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180% bonus for your first deposit!

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Bee Hive Bonanza Review

Explore the captivating world of Bee Hive Bonanza, a groundbreaking online slot masterpiece developed by the renowned innovators at NetEnt. Launched on September 1, 2022, this game is a true testament to NetEnt's dedication to crafting immersive gaming experiences. With an enticing RTP of 96.09%, players are poised to reap substantial rewards while navigating the thrilling high volatility.

Set against a backdrop of a bustling bee colony, Bee Hive Bonanza boasts 5 reels that come alive with the mesmerizing dance of symbols. The game's maximum win potential of x5000.00 adds an element of anticipation to every spin, while the betting range of 0.10 to 200 accommodates players of all preferences.

NetEnt has ingeniously woven a tapestry of features into Bee Hive Bonanza, including the Additive symbol, Buy Feature, FreeSpins, FreeSpins Multiplier, Pay Anywhere, RTP range, Scatter symbols, Symbols collection (Energy), and Wilds. This amalgamation of features provides an unprecedented level of excitement and engagement, ensuring that every moment spent spinning the reels is filled with potential rewards.

Bee Hive Bonanza Slot Free demo play

Bee Hive Bonanza Features

Diving into Bee Hive Bonanza is like entering a treasure trove of excitement, as it boasts an impressive array of 13 captivating features, including Additive symbol, Buy Feature,, FreeSpins, FreeSpins Multiplier, Pay Anywhere, RTP range, Scatter symbols, Symbols collection (Energy), and Wilds. This rich assortment of features ensures that every spin is a journey filled with endless possibilities.

Additive symbol

When an Additive symbol appears on the reels, it has the ability to accumulate values throughout a gaming session. Each time the Additive symbol lands, its value is added to a special meter, increasing the potential rewards as you continue to play. As the meter fills up with accumulated values from the Additive symbols, players can look forward to enhanced winning opportunities. Once the meter reaches a certain threshold or trigger point, it can activate various bonuses or special features within the game. These bonuses might include free spins, multipliers, or other lucrative rewards that can significantly boost your chances of landing big wins.

Buy Feature

The "Buy Feature" is an option that allows players to instantly trigger a particular bonus feature within the game without having to wait for it to occur naturally through regular gameplay. It's a way for players to access the excitement of a bonus round or special feature immediately, rather than relying on chance. Let's say the game has a Free Spins bonus round as one of its features. Instead of waiting for a certain number of Scatter symbols to appear on the reels to trigger the Free Spins naturally, players could choose to "buy" the Free Spins feature. This might involve paying a certain amount of money (typically higher than a regular spin) to immediately activate the Free Spins round.


The "FreeSpins" feature is a bonus round where players are awarded a certain number of free spins without having to pay for them. This feature is usually triggered by landing a specific combination of symbols, often referred to as Scatter symbols, on the reels. Once triggered, the game transitions into the free spins mode, and players get to spin the reels without using their own credits. During the "FreeSpins" feature in "Bee Hive Bonanza," players have the opportunity to win additional free spins if they land more Scatter symbols during the free spins round. This can extend the duration of the bonus round and increase the potential for larger payouts.

FreeSpins Multiplier

The "FreeSpins Multiplier" is an added element that can be present during the free spins feature. This multiplier increases the value of any winnings achieved during the free spins round. For example, if you win a certain amount during a free spin with a 2x multiplier, your winnings would be doubled. Multipliers can vary in value and may even increase as the free spins feature progresses.

Pay Anywhere

The "Pay Anywhere" feature is a mechanic that allows symbols to create winning combinations regardless of their position on the reels. In traditional slots, winning combinations are usually formed from left to right on specific paylines. However, with the "Pay Anywhere" feature, symbols can form winning combinations as long as they appear on adjacent reels, regardless of their position on those reels. In the context of the "Bee Hive Bonanza" slot by NetEnt, if the game includes the "Pay Anywhere" feature, it means that winning combinations can be formed by landing matching symbols on consecutive reels, starting from the leftmost reel. This adds an element of flexibility to the game and increases the potential for winning combinations.

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols are special symbols in slot games that can trigger various bonus features or payouts regardless of their position on the reels. They don't need to align on specific paylines to create wins. Usually, landing a certain number of Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger a particular bonus feature. In "Bee Hive Bonanza," Scatter symbols might be tied to the activation of the Free Spins feature or another bonus round. For instance, if you land a certain number of Scatter symbols on the reels, you might be awarded a specific number of free spins or access to a bonus game.

Symbols collection (Energy)

The "Symbols collection (Energy)" mechanic is likely a unique feature within the game that involves collecting specific symbols to trigger certain bonuses or enhancements. Certain symbols are designated as "Energy" symbols in the game. As you collect these symbols over the course of your spins, they might fill up an energy meter. Once the energy meter is filled to a certain level, it could trigger a special bonus feature, such as free spins with added multipliers, an expanded Wild reel, or some other exciting enhancement.


The Wild symbol is a special symbol found in many slot games that acts as a versatile substitute for other symbols (except for certain special symbols like Scatters) to create winning combinations. This means that if you have two matching symbols on a payline and a Wild symbol in between them, the Wild will act as if it were a copy of the missing symbol, completing the combination and awarding you a win. 

Bee Hive Bonanza Unique Features

Bee Hive Bonanza is a captivating online slot by NetEnt that stands out with its array of unique and engaging features. Set in a vibrant bee colony, this slot offers players an extraordinary gaming experience. One of its standout features is the "Additive symbol," which accumulates values over time, potentially triggering bonus rounds or rewards as the meter fills.

Furthermore, the game introduces players to the "Symbols collection (Energy)" mechanic, encouraging them to collect specific symbols to activate special enhancements, adding a strategic layer to the gameplay. The inclusion of a "Buy Feature" option enables players to instantly access bonus rounds for immediate excitement.

"Pay Anywhere" is a distinctive trait allowing winning combinations to form regardless of their position on adjacent reels, while Scatter symbols unlock thrilling features such as free spins. 

Bee Hive Bonanza Winning symbols

The bronze coin symbol holds the potential to multiply your bet by x0.4 to x8, while the gold coin symbol shimmers with the same range of rewards. 

The red coin symbol follows suit, offering payouts from x0.4 to x7. 

The green and silver coin symbols offer slightly lighter yet intriguing multipliers, ranging from x0.2 to x5.

The blue and grey coin symbols continue the trend, with their value ranging from x0.3 to x6. 

However, it's the grandeur of the big golden chalice that truly catches the eye – it assumes the role of the scatter symbol, promising thrilling bonuses beyond its sparkling exterior. 

Bee Hive Bonanza Slot Winning Symbols

Bee Hive Bonanza Sound & Gameplay

Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of Bee Hive Bonanza, where the harmonious marriage of sound and gameplay transports you to a bustling apiary alive with activity. As you embark on your spinning adventure, a symphony of nature's melodies accompanies your every move, enveloping you in the gentle hum of bees and the rustling of leaves in the breeze. The gameplay itself resonates with the theme of the apiary, offering a seamless blend of anticipation and excitement. The reels come to life with vibrant symbols, each representing a facet of this vibrant world. The delicate dance of winning combinations is underscored by subtle sound effects that celebrate your triumphs, ensuring that every win is a rewarding experience.

Bee Hive Bonanza Mobile compatibility

Bee Hive Bonanza is a versatile gaming marvel that effortlessly adapts to both mobile devices and desktop platforms, ensuring an uninterrupted and captivating experience for players wherever they choose to indulge in its charms. On mobile devices, the slot's interface seamlessly adjusts to varying screen sizes, retaining its stunning graphics and intuitive controls. Whether you're on a smartphone or tablet, the game's intricate details remain visually stunning, offering the same level of engagement as on desktop screens. Likewise, on desktop platforms, Bee Hive Bonanza takes full advantage of larger screens to showcase its intricate design and vibrant symbols.

Bee Hive Bonanza Big wins

Assuming you're playing with the maximum bet of 200 credits:

Bronze Coin Symbol (x8 multiplier): If you land a winning combination with the bronze coin symbol, your win would be 8 times your bet. So, 8 * 200 = 1600 credits.

Gold Coin Symbol (x8 multiplier): Similarly, a winning combination with the gold coin symbol would also yield 8 times your bet, resulting in 8 * 200 = 1600 credits.

Red Coin Symbol (x7 multiplier): If you were to land a winning combination with the red coin symbol, your win would be 7 times your bet, which is 7 * 200 = 1400 credits.

Bee Hive Bonanza Pros & Cons


  • Innovative Features: Offers a diverse range of unique features like "Additive symbol," "Symbols collection (Energy)," and more for an engaging gameplay experience.
  • High RTP: With a solid RTP of 96.09%, players have a fair chance of receiving decent returns on their bets over time.
  • Wide Betting Range: Accommodates various player preferences with a betting range spanning from 0.10 to 200 credits.
  • Maximum Win: The possibility of a max win of x5000.00 adds an exciting dimension to the gameplay.


  • High Volatility: While appealing to some, the high volatility might be less attractive to players who prefer more frequent, smaller wins.

Bee Hive Bonanza Alternatives

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  • Piggy Riches  
  • Wild Worlds


In the mesmerizing world of "Bee Hive Bonanza," NetEnt has woven a tapestry of innovation and excitement. With a bevy of unique features like the "Additive symbol" and "Symbols collection (Energy)," players are treated to an engaging gameplay experience. The promise of a high RTP and a potential max win of x5000.00 adds a thrill to every spin. While its high volatility might not suit every player's style, those seeking substantial rewards will find their pursuit well-rewarded. In summary, "Bee Hive Bonanza" showcases NetEnt's commitment to pushing the boundaries of slot design, making it a must-try for enthusiasts who relish a blend of creativity and potential winnings.




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