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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Up to €800+ 200 Free Spin

18+ | T&C applies

180% bonus for your first deposit!

18+ | T&C applies

Big Bass Christmas Bash™ Review

Introducing Google's exclusive sneak peek into the much-anticipated slot game, "Big Bass Christmas Bash," brought to you by the renowned software provider, Pragmatic Play. Scheduled for release on December 1, 2023, this exciting slot promises a thrilling underwater adventure like no other.

Big Bass Christmas Bash™ Review

Set amidst the mesmerizing backdrop of aquatic wonders, "Big Bass Christmas Bash" features a standard 5-reel setup. However, what truly sets it apart are the plethora of features it offers to keep players hooked. Dive into the deep blue and enjoy Additional Free Spins, the exhilarating Big Bass Bonanza, and the gripping Fishin Frenzy Mechanics. Feel the excitement with the Cash Collector feature, revel in the FreeSpins, and multiply your wins with the FreeSpins Multiplier.

One of the standout aspects of this game is its impressive Return to Player (RTP) range, ensuring that players have a fair chance at scoring big wins. Keep an eye out for Scatter symbols and Symbols collection (Energy) mechanics that add an extra layer of strategy to your gameplay. And, of course, the Wild symbols are here to help you create those winning combinations.

Big Bass Christmas Bash™ Features

Big Bass Christmas Bash truly makes a splash with its impressive array of cool features, including Additional Free Spins, Big Bass Bonanza, Fishin Frenzy Mechanics, Cash Collector, FreeSpins, FreeSpins Multiplier, Scatter symbols, Symbols collection (Energy), and Wilds. With so many exciting elements, players are in for an action-packed gaming experience like never before.

Additional Free Spins

Once the feature is triggered, you'll be awarded a set number of additional free spins. These are bonus spins that you can use to play the game without wagering any of your own credits. During the Additional Free Spins, the game continues as usual, with all the features and mechanics still active. This means you can continue to benefit from other features like Wilds, multipliers, and special bonus rounds. The primary purpose of Additional Free Spins is to give you more opportunities to land winning combinations. With each free spin, you have the chance to accumulate more wins and potentially unlock larger payouts.

Big Bass Bonanza

The Big Bass Bonanza feature enhances the gaming experience by whisking you away to a fishing-themed bonus round where you can reel in cash prizes and lucrative multipliers. Once the feature is triggered, you'll be taken to a special bonus round that is thematically tied to fishing or catching big bass. This bonus round is where the excitement of Big Bass Bonanza unfolds. During the Big Bass Bonanza bonus round, players usually find themselves in a serene fishing setting, often with a picturesque lake or river as the backdrop. Your goal is to "fish" for prizes, which can include instant cash rewards or multipliers applied to your winnings.

Cash Collector

The Cash Collector feature is a bonus round where you get to collect cash prizes hidden behind symbols or items.Once triggered, you are taken to a special bonus round where the Cash Collector feature comes into play. This round often has a thematic element that ties into the fishing or underwater theme of the slot. During the Cash Collector bonus round, you are presented with various items or symbols, each representing a cash prize. Your objective is to select or click on these items to reveal the hidden cash values. These cash prizes are then added to your total winnings.


It's an excellent opportunity to enjoy the game without wagering your own money while still having the chance to win valuable prizes. Once you successfully trigger the feature, you are awarded a predetermined number of free spins. These spins allow you to play the game without deducting any funds from your balance. During the Free Spins rounds, the game often includes special enhancements or modifiers. These can include increased multipliers, additional wild symbols, or other features that boost your chances of winning. Free Spins provide you with extra opportunities to land winning combinations, increasing the potential for significant payouts. Any wins you achieve during the Free Spins rounds are typically added to your total winnings.

FreeSpins Multiplier

The Free Spins Multiplier is likely to add excitement and the possibility of significant payouts to the game. It rewards players with multiplied winnings during the Free Spins rounds, making those bonus spins even more valuable. The Free Spins Multiplier is a value that multiplies the winnings you accumulate during the Free Spins rounds. For example, if you have a 2x multiplier and you win 100 credits during a Free Spin, your actual payout will be doubled to 200 credits.

Scatter symbols

Unlike regular symbols that often require specific paylines for winning combinations, scatter symbols can generate payouts or trigger bonuses regardless of their position on the reels. They don't need to be in a specific order or on a particular payline. The scatter symbols likely play a pivotal role in unlocking special features such as Free Spins, multipliers, or other bonuses related to the game's theme. One of the most common features triggered by scatter symbols is the Free Spins bonus round. When you land the required number of scatters, you are typically awarded a set number of free spins. These spins allow you to play without wagering your own credits and often come with special enhancements like multipliers or additional wild symbols.

Symbols collection (Energy)

This feature adds depth and strategy to the game by rewarding players for collecting specific symbols. You will encounter certain symbols designated as "Energy" symbols. These symbols usually have a unique appearance or are tied to the game's theme. Each time you land one of these Energy symbols on the reels, you collect Energy Points or Energy Units. These points accumulate over time as you keep landing Energy symbols during your spins. The game typically displays an Energy Meter or Progress Bar on the screen, which tracks your progress in collecting Energy Points. It may also indicate how many Energy Points you need to trigger a specific bonus feature. Once you accumulate a certain threshold of Energy Points, you unlock a special bonus feature or a unique game mechanic. This could include Free Spins, multipliers, access to a bonus round, or other enhancements that can significantly boost your winnings.


Wild symbols act as versatile substitutes for most other symbols in the game, except for specific special symbols like scatters or bonus symbols. When a Wild symbol lands on the reels, it can transform into any regular symbol needed to complete a winning combination. The presence of Wild symbols can increase your likelihood of landing winning combinations. For example, if you have two matching symbols on a payline and a Wild symbol appears adjacent to them, it can act as the third symbol needed to create a winning combination.

Big Bass Christmas Bash™ Mobile compatibility

Big Bass Christmas Bash slot will be seamlessly adapted for both mobile devices and desktop platforms. Players can look forward to enjoying this exciting game on their preferred devices with a user-friendly and responsive interface. Whether you're on the go or settled comfortably at your desktop, the game will be accessible, ensuring that players can dive into the underwater adventure and experience the thrill of the Big Bass Christmas Bash wherever and whenever they choose. This adaptability will provide maximum convenience, allowing for an immersive gaming experience that suits individual preferences and lifestyles.



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Last Updated: Oct 16, 2023

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Big Bass Christmas Bash is set to be released on December 1, 2023, just in time for the holiday season.

Yes, you can enjoy Big Bass Christmas Bash on both mobile devices and desktop platforms for maximum convenience and flexibility.

To trigger Free Spins, you'll typically need to land a specific number of scatter symbols on the reels, providing you with a set of bonus spins for a chance at bigger wins.

Absolutely, the Cash Collector feature is designed to engage players, allowing them to interact with the game as they collect cash prizes hidden behind symbols for added excitement.

Yes, some bonus features, like Free Spins and Cash Collector, may be retriggered by meeting specific in-game conditions, giving you extended gameplay and more winning opportunities.