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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

18+ | T&C applies
  • Fast payouts
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Up to €800+ 200 Free Spin

18+ | T&C applies

180% bonus for your first deposit!

18+ | T&C applies

Bonanza Coins Review

Introducing the captivating world of "Bonanza Coins" by BigPot Gaming, an exhilarating slot game that made its debut on June 20, 2023. This virtual gem offers players a thrilling gaming experience with its enticing attributes.

Bonanza Coins Review

With an RTP of 95.43%, "Bonanza Coins" promises a fair chance at substantial winnings. The game's high volatility adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to every spin, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

One of the standout features of this slot is the unlimited max win potential, making it a dream come true for those seeking massive payouts. Whether you're a cautious bettor or a high roller, "Bonanza Coins" accommodates a wide range of players with its betting range of 0.20 to 200.

The five reels of the game come to life with each spin, thanks to the Avalanche/Cascading wins feature. Moreover, players can anticipate thrilling moments with Bonus symbols, Buy Feature, FreeSpins, Multipliers, and Scatter symbols.

Bonanza Coins Features

Bonanza Coins offers an impressive array of seven exciting features, including Avalanche/Cascading wins, Bonus symbols, Buy Feature, FreeSpins, Multiplier, and Scatter symbols, making it a feature-rich slot that promises endless thrills for players.

Avalanche / Cascading wins

It allows players to enjoy multiple wins in a single spin and can contribute to substantial payouts, especially when combined with other features like multipliers and FreeSpins. When you achieve a winning combination on the reels, the Avalanche or Cascading wins feature comes into play. Instead of traditional spinning reels, the winning symbols are removed from the grid. After the winning symbols disappear, new symbols tumble or cascade down from above to fill the empty spaces. This creates an opportunity for additional winning combinations to form in a single spin. The process repeats itself as long as new winning combinations keep appearing. This can lead to a chain reaction of wins in a single spin, potentially increasing your winnings significantly.

Bonus symbols

Bonus symbols in slot games, including Bonanza Coins, typically trigger special features or bonus rounds when they appear on the reels. Once the Bonus symbols trigger the bonus feature in Bonanza Coins, players are often treated to a different game mode or scenario. This can include free spins, interactive mini-games, or unique mechanics that are not part of the base game. Bonus rounds are designed to enhance winning opportunities. They often come with features like additional wild symbols, multipliers, or guaranteed wins, which can significantly boost your winnings during the bonus round.

Buy Feature

The Buy Feature likely provides players with instant access to the game's special bonus feature, which could include free spins, multipliers, or other unique gameplay elements. Instead of waiting for Bonus symbols to land on the reels and trigger the bonus feature naturally, the Buy Feature allows players to bypass this requirement by paying a predetermined cost. The cost of the Buy Feature can vary depending on the slot and the specific bonus round it offers. In some cases, it might be a fixed price, while in others, it could be a multiple of the current bet.


The FreeSpins feature is likely to offer players a thrilling break from the base game, where they have the opportunity to win without wagering their own money. Once the FreeSpins feature is activated, you are awarded a certain number of free spins. This number can also vary from slot to slot and is usually predetermined by the game's rules. During FreeSpins, you don't need to wager any of your own money. The spins are "free," hence the name. However, the bets you make during FreeSpins are typically based on the bet size that triggered the feature in the first place.


In Bonanza Coins, Multipliers are often associated with specific symbols or features. For example, you might need to land a certain combination of symbols or trigger a particular bonus round (like Free Spins) to activate Multipliers. Multipliers can also come in different forms, such as fixed multipliers or increasing multipliers that grow with each consecutive win or spin. When a Multiplier is active, it multiplies your winnings by a specific factor. For instance, if you have a 2x multiplier and you win 100 credits, your actual payout would be 200 credits. Some slots feature even larger multipliers, such as 3x, 5x, or even higher. These can result in significantly larger winnings.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols are special symbols that have the unique ability to trigger various bonus features or bonus rounds in a slot game. To activate the Scatter feature in Bonanza Coins, you typically need to land a certain number of Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, not necessarily in a specific payline. Once you've successfully landed the required number of Scatter symbols, the game will usually reward you with a specific bonus feature or bonus round. These bonus features can include Free Spins, Multipliers, instant cash prizes, or unique mini-games. In many slot games, including Bonanza Coins, Scatter symbols often trigger Free Spins. When this happens, you are awarded a set number of free spins to use in the bonus round.

Bonanza Coins Unique Features

One standout feature is the "Avalanche/Cascading wins." When you score a winning combination, the winning symbols vanish, making way for new symbols to cascade onto the reels. This process can lead to a chain reaction of wins in a single spin, enhancing excitement and winning potential.

Another remarkable feature is the "Buy Feature." It offers players the option to purchase immediate access to the coveted bonus round, eliminating the need to wait for specific symbols to trigger it naturally. This high-risk, high-reward feature caters to thrill-seekers eager for instant excitement and potential big wins.

Bonanza Coins also offers "FreeSpins" triggered by Scatter symbols, allowing players to spin the reels without wagering their own money. These free rounds often come with enhanced features like multipliers and additional wild symbols, providing substantial winning opportunities.

Bonanza Coins Winning symbols

Double Pink 7s and Red 7s are the highest-paying symbols in the game, with values ranging from x400 to a staggering x4,000. Landing combinations of these symbols can lead to substantial wins, especially if you hit a line of Red 7s at the maximum payout.

Bonanza Coins Winning symbols

Watermelon, Cherries, and Lemon symbols offer payouts ranging from x200 to x2,000. While not as valuable as the 7s, these symbols still provide significant winning potential, particularly when they appear in winning combinations.

The bell symbol serves as the Scatter symbol in Bonanza Coins. Unlike the regular symbols, Scatter symbols don't need to align in specific paylines. Instead, they offer the opportunity to trigger the Free Spin feature when you have more than five of them on the reels during the main game.

Bonanza Coins Sound & Gameplay

Bonanza Coins features a soundtrack that complements its classic theme. You'll likely hear the familiar jingles, chimes, and mechanical sounds reminiscent of vintage slot machines. These audio cues evoke a sense of nostalgia, taking players back to the golden era of casino gaming. Despite its classic theme, Bonanza Coins incorporates modern gameplay mechanics to keep things fresh and engaging. The "Avalanche/Cascading wins" feature, where winning symbols disappear and are replaced by new ones, adds a dynamic twist to the traditional slot experience. The inclusion of a "Buy Feature" provides players with the option to expedite their access to bonus rounds, catering to those who prefer a more immediate thrill. This feature adds an extra layer of strategy and risk to the gameplay. The Free Spin feature, triggered by Scatter symbols, offers a break from the base game with its potential for enhanced winnings. It provides a rewarding and immersive experience while staying true to the classic slot theme.

Bonanza Coins Mobile compatibility

The adaptability of Bonanza Coins slot for both mobile devices and desktop platforms underscores its commitment to providing a versatile and accessible gaming experience for players. This mobile adaptation allows players to enjoy the game while on the go, providing convenience and flexibility in their gaming endeavors. On the desktop platform, Bonanza Coins maintains its visual appeal and functionality. Players can enjoy the game on larger screens, immersing themselves in its classic-themed graphics and engaging features. The desktop version ensures that players have a comprehensive view of the game, including its paytable and betting options, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Bonanza Coins Big wins

The maximum bet in the game is 200 credits. To calculate the potential maximum win, you would want to align a combination of the highest-paying symbols, the double pink 7s or red 7s, across all five reels.

Assuming you land the maximum win scenario with the red 7s at their highest multiplier of x4,000, and you're playing with the maximum bet of 200 credits, the calculation would be:
Maximum Win = (Maximum Bet) x (Highest Multiplier)
Maximum Win = 200 credits x 4,000
Maximum Win = 800,000 credits

Maximum Win with Watermelon:
Highest Multiplier for Watermelon: x2,000
Maximum Bet: 200 credits
Maximum Win with Watermelon = (Maximum Bet) x (Highest Multiplier for Watermelon)
Maximum Win with Watermelon = 200 credits x 2,000
Maximum Win with Watermelon = 400,000 credits

Bonanza Coins Pros & Cons


  • High RTP of 95.43%, offering favorable return potential.
  • Broad bet range from 0.20 to 200 credits, catering to various player preferences.
  • Engaging features including Avalanche/Cascading wins, Bonus symbols, and Multipliers.


  • High volatility may not suit players who prefer lower-risk games.
  • Unlimited maximum win can be elusive, and some players may prefer fixed jackpots.

Bonanza Coins Alternatives

  • Cherry Bell
  • Jam Crush 
  • Big Sevens Jackpot


Bonanza Coins emerges as a dynamic blend of classic charm and modern gaming excitement. With its high RTP, unlimited winning potential, and a wide betting range, it caters to both risk-takers and casual players alike. The innovative features, including Avalanche/Cascading wins and the Buy Feature, add an extra layer of thrill to the traditional slot experience. However, the high volatility and potentially costly Buy Feature may not suit everyone's taste. Nonetheless, the mobile and desktop adaptability ensures that players can enjoy this classic-themed slot wherever and whenever they choose. Bonanza Coins promises an exhilarating journey through time, providing a chance to strike it rich in a world where classic meets contemporary.




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Last Updated: Oct 17, 2023

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Bonanza Coins offers an unlimited maximum win, providing the opportunity for colossal payouts on each spin.

Absolutely! Bonanza Coins is optimized for mobile play, allowing you to enjoy it on smartphones and tablets wherever you go.

While luck plays a significant role, managing your bets wisely and utilizing the Buy Feature strategically can enhance your winning potential.

The frequency of Free Spins depends on your gameplay, but it typically offers a rewarding break from the base game, activated by accumulating Scatter symbols.

The most thrilling aspect is the potential for chain reactions of wins through the Avalanche/Cascading wins feature, which can lead to substantial payouts and an adrenaline-pumping experience.