Monkeys," where the mischievous primate theme comes to life. With an enticing RTP of 95.24% and a medium volatility level, players can anticipate a balance between frequent wins and exciting payouts. The bet range from 0.10 to 500 offers flexibility for players of various preferences.

Cheeky Monkeys Review
What sets "Cheeky Monkeys" apart are its compelling features, including Substitution Symbols, FreeSpins, FreeSpins Multiplier, Multiplier, Scatter symbols, and Wilds. These elements enhance the gameplay, providing ample opportunities for both seasoned and novice players to revel in the excitement.

Cheeky Monkeys Features

Cheeky Monkeys packs a punch with an array of cool features, including Substitution Symbols, FreeSpins, FreeSpins Multiplier, Multiplier, Scatter symbols, and Wilds. This slot is a treasure trove of excitement, ensuring players a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience with its diverse set of features.
Feature: Substitution Symbols
In "Cheeky Monkeys," the Substitution Symbols feature adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. When these symbols appear on the reels, they act as versatile substitutes for other regular symbols, enhancing the chances of creating winning combinations. This substitution capability increases the overall potential for generating lucrative payouts, making the Cheeky Monkeys slot both entertaining and rewarding for players. Keep an eye out for these clever symbols as they swing onto the reels, turning ordinary spins into opportunities for thrilling victories.

FreeSpins Multiplier

In the Cheeky Monkeys slot, the FreeSpins Multiplier feature adds an exhilarating twist to the FreeSpins round. When players activate the FreeSpins feature, any winnings accumulated during this bonus phase are subject to a multiplier. This means that the payout for each winning combination is increased by the specified multiplier value, enhancing the overall reward potential. For example, if a player lands a winning combination during the FreeSpins round and the multiplier is set to x3, the actual payout for that combination will be tripled. The FreeSpins Multiplier thus acts as a multiplier boost during the free spins, significantly amplifying the excitement and potential winnings for players fortunate enough to trigger this enticing feature in the Cheeky Monkeys slot.


In the Cheeky Monkeys slot, the Multiplier feature contributes to the excitement and potential for increased winnings. When the Multiplier is applied, it boosts the payout of a winning combination by a specified factor. For example, if a player lands a winning combination with a multiplier of x2, the actual payout for that combination is doubled. This feature adds a dynamic element to the gameplay, as it introduces the possibility of significantly larger rewards for players fortunate enough to trigger a winning spin with an active multiplier. The Multiplier in Cheeky Monkeys enhances the thrill of each spin, offering the chance for more substantial payouts and making the slot even more enticing for those seeking both entertainment and lucrative rewards.

Scatter symbols

In the Cheeky Monkeys slot, Scatter symbols play a key role in unlocking special features and enhancing the overall excitement of the game. When Scatter symbols land on the reels in a specified number or configuration, they typically trigger a bonus feature or free spins round. The exact requirements for the Scatter symbols to activate these features may vary from slot to slot. For example, in Cheeky Monkeys, landing a certain number of Scatter symbols may trigger the FreeSpins feature or other bonus rounds. These bonus features often come with additional perks, such as multipliers or extra Wild symbols, making the Scatter symbols crucial for boosting both entertainment and potential winnings.


In the Cheeky Monkeys slot, the Wild symbol acts as a versatile and powerful icon, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. The Wild symbol can substitute for other regular symbols on the reels, helping players complete winning combinations. For instance, if you have two matching symbols on a payline along with a Wild symbol, the Wild will act as a substitute for the missing symbol, turning the combination into a winning one. Additionally, in some slots, including Cheeky Monkeys, Wild symbols may have their own payout values. Landing multiple Wild symbols on an active payline can result in substantial winnings, often offering higher payouts than regular symbols.

Cheeky Monkeys Unique Features

One of the standout features is the Substitution Symbols, injecting excitement by serving as versatile substitutes. These symbols significantly augment the potential for creating winning combinations, adding an extra layer of anticipation to each spin.

The FreeSpins feature propels players into a thrilling phase, granting a set number of spins without consuming their credits. What elevates this experience further is the FreeSpins Multiplier, which multiplies the excitement and potential winnings, making every free spin an opportunity for more substantial rewards.

The Multiplier feature in Cheeky Monkeys enhances the thrill by boosting the payout of winning combinations. This strategic addition transforms ordinary spins into lucrative opportunities, contributing to the overall excitement of the game.

Scatter symbols play a pivotal role in unlocking bonus rounds, while the mischievous Wild symbols swing into action, acting as versatile substitutes and potentially leading to high payouts. Cheeky Monkeys not only captivates with its entertaining primate theme but also distinguishes itself with a diverse set of rewarding features, creating an immersive and memorable gaming experience for players seeking both enjoyment and fortune.

Cheeky Monkeys Winning symbols

Cheeky Monkeys introduces an enticing array of winning symbols, each contributing to the excitement of the game. The mischievous Monkey takes center stage, offering a rewarding 60x line stake for landing five on a pay line. The regal Gorilla follows suit, generously rewarding players with 75x their line stake, while the Orangutan steals the show with a fantastic payout of 90x the stake per line.

Cheeky Monkeys Winning symbols

Delving into the tropical delights, the Coconut provides a solid 10x return on the line bet, while the Pineapple sweetens the deal with a 12x stake per line. Moving along the fruity spectrum, the Banana tempts players with a 15x return on their bet per line, and the zesty Lime offers a refreshing 20x payout.

The Wild symbol, a true standout, steals the spotlight by giving an impressive 200x line stake for a formation of five on a pay line. This versatile Wild substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter, opening doors to high rewards and enhancing winning combinations.

Speaking of Scatters, the SC symbol takes on a pivotal role. Landing three Scatter symbols on the Bonus Reel triggers a rewarding feature: 5 Free Spins with a remarkable 5x Multiplier applied to all wins. Notably, additional Free Spins can only be attained by landing +1 Scatters on the Bonus Reel, keeping the anticipation high as players navigate the jungle-themed adventure of Cheeky Monkeys.

Cheeky Monkeys Sound & Gameplay

In the immersive world of Cheeky Monkeys, the fusion of captivating sound design and engaging gameplay transports players deep into a vibrant jungle teeming with mischievous primates. The auditory experience mirrors the theme flawlessly, with playful monkey chatter, rustling leaves, and the ambient sounds of the jungle creating an authentic and immersive atmosphere. The gameplay of Cheeky Monkeys is as spirited as its theme. The six reels offer ample opportunities for winning combinations, and the variety of symbols, including the cheeky monkeys themselves, adds a delightful touch to the overall experience. The inclusion of special features like Substitution Symbols, Free Spins, and Wilds ensures that the gameplay remains dynamic and rewarding, keeping players engaged as they swing through the lush foliage of this monkey-themed adventure.

Cheeky Monkeys Mobile compatibility

Cheeky Monkeys slot extends its entertaining jungle adventure seamlessly across both mobile devices and desktop platforms, ensuring players can enjoy the thrilling gameplay anytime, anywhere. The adaptation for mobile devices is a testament to the game's accessibility and commitment to providing a flexible and enjoyable gaming experience. Whether players choose to embark on the cheeky escapade from the comfort of their desktop or prefer the convenience of mobile play, Cheeky Monkeys maintains its high-quality graphics, smooth animations, and engaging features across all platforms. The user-friendly interface ensures that navigating the game, adjusting bets, and spinning the reels is a seamless experience, regardless of the device used.

Cheeky Monkeys Big wins

In Cheeky Monkeys, the maximum win scenario involves aligning the highest-paying symbols and taking full advantage of the game's impressive multipliers. The Monkey symbol, offering a substantial x4500 line stake for five on a payline, stands as the key contributor to the maximum win. The Gorilla symbol follows closely, rewarding players with a generous x3750 line stake for a winning combination.

Monkey Symbol:
Multiplier: x4500
If a player lands five Monkey symbols on a payline with the maximum bet, let's say 500 credits:
Maximum Win = Multiplier x Line Bet
Maximum Win = 4500 x 500
Maximum Win = 2,250,000 credits

Gorilla Symbol:
Multiplier: x3750
If a player lands five Gorilla symbols on a payline with the maximum bet of 500 credits:
Maximum Win = Multiplier x Line Bet
Maximum Win = 3750 x 500
Maximum Win = 1,875,000 credits

Cheeky Monkeys Pros & Cons


  • Diverse Features: Cheeky Monkeys boasts a variety of engaging features, including Substitution Symbols, FreeSpins, FreeSpins Multiplier, Multiplier, Scatter symbols, and Wilds, enhancing the overall gameplay.
  • Medium Volatility: The game strikes a balance between frequent wins and the potential for substantial payouts, catering to a broad range of player preferences.
  • Generous Max Win: With a maximum win of x450.00, Cheeky Monkeys offers the opportunity for lucrative rewards.
  • Wide Betting Range: The accommodating bet range of 0.10-500 caters to players with varying budget preferences.


  • RTP Slightly Below Average: The RTP of 95.24% is slightly below the industry average, which may affect long-term returns for some players.

Cheeky Monkeys Alternatives

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In conclusion, Cheeky Monkeys stands out as a vibrant and entertaining slot adventure set in the heart of a lively jungle. Boasting a diverse array of features, including Substitution Symbols, FreeSpins, and a rewarding Wild symbol, the game offers an engaging experience for players seeking both fun and potential rewards. With its medium volatility and a generous max win of x450.00, Cheeky Monkeys strikes a balance between excitement and lucrative possibilities. While the slightly below-average RTP and the limited Free Spins retrigger may be considerations, the game's adaptability for both desktop and mobile play ensures accessibility, making it an enjoyable choice for players ready to swing into the wild antics of cheeky monkeys.




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Cheeky Monkeys' Free Spins feature stands out with a 5x Multiplier applied to all wins when triggered by three Scatter symbols on the Bonus Reel.

The maximum win in Cheeky Monkeys is x450.00, offering substantial rewards for lucky players navigating the jungle-themed reels

Absolutely! Cheeky Monkeys provides a wide betting range, allowing players to tailor their bets from 0.10 to 500 credits, catering to various budget preferences.

The Wild symbol not only substitutes for other symbols but also offers an impressive 200x line stake for five of them on a payline, making it a high-rewarding element.