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Burning Wins x2 Review

Introducing "Burning Wins x2" by Playson, a thrilling slot game that burst onto the scene on October 21, 2021. With its fiery theme and engaging gameplay, this slot is sure to ignite your gaming experience. Boasting a solid RTP of 95.98% and medium volatility, players can expect a balanced blend of frequent wins and tantalizing jackpots.

Burning Wins x2 Review

Burning Wins x2 offers a three-reel setup, reminiscent of classic slot machines, but it's anything but old-fashioned. With a bet range starting at just 0.20 and going up to a thrilling 100, it caters to both casual players and high rollers. The potential for a maximum win of x150.00 adds an exciting edge, making every spin a chance to strike gold.

What sets this game apart are its special features. The inclusion of a multiplier keeps the excitement levels high, and the Wild symbol can significantly boost your winning potential. With a range of RTP values, it offers players some flexibility, adding an extra layer of strategic depth to your gameplay.

Burning Wins x2 Features

Burning Wins x2 brings a trio of cool features to the table, including a Multiplier, RTP range options, and Wild symbols, enhancing your gaming experience with exciting opportunities. These features add depth and excitement to the gameplay, making it a standout choice for slot enthusiasts.


In "Burning Wins x2," the Multiplier feature enhances the thrill of each spin, making it possible to achieve significantly larger payouts and adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. This feature is typically associated with specific symbols on the reels, often represented as icons with multiplier values, such as 2x, 3x, or more. When you land a winning combination that includes one or more Multiplier symbols, your winnings for that particular spin are multiplied by the indicated value. For example, if you land a winning combination with a 2x Multiplier symbol and the payout for that combination is 10, your actual prize will be doubled to 20.


The Wild symbol, often depicted as an icon with the word "Wild," can act as a substitute for most other symbols on the reels, except for certain special symbols like Scatters or Bonus symbols. When it appears in a winning combination, it takes on the value of the symbol that would yield the best outcome for the player. When the Wild symbol substitutes for another symbol in a winning combination, it can turn a losing spin into a winning one or boost the value of an already winning combination. This feature significantly increases your chances of hitting winning combinations and receiving payouts.

Burning Wins x2 Unique Features

One of its standout features is the Multiplier, which adds an exciting dimension to the game. When Multiplier symbols appear in winning combinations, your payouts can be instantly multiplied, creating suspenseful moments and the potential for substantial rewards.

What sets "Burning Wins x2" apart is its RTP range. Unlike most slots with a fixed RTP percentage, this game gives players the option to select from different return-to-player percentages. This feature empowers players to adjust their risk-reward ratio, adding a layer of customization to their gaming experience.

The game also introduces a fiery Wild symbol that can substitute for other symbols, enhancing your chances of completing winning combinations and increasing your potential for significant wins. It adds a strategic element as you position Wilds for maximum impact.

Burning Wins x2 Winning symbols

The lucky 7s are the top-paying symbols in the game, offering a substantial reward of x150 the bet when three of them align on a payline. These iconic symbols are the ones to watch for if you're aiming for significant wins.

The bell symbol brings a cheerful chime to your game, paying out x50 the bet when you get three bells on a payline. It's a rewarding symbol that adds excitement to your spins.

Burning Wins x2 Winning symbols

The classic BAR symbol is a familiar sight in many slots, and in "Burning Wins x2," it grants a solid payout of x10 the bet when three of them appear on a payline.

Plum, Lemon, Orange, Cherries symbols offer similar payouts of x7 the bet for three symbols on a payline. Collect these juicy combinations for a refreshing boost to your winnings.

The X symbol may be the lowest-paying among the winning symbols, with a payout of x1 the bet for three on a payline, but it still adds to your overall rewards and keeps the game engaging.

Burning Wins x2 Sound & Gameplay

The game's audio design is tailored to the fruit and fire theme. As you spin the reels, you'll be greeted with the satisfying sounds of classic slot machines, with each spin accompanied by the familiar 'click' and 'whir' of the spinning reels. The sound effects are crisp and evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of playing traditional slots in a land-based casino. Additionally, the game's audio includes thematic elements that bring the fruit and fire motifs to life. You might hear crackling flames in the background, adding an exciting and immersive touch. The gameplay in "Burning Wins x2" is straightforward and easy to grasp, making it accessible to players of all levels. The three-reel setup pays homage to classic fruit machines, offering a sense of familiarity to those who appreciate traditional slot games. It's a game that prides itself on simplicity, making it easy to jump in and start spinning. The fruit symbols are vibrant and engaging, with a fiery touch that amplifies the theme. The animations are smooth, and the winning combinations are visually appealing, delivering that satisfying feeling when you secure a win.

Burning Wins x2 Mobile compatibility

Whether you're using a smartphone or tablet, the game's responsive design ensures that it adapts to various screen sizes and orientations. You can play it in both portrait and landscape modes, making it convenient for one-handed or two-handed use. The touch controls are intuitive, allowing you to spin the reels with ease, and the graphics and animations retain their quality even on smaller screens. On the desktop, "Burning Wins x2" offers a more immersive experience with its larger screen real estate. The high-quality graphics and visual effects come to life in full detail, enhancing your gaming experience. 

Burning Wins x2 Big wins

Bell Symbol:
Multiplier: The bell symbol pays out at a multiplier of x5,000 the bet.
Maximum Bet: In this slot, the maximum bet is 100 credits, as specified in the game information.
To determine the maximum win with the bell symbol, you simply multiply the maximum bet by the bell's multiplier:
Maximum Win with Bells = Maximum Bet x Bell Multiplier
Maximum Win with Bells = 100 x 5,000 = 500,000 credits

BAR Symbol:
Multiplier: The BAR symbol offers a payout at a multiplier of x1,000 the bet.
Maximum Bet: As previously mentioned, the maximum bet is 100 credits.
To calculate the maximum win with the BAR symbol, you again multiply the maximum bet by the BAR's multiplier:
Maximum Win with BARs = Maximum Bet x BAR Multiplier
Maximum Win with BARs = 100 x 1,000 = 100,000 credits

Burning Wins x2 Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 95.98% offers favorable winning odds.
  • Medium volatility strikes a balance between frequent wins and larger payouts.
  • Versatile bet range, accommodating both casual and high-stakes players.
  • Intriguing features, including a Multiplier and Wild symbols, add depth and excitement to the gameplay.


  • Limited to three reels, which may feel restrictive for players seeking more complex gameplay.

Burning Wins x2 Alternatives

  • Diamond Wins
  • Hot Burning Wins 
  • Royal Coins Hold and Win 


"Burning Wins x2" by Playson delivers a dynamic and fiery gaming experience that successfully combines the allure of classic slots with modern innovation. Its high RTP and medium volatility make it an appealing choice for those who seek a balanced blend of frequent wins and substantial jackpots. The slot's versatile bet range ensures accessibility to a wide range of players, from the cautious to the high rollers. While it retains the simplicity of a three-reel setup, the inclusion of a Multiplier, Wild symbols, and the unique RTP range feature keeps the gameplay exciting and strategic. "Burning Wins x2" stands as a testament to how traditional charm and contemporary thrills can harmoniously coexist, making it a compelling choice for those who appreciate the best of both worlds in the world of online slots.




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Last Updated: Nov 08, 2023

Leo Harris is a respected author and expert at With a passion for online slot games, Leo thoroughly tests and reviews the latest titles, providing valuable insights to players. His comprehensive evaluations cover gameplay, graphics, and overall entertainment value, helping readers make informed choices. Leo's captivating writing style and industry expertise have earned him a loyal following, making him a trusted voice in the online gambling community.

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