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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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96.11% | 94.19% | 87.15%



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Up to €300 + 50 Free Spins

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Beastwood Review

Delve into the captivating realm of "Beastwood," a remarkable creation by Quickspin that has taken the online slot world by storm. Unveiled on September 13, 2022, this game stands as a testament to Quickspin's ingenuity. With an impressive RTP of 94.19%, players are greeted with a fair chance to secure enticing rewards. The slot's high volatility amps up the excitement, promising a rollercoaster of thrilling moments on the 3 reels.

"Beastwood" isn't just about chance; it's about strategic entertainment. Offering a diverse betting range from 0.20 to 100, it accommodates both cautious players and high rollers. The maximum win potential of x29520.00 adds an adrenaline-inducing layer to the gameplay.

Quickspin's attention to detail shines through in the myriad of features seamlessly integrated into "Beastwood." The inclusion of Additional Free Spins, Buy Feature, FreeSpins Multiplier, and more enhances the gameplay, making every spin brim with anticipation. The game's multiway nature, boasting +1024 ways, and the dynamic reelset changing feature elevate the immersion, ensuring that monotony is never on the cards.

Beastwood Features

Beastwood is a treasure trove of exhilaration, offering an impressive array of features including Additional Free Spins, Buy Feature, FreeSpins Multiplier, Multipliers, Multiway mechanics with +1024 ways, dynamic Reelset Changing, and the allure of Scatter symbols and Wilds. With a plethora of captivating features, the game guarantees an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience.

Additional Free Spins

This feature is commonly triggered by landing specific combinations of symbols, usually Scatter symbols, on the reels. Once activated, it grants the player a certain number of free spins on top of the regular spins they have left. During these Additional Free Spins, players don't have to use their wager for each spin, but they can still win real rewards. The beauty of this feature lies in the potential to accumulate more wins without depleting your betting balance. It's essentially a chance to extend your gameplay and gather additional prizes without any extra cost.

Buy Feature

The Buy Feature is an option that allows players to directly purchase a feature or bonus round instead of waiting for it to be triggered through regular gameplay. In "Beastwood," this means that players can choose to pay a certain amount, typically a multiple of their bet, to immediately access the game's bonus feature, which could be the Free Spins feature or another exciting element. This provides players with instant access to the game's special features and can lead to more engaging and potentially rewarding gameplay.

FreeSpins Multiplier

The FreeSpins Multiplier is a feature that comes into play during the Free Spins bonus round. When this feature is active, any winnings achieved during the Free Spins are multiplied by a certain factor. For example, if you win 10 coins and the multiplier is 3x, your actual winnings will be 30 coins. This can significantly boost your rewards during the bonus round and contribute to larger payouts.


The "Multiplier" is a gameplay mechanic that can significantly boost your winnings. A multiplier is a value that, when applied to your winnings, increases the amount you receive. In simple terms, it multiplies the payout by the designated factor. In the context of "Beastwood," the presence of multipliers means that certain wins can be multiplied by a specific number. For example, if you land a winning combination and there's a 3x multiplier in effect, your winnings for that combination would be tripled. So, if your original win was 10 coins, the multiplier would turn it into 30 coins.

Multiway (+1024)

The "Multiway (+1024)" feature in the "Beastwood" slot refers to the number of possible ways to win that the game offers, providing players with a whopping 1024 different winning combinations. Traditionally, slot machines have used paylines to determine winning combinations, where matching symbols need to land on specific lines across the reels. However, in slots with the Multiway feature, the requirement for symbols to be on predefined paylines is removed. Instead, all that matters is that matching symbols appear on adjacent reels, regardless of their exact position on those reels. In the case of "Beastwood," with the "Multiway (+1024)" feature, players have 1024 different paths across the reels where matching symbols can land to create winning combinations. This opens up numerous possibilities for winning on every spin, significantly increasing the frequency of wins and adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Reelset Changing

The "Reelset Changing" feature in the "Beastwood" slot refers to a dynamic gameplay element where the configuration of the reels can change during certain parts of the game. In traditional slots, the arrangement of symbols on the reels remains static throughout the entire gameplay session. However, in slots with the Reelset Changing feature, the layout of the reels can shift or transform in response to specific triggers, events, or bonus rounds. In the context of "Beastwood," the Reelset Changing feature might activate during certain bonus rounds or special modes. When triggered, the arrangement of symbols on the reels can change, potentially leading to new winning combinations or unique gameplay mechanics. 

Scatter symbols

These symbols are special icons that have unique properties and often lead to various bonuses or special features. In most slots, including "Beastwood," Scatter symbols don't need to land on specific paylines or follow a specific order to trigger their effects. Instead, when a certain number of Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels after a spin, they trigger a particular bonus feature or reward. In the context of the "Beastwood" slot, when Scatter symbols land on the reels, they might activate a Free Spins bonus round, provide instant rewards, or trigger some other form of exciting gameplay element.


The "Wild" symbol is a fundamental and dynamic feature present in many slot games, including the "Beastwood" slot. It's known for its ability to enhance your chances of creating winning combinations by substituting for other symbols on the reels. In "Beastwood," when you encounter a Wild symbol on the reels, it can act as a versatile substitute for almost any regular symbol in the game. For instance, if you have two identical symbols on a payline along with a Wild symbol, the Wild will take on the identity of the missing symbol, completing the winning combination. This mechanic is exceptionally valuable in forming winning lines that might have been just one symbol short.

Beastwood Unique Features

The "Beastwood" slot boasts a collection of distinctive and thrilling features that set it apart in the world of online gaming. Its gameplay is enriched with innovative elements such as the "Buy Feature," enabling players to directly access exciting bonus rounds, and the "FreeSpins Multiplier," which multiplies winnings during the coveted Free Spins rounds. The "Multiway (+1024)" feature offers an astonishing 1024 ways to win, shattering traditional payline limitations and increasing the frequency of wins. The dynamic "Reelset Changing" feature introduces a refreshing twist by altering the reel layout, opening new avenues for rewards. Moreover, the inclusion of Scatter symbols and Wilds further elevates the excitement, providing chances for instant rewards and substitution in winning combinations. This amalgamation of features ensures that "Beastwood" delivers an unparalleled gaming experience that is dynamic, engaging, and rewarding.

Beastwood Winning symbols

The enigmatic Mr. Beastwood symbol reigns supreme, offering a remarkable x2.5 payout, while the Red Monster and Orange Monster symbols extend their charm with x1 rewards each. 

The mischievous Green Monster and the alluring Blue Monster symbols offer x0.5 payouts, adding to the intrigue. 

The numerical 10 symbol and the regal J, Q, and K symbols contribute their own magic with x0.15, x0.15, x0.2, and x0.2 rewards respectively. 

The majestic A symbol reigns alongside Mr. Beastwood, also presenting a x2.5 payout.

Among these, the Wild symbol emerges, adorned with a golden W encased in an ornate frame adorned with horns. This Wild symbol weaves its magic by substituting for other symbols, completing winning combinations like a true chameleon of fortune.

The Scatter symbol, a seal of red wax bearing the word BONUS, holds the key to unlocking exciting features.

Beastwood Sound & Gameplay

Beastwood embarks on a symphonic journey through the realm of fantasy, where its auditory landscape harmoniously intertwines with its captivating gameplay. The slot's theme of fantasy is meticulously woven into every audio cue, evoking a sense of wonder and adventure. Delicate notes of mysticism dance in the background, harmonizing with the spinning of reels and the anticipation of wins. As players delve into the gameplay, the auditory experience seamlessly syncs with the fantasy narrative. The gentle rustling of leaves and distant whispers of magical creatures transport players to an enchanted world. Upon wins, triumphant crescendos amplify the exhilaration, while the appearance of unique symbols is accompanied by bespoke sounds that amplify their significance.

Beastwood Mobile compatibility

Beastwood emerges as a versatile masterpiece, seamlessly adapting its enchanting gameplay to both mobile devices and desktop platforms. The transition from desktop to mobile is flawlessly executed, with the intricate details and captivating graphics retained in every spin, irrespective of the chosen device. On mobile, the game's interface is thoughtfully optimized, ensuring that the immersive experience remains intact on smaller screens. Touch controls enhance engagement, allowing players to embark on their fantasy adventure with a mere tap. Meanwhile, on desktop screens, the game's expansive visuals breathe life into the mythical world, engulfing players in its mystique.

Beastwood Big wins

Align the reels to land a combination with the highest multiplier symbol, Mr. Beastwood, on all possible paylines.

The x2.5 multiplier will then be applied to each winning payline featuring Mr. Beastwood symbols.

With the maximum bet of 100 credits, the potential maximum win for a single payline featuring Mr. Beastwood symbols becomes 250 credits (100 * 2.5).

Beastwood Pros & Cons


  • Exciting Features: A plethora of features like Additional Free Spins, Buy Feature, and Multipliers offer diverse and engaging gameplay.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: The inclusion of Multiway (+1024) and Reelset Changing brings innovation and variety to each spin.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Adapted for both mobile devices and desktop, allowing players to enjoy the game on various platforms.
  • High Max Win: A potential x29520.00 max win presents a thrilling incentive for players.


  • High Volatility: While exciting, high volatility can lead to less frequent wins during gameplay.
  • RTP Range Not Specified: The mention of RTP range might lack clarity regarding the actual return percentage.

Beastwood Alternatives

  • Beowulf
  • Hall of the Mountain King
  • Mighty Arthur


Beastwood stands as a captivating fantasy realm where innovation and excitement harmonize. Its abundant features, from Additional Free Spins to Multiway mechanics, create a dynamic gameplay experience that keeps players engaged. While its high volatility offers thrilling highs, it demands a strategic approach. The potential for a substantial max win, combined with the game's immersive theme and adaptability across devices, cements its allure. While complexity might challenge newcomers, the blend of features, graphics, and sound design makes "Beastwood" an enchanting journey worth embarking upon for those seeking an immersive and rewarding slot adventure.



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Last Updated: Oct 05, 2023

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